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The resultant 'lossy' file means that quality can never be recovered. The JPG format is often used in digital camera memory cards. The JPG file is a great format as it often manages to compress files to 1/10 of the size of the original file which is especially good for saving on bandwidth. Actions: Convert JPG file View other image file formats. AAE Files – What is Its Purpose, How to View and Convert AAE Files to JPEG. When you have search for some photos within your iPhone, Windows or Mac, you might find some photo files in AAE format. What is the AAE photo format and how to view and convert AAE to JPEG? On an Apple device, the photo could be named as IMG123456.AAE.

The quick and simple way to handle your files is to get a quality piece of software, such as reaConverter.This software is extremely efficient in managing a wide range of batch conversions.As you will soon realize, reaConverter will help you avoid spending countless hours trying to figure out how to convert multiple ASE files as once.

At the same time, it will allow you to apply a wide range of image editing options during conversion.

Download and Install reaConverter

reaConverter is quick to download, install and launch, and you don't need to be an IT specialist in order to understand in a few minutes how it operates.

Install reaConverter

Load ASE Files

Start reaConverter and load all the .ase files you intend to convert into .jpg because, as opposed to most free online converters, reaConverter supports batch conversion. So you can save the time and energy you would lose with doing repetitive operations.

Select ASEs from a folder or by drag-and-dropping them directly into the reaConverter window.

Choose Output Folder

Go to the Saving options tab and decide where you want to save new .jpg files. You can also spend a few more moments to apply additional editing to the images prepared for conversion.

Select JPG as Output Format

Then pick the JPG as output format. To help you do this, a series of buttons is conveniently placed at the bottom of the reaConverter window, so you can simply press on the one you need or click + Plus button to add new options.

Then simply press the Start button and your conversion will begin in no time!

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Video tutorial

Command-line interface

Advanced users can convert ASE to JPG via command-line interface in manual or automated mode. You are welcome to contact our technical support when you have any questions about reaConverter.

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How to convert HEIC to JPG or PNG step-by-step:

  1. Click to select a HEIC/HEIF file or simply drag’n’drop it
  2. Select output format and click “Convert”.
  3. Wait a few seconds
  4. Download converted files or save them to your cloud storage

Please note, that output files will be automatically deleted from our server in one hour. Download them to your computer or save them to your Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also scan the QR code of the image to instantly save converted file(s) to your mobile device.

Change Your HIEC files to JPEG or PNG Online

Convert your MacOS and iOS photos online to widely used JPEG or PNG without compromising quality or changing your workflow! With our file converter, you can take up Apple’s new HEIC (HEIF) format without worrying about compatibility with other devices or software.

Nowadays JPEG is present in every image workflow, from image editors social networks, browsers, email clients, and virtually every piece of hardware or software that can show pictures. JPEG is an open file format standard and still the most popular image format on the web. Moreover, HEIF and HEVC is clouded by expensive patent licensing concerns, which means there could be legal implications to implementing HEIF support, particularly in paid software or a hardware product.

Batch Convert HEIC to JPEG or PNG

If you have multiple pictures to process, simply select and drop HEIC files or folders containing HEIC images onto the browser window. Our online converter will process them all at once and give you a unique download link and options to save converted files to your computer or cloud storage.

We Keep Your Files Secure

We care about privacy. All uploaded files will be deleted from our servers forever after one hour. We do not use your files in any way and do not give access to them to any third parties. For internal analysis, the only things we keep in our database are file name and type of file conversion. No personal data is being stored, collected or transferred. Our service maintains a secure IT environment and has appropriate measures to prevent unauthorised access to your data. Thank you for trusting us.

Simple to use

Just select one or multiple files on your computer or drag’n’drop them to start file conversion. Yes, it’s that easy.

Crop & resize options

Set output file image quality, resolution (DPI), resizing, cropping, compression and other parameters.

Convert multiple files at once

Batch process multiple iPhone or iPad pictures at a time — no need to manually add each file one by one.

Keep or remove EXIF metadata

Most cameras embed hidden information, called metadata, into every photograph taken. With our converter, you can remove EXIF metadata from your iPhone pictures to save more storage space on your device.

Keep your files secure

We make sure your images uploaded to our website are safe and secure. After conversion, the unique URL becomes invalid after one hour, and files are deleted from our server within 24 hours.


Keep original size & quality

Maintain good quality of converted files, while preserving their full resolution and quality — your photos will keep original DPI and dimensions after being converted to JPEG or PNG.

No need
to download any software

No software to download — just select your file, upload it and get JPG or PNG as a result!

No registration required

We don’t need your e-mail, name, location or any other personal data. We collect only file name and associated type of file conversion for each uploaded file.

Convenient ways to save converted files

Quickly download converted files by clicking a direct link (URL), saving them to your cloud storage or scanning a QR code wth your mobile device.

Difference Between HEIC, JPEG and PNG

Full nameHigh Efficiency Image File FormatJoint Photographic Experts Group FormatPortable Network Graphics
Filename extension.heif, .heic.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe.jif, .jfif, .jfi.png
Type of formatImage Container FormatLossy image formatLossless bitmap image format
Internet media type (MIME)image/heif, image/heic, image/heif-sequence, image/heic-sequenceimage/jpegimage/png
Developed byMoving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)PNG Development Group
IntroductionHEIC, .heic is a filename extension for the High Efficiency Image File Format. HEIC files are created by the camera applications of modern iPhone and Android devices, and by professional digital cameras. In June 2017, Apple announced the support for HEIF in macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.JPEG compression is used in a number of image file formats. This format is used in many digital cameras. It is a popular method of lossy compression for digital images. The degree of image compression can be altered, allowing to have control over file size and image quality. A JPG can’t have a transparent background so they are always have solid background.PNG is an extensible file format for the lossless storage of raster images. Compared to JPEG, PNG can have a transparent background and is generally larger and higher quality. PNG is often used to save logos, icons and other images where a transparent background is preferred.
Uniform Type Identifier (UTI)public.heif, public.heicpublic.jpegpublic.png
StandardISO/IEC 23008-12ISO/IEC 10918, ITU-T T.81, ITU-T T.83, ITU-T T.84, ITU-T T.86ISO/IEC 15948, IETF RFC 2083
WikipediaHEIF on WikipediaJPEG on WikipediaPNG on Wikipedia

How to Make iPhone Camera Shoot JPEG Pictures

With the latest iOS updates, the iPhone camera will now take pictures in a new HEIC format, rather then JPEG. This camera formatting change to HEIC came in iOS 11, but some iPhone users may prefer to have their camera continue to snap photos in JPEG format. Batch conversion from HEIC to JPG is requested by users, since JPEG allows more compatibility with sharing, copying to a computer, etc. and is generally a more widely used format.

Need your iPhone pictures to be captured and stored as JPEG? Here’s how!

  1. Launch Settings from your home screen and go to Camera
  2. Choose Formats and select Most Compatible to shoot photos in JPEG format on iPhone camera
  3. Exit the Settings

How to Automatically Convert HEIC to JPEG when Transferring Your Images to a Mac or a PC

You can switch back to JPEG directly in your device camera settings. Follow these steps to be able to shoot JPEG photos instead of HEIF photos:

Aae To Jpg Converter Software Download

  • Launch Settings from your home screen.
  • Go to Photos.
  • Select Automatic (option under Transfer to Mac or PC).



Q: What can I do with this service?

You can convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG file format.

Q: What image formats can I upload to convert?

Currently, images in HEIC and HEIF format are supported.

Q: What image formats can I convert to?

Our online converter supports JPEG and PNG as output formats.

Q: What is HEIF format?

Apple aae file converter

Aae To Jpg Converter software, free download

HEIF is short for High Efficiency Image Format. HEIF uses video compression technology called HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). It is a standard developed by MPEG, the committee who developed all of the standard video compression technologies — MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC and the newest codec HEVC also known as H.265. Images are compressed as HEIF, which is saved with extension .heic. In addition, HEIF can be used to capture iPhone burst photography (multi-exposure shots), “live” photos and more .

Q: What is HEIC file?

HEIC file is a raster image saved in the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). HEIC is a format that contains one or multiple HEIF image sequences. Released on September 19, 2017, mobile operating system iOS 11 introduced it as the new alternative to default image format for iPhone. Apple Inc. announced that it was replacing JPEG files with this new image format. It has a more advanced and modern compression algorithms which allow digital photographs to be taken in smaller file sizes, and retain much higher image quality than JPEGs.

Q: What is Exif metadata?

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The Exchangeable image file format (EXIF) is a standard that defines the formats of image, audio, and metadata tags used by cameras, phones, and other digital recording devices. Exif metadata, which can be found if you open image file’s properties, includes a range of settings such as ISO speed, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, camera model, date and time, lens type, focal length and more.

Q: What is JPEG?

JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg. file extension) stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, named after a committee of developers who created it. It has become the existing standard image now a day due to its compression capability. It is still a popular image format over the web, commonly used for photographs and other image types.

Q: What is PNG?

The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format was designed to replace the older and simpler GIF format and, to some extent, the much more complex TIFF format. PNG is an open file format for the lossless storage of raster images. PNG provides a patent-free replacement for GIF and can also replace many common uses of TIFF. Indexed-color, grayscale, and truecolor images are supported, plus an optional alpha channel for transparency.