Cgi Cutscene

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Jun 25th, 2016

I'm a huge fan of pre-rendered CGI cutscsnes that were found in Blizzard games or we used to have a decade back. I have fond memories of playing the game to unlock it or to view it. A good bit of CGI eye candy or live action cheese certainly doesn't go astray, but there can be little doubt these interactive cutscenes are the way to go where immersion is the goal. The main issue with stuttering cutscenes comes from pre-rendered CGI ones, too. You and others might find that in-game cutscenes —i.e. Those that take place during playable sections—aren’t. About CGI Cutscenes I'm quite nervous with the amount of CGI cutscenes we have. It's been always my favorite part in FF games FFX so far has the best pre rendered cutscenes, like the iconic kiss scene in the forest, saving yuna, summons diminishing while yuna tried to hug tidus and many more.

Cgi Cutscenes

Cgi Cutscene
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  1. patcher utility version 1.8
  2. Dialog changes:
  3. - Tsubasa now learns to tantalize men on her second side story.
  4. - Added an apostrophe to the word 'Cause' on Reincarnation video lyrics.
  5. - Barry now borrows Mamori's handkerchief instead of her phone charger.
  6. - Tsubasa now hand-out tissues instead of freebies.
  7. - If you are in version 1.0 you only need to repatch pack_031_message.cpk.
  8. Version 1.0 - Final
  9. - If you are in version 0.9.4 you only need to repatch pack_031_message.cpk.
  10. Version 0.9.4 - Battle Voice Edition
  11. - Battle Voices return to their original Japanese versions.
  12. - Requires a new file pack_999_etc_om.cpk to be patched, get the latest version of the patcher utility.
  13. - Requires pack_999_lua.cpk to be patched.
  14. - Fixed many message spacing issues.
  15. - Fixed more un-subtitled in-game cutscenes.
  16. - Fixed the Movie Set dungeon displaying Japanese direction signs.
  17. - Fixed Hee Ho mart signs on Daitama OBS.
  18. Version 0.9.2
  19. - Fixed Session audio bug.
  20. - Fixed a few typos in translation and replaced some advertisement text from 'Street' to 'Gravure'.
  21. - Fixed Hee Ho market posters.
  22. Version 0.9.1
  23. - chapter 2 cutscene crash fixed.
  24. - fixed tsubasa age on the movie showing the newspaper.
  25. - dialogue errors fixed and adjusted some translations.
  26. Instructions:
  27. You'll need a dump of the US or EU version of the game, the JP version isn't needed but can save you the download of 1 file.
  28. 0- Make sure you have enough free space before proceeding, 12GB should be enough.
  29. 1- Put the tms_patcher.exe and the xdelta folder in the same folder.
  30. 2- The folder should be like this:
  31. xdeltaxdelta3.exe
  32. xdeltapatch_010_character.xdelta
  33. xdeltapatch_031_message.xdelta
  34. xdeltapatch_999_etc_om.xdelta
  35. 2.5- If you have a dump of the JP release you can omit 'patch_010_character.xdelta'.
  36. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  37. DON'T COPY 'pack_010_character.cpk' TO THE GAME FOLDER YET.
  38. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  39. 3- Once everything is set up you can open tms_patcher.exe and click the 'patch' button.
  40. 4- Select your TMS #FE folder and wait for it to finish, it can take a long while.
  41. 5- Once it's done the patcher will let you know with a message saying 'Everything is done!!'.
  42. 5.3- If you omitted 'patch_010_character.xdelta' you'll need to copy 'pack_010_character.cpk' to the 'contentpack' folder of the game now.
  43. 5.6- You can use the verification option of the patcher (the icon of a file with a green tick) to check if the patching went correctly.
  44. 6- Now you can copy your game to your sd card.
  45. 7- You are ready to go. Enjoy!!!!
  46. Mega mirror:
  48. Another Mega mirror:
  50. Google Drive mirror:
  52. Torrent:
  53. If you already downloaded the 1.0 torrent you can point the new torrent to the same folder and the files will update.
The big picture: overview of Timeline and Cinemachine

Timeline is Unity’s first native multi-track sequencer, built to be performant, fast and extensible.

You can create trailers, cutscenes, in-game sequences and more. Drag any object into Timeline and add animations, audio and more; it’s even got experimental support for the new 360 degree video player (available from version 5.6). It provides a full keyframing workflow and more:

Cgi Cutscenes

  • Standard non-linear (NLE) workflows
  • Drag and drop track and clip creation
  • Support to add existing animations, audio and more
  • Full API to integrate Timeline into your existing games

Timeline is available in Unity 2017.2.

Cinemachine is fully integrated with Timeline. It’s a smart camera system (think of it as IK for cameras) that makes it easy and natural to craft shots, build camera rigs, tune and save properties in play mode. It puts industry-leading camera behaviors, and the ability to create with procedural cinematography, in your hands. Ultimately, it frees you to focus on the best ways to tell the story, instead of grappling with complex camera code.

It’s not just for cinematics either: it supports a number of gameplay camera components. Learn more and download Cinemachine from the Asset Store.