Connect To Ue Mini Boom

Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
Connect To Ue Mini Boom
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Not long ago, I reviewed the UE BOOM speaker and it is still my favorite wireless speaker so far. It is water and stain resistant, it has a portable design that you can bring anywhere, its battery life is almost the longest one and its sound quality is better than all wireless speakers at the price range.

In the review, I mentioned an interesting feature that I didn’t have a chance to try. That is the Double Up feature which allows wirelessly connecting two BOOM units to double the sound.

Basically, you will need two BOOM speakers to try the feature. I connected the first speaker via Bluetooth and it acts as a master speaker. Then I installed the UE BOOM app which can be found on Google Play or App Store. The app is very clean and easy to use, you can also use this app to change Equalizer settings and set alarm. Here we will just use the Double Up feature. The app will require you to connect to the second speaker by pressing twice on its Bluetooth button. That’s the whole setup process. You just need to set up once, it will remember each other and automatically double up your sound next time.

Logitech® Mini Boombox Getting started with Logitech® Mini Boombox Features 1. Status indicator (Power On/Off, Battery, and Pairing ) 2. Mini-USB Charging port 4. Auxiliary-in jack 5. Previous track 6. Play/Pause or Microphone mute/unmute (in-call) 7. Pair or phone button 11. The UE BOOM can only connect to two devices at a time so make sure that you aren't connected to the maximum number of devices already. If you have two UE BOOM speakers make sure that you are connecting to the correct one. If the first 4 steps do not solve the problem try applying a factory reset to your UE BOOM. GET 10% OFF COOL 'INTO THE AM' T-SHIRTS & APPAREL Click here: UE Boom 2 Panther Edi.

You can check out the video below for more details.

The app offers 2 modes in the Double Up feature, which are Double and Stereo. In the Double mode, two speakers will play the same sound, so it will be suitable for large environments like party or outdoor use. The Stereo mode is where you can enjoy stereo sound as two speakers will act as left and right channels. I really love the Stereo mode as it really unleashes power of the wireless speaker. It makes the bass more powerful and the sound stage becomes much wider.

However, you will have to reconsider because of its high price tag. The UE BOOM speaker is available on Amazon for nearly $200 each, so the pair will cost $400. UE BOOM will have to face many better competitions at this price range.

Besides, the UE BOOM app has a lot of limitations at this time. There is no option to change master volume, therefore, you have to manually set volume level for each speaker. Another disadvantage is that you can only see battery level of the master speaker (the first speaker you connected), so you will never know when the other one will get out of juice.

Having said that, the pair of UE BOOM speakers is a high-quality product with the best audio quality you can find in the portable design. We are still recommending the product and hopefully its price will decrease soon.

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If you own a set of UE Boom 2 or Megaboom speakers by Ultimate Ears, then you will now be able to control them with your voice, as both Bluetooth speakers have received an update enabling voice integration. Simply press a button on the speaker to launch Google or Siri voice commands to search for specific songs or control music playback.

How To Connect Ue Mini Boom To Iphone

You’ll need to have your Boom speakers paired with a smartphone for the voice commands to work, and you’ll need the latest version of the UE Boom or Megaboom app on the paired phone. The good news about this new addition is that, because both speakers are waterproof, that you no longer need to have your phone anywhere near water to use voice commands.

Even better is the fact you can also use voice commands for all the usual things you say “OK, Google” for on your phone. Search for stuff on the web, check the weather, find businesses nearby: you name it, you can now do it through your speakers. The lack of a screen will cause some inconsistencies, but for the simple stuff it’s pretty ideal.

Besides music playback, you can also use voice commands for all the things you usually say “OK, Google” for on your phone.

How To Connect Ue Mini Boom To Computer

Connect To Ue Mini Boom

Ue Boom Connect Bluetooth


Connect Two Ue Mini Boom

To activate the speakers’ listening mode, all you have to do is briefly press the Bluetooth button on the speakers themselves. You’ll hear the same chime you would when you tap the microphone icon on your smartphone or say “OK, Google” (or “Hey Siri”) to fire up your voice assistant. Speak your request and away you go.

Ue Boom Connect To Tv

Do you use Google Now voice commands? Do you think voice-enabled speakers are useful?