Batman Arkham City Alternate Costumes

Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

In Batman: Arkham City for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are a few different costumes you may have access to from pre-order bonuses and DLC, but how do you select them?

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'Batman: Arkham City' Cheat Code Unlocks Alternate Skins During First Play Through. As a thank you to those who picked up 'Batman: Arkham City', Rocksteady has released a cheat code that allows. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition. You have to beat the game to unlock the extra costume and I believe it's only useable in challenge maps. Oct 19, 2013 @ 7:34pm I don't think there are alternate costumes in arkham asylum, there is one for the challenge mode buy I don't remember being able to use it in the normal game #2.

Batman Arkham City Alternate CostumesBatman Arkham City Alternate Costumes

Any character you choose in Challenge Mode can wear alternate costumes you have access to when you start a match, but accessing costumes in Story Mode is a little different.

First, you have to beat the game on at least Normal difficulty. Beating the game on Easy difficulty doesn’t unlock New Game+ and doesn’t give you the option to wear alternate costumes. Once you beat the game on Normal, you should see the option to change costumes when continuing your story or when starting a New Game+.

Here is an alternate method to try if you haven’t beaten the game yet. At the main menu, press Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up. When you continue your game, you should hear a chime to notify you that you’ve entered the code correctly.

It’s important to note that you won’t see the option if you don’t have any alternate costumes for Batman.

Now that its full rollout of DLC has concluded, Arkham Knight contains one heck of a roster of costumes for users to play around in, and even though they may not have been the things fans demanded the most, it's hard to deny they look pretty damn spectacular.

Rocksteady pulled inspiration from 75 years of classic Batman iconography, and (almost) flawlessly recreated his most famous suits in the Arkham Knight engine. There's enough for fans of every Batman to delight in, which is rather impressive considering just how many times the character has been reinterpreted and reintroduced to audiences over the years.

Some of the fan-favourite suits from Arkham City may have not returned, but the multitude of skins offered in Knight's fairly lacklustre season pass all possess enough variety, detail and aesthetic appeal to keep players occupied between gameplay sessions. One thing that is especially fantastic to see with the evolution of the skin packs of the games is that you can see a clear engagement with the community over which suits they'd like to see most. Asylum only had one alternative outfit to speak of, but both City and Origins all had loads of colourful costumes for players to choose from.

The way they were sold however, does conform to regressive industry trends that, for better or for worse, I'd rather see abandoned as soon as possible, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword I'm afraid.

Batman Arkham City Alternate Costumes Pop

Despite the fact they don't always mesh with the environment and that certain skins do irritatingly show signs of intersecting design features, the Caped Crusader's wardrobe has never looked quite this good.


Batman Arkham City Alternate Costumes Mod

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20. New 52

I've never really cared much for DC's pseudo-comics reboot since it commenced in the backend of 2011, but one of the things I've always appreciated were the design changes.

Batman Arkham City Alternate Costumes

That being said, they haven't really translated well to Rocksteady's final Arkham title. Robin and Nightwing's New 52-inspired outfits look the part, but there's something about the World's Greatest Detective's that just feels, It's not the most visually exciting suit to emerge from Knight's hilariously gigantic selection of add-on content, but that speaks more for how poorly it's translated from page to screen, since Greg Capullo's original pencils of the suit all look visually flawless.

Maybe the suit would've worked better with a different art style, but placing it onto Bruce's normal character model just made it look tacky.