Clash Of Clans Trophy Base Th8

Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
  1. Best Clash Of Clans Trophy Base Th8
  • THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!Base Linkthis video I made a town hall 8 base build that will help you reach the champion lea.
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Clash Of Clans Trophy Base Th8

The Best TH8 Trophy Base Layout Currently I don’t have any decent TH8 account so I just used my friend’s rushed TH8 account to take the screenshot. Also, please notice that the AS (next to the King) is protecting the Air Defense and the Town Hall. Trophy Base: This TH8 base s doing pretty well against most attacking strategies unless the attacker is significantly higher than you, like TH9 or TH10. This base can deal with Balloons, Dragons, Valkyries and also a lot of custom army compositions you see out there.

Best Clash Of Clans Trophy Base Th8

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