Background Restriction Android

Posted : admin On 1/20/2022

Find the RAM usage for each running app. Each app in the list has the current RAM usage to the right of its name (in MB). It may be possible to regain better performance on your Galaxy by removing apps that use too much RAM. Background restriction is on in Google play music. Need to turn off. Android v9 on galaxy s9 fone. Google help instructions turgid, confusing, ineffective. Tap the menu button in the top right corner—it reads “More” on Samsung devices, but it’s just a three-button overflow menu on stock Android. Tap the “Restrict Networks” button. Note that the verbiage may be slightly different here—on stock Android is reads “Networks restrictions,” for example. You can check your settings to find which apps hog RAM as they run in the background. Once you know which apps are problematic, you can uninstall or disable them so they no longer run in the background. 2 Scroll down and tap About device.

Have you ever experience about delay in receiving email messages or slower synchronization on the Xiaomi devices?
This issue may caused by Doze feature. If you want to know about Doze feature, please refer to the following link.

In case of Xiaomi devices that use MIUI, you can see separate settings that restrict background services.
To turn off restricting background services in battery saver, please refer to the following steps.

1. Open the Settingsmenu on your Xiaomi device.

2. Tap Battery & performance fromSettings.

3. Tap Manage apps battery usage to save battery by turning off restricting background service of Nine.

Background Restriction Android

4. Tap Choose apps from Manage apps' battery usage.

Background Restriction Android 10

5. Tap Installed appsand choose Nine.

Android Background Restriction Apps

6. Tap No restrictions. Please note that Nine is no longer affected from Doze feature.

Set Restrictions On Android