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Volume 27/90: Greensleeves Rhythm Album #27 – Diwali, produced by Steven “Lenky” Marsden in 2002

When think of riddims that had a significant impact on the Dancehall industry, we first think of riddims of the 80-90’s. Those have been remade over and over again during the last decades. Therefore, riddims like the “Answer”, “Bam Bam”and“Stalag” are now ranked as classics.

Riddimguide.com is the worlds largest database for Reggae and Dancehall music. It's the #1 resource for DJs, collectors and every reggae-fanatic out there. Diwali Riddim Zip 3/16/2018 Gold Edition, 2010 Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Greensleeves Rhythm Album #27: Diwali, also known as the Diwali Riddim, is an album and popular that came to prominence in 2002. The riddim is credited to producer Steven 'Lenky' Marsden.

The 80’s are considered, by many, as the golden age. But if we take a closer look, a couple of riddims from the early 2000’s have made their way too. The “Diwali Riddim”, produced by Steven “Lenky” Marsden, and released as the 27th volume of the “Greensleeves Rhythm” series could be a classic too somehow. You may click here to view the full track list. The rididm is available for purchase, and streaming on digital outlets such as iTunes. You may click here to preview it or click here to buy it now.

First of all, its uptempo set of indian-flavored percussions and its deep bass line drive you crazy on the dancefloor. Secondly, if you look at the numbers, some of the tracks featured on the compilation did really well on the charts. Then last but not least, there are DJs who still play this riddim to get the people “shaking their thing” on the dance floor.

Diwali riddim zippy

Songs off the “Diwali Riddim” that hit Billboard chart’s top

We took a look at the numbers Billboard‘s chart history, and below we listed the songs voiced on the “Diwali Riddim” that reached the top of the charts (Source: Billboard.com). You can also click here to view the track list below.

1. Sean Paul – Get Busy

ZippyDiwali riddim zip download

“Get Busy” by Sean Paul was the second single he released off his sophomore album “Dutty Rock” on 05/10/2003. Alongside the singles “Like Glue” and “Gimme The Light”, it propelled his career as a Dancehall artist to an international level.

This single remained on the top of the Billboard Charts for a little while and probably got some of you shaking “that thing” on the dance floor a while ago.

2. Rihanna – Pon Di Replay

Two years later, a young barbadian female singer, rose to fame with the release of a single entitled “Pon De Replay”, featured on her debut album “Music of the Sun”.

The single ended up second on the Billboard charts. And now, Rihanna is one of the most popular R’n’B/Pop artists of her generation. So, once again, the “Diwali” contributed to the success of a caribbean artist.

3. Lumidee – Never Leave You

During the summer, in 2003, Lumidee released the single “Never Leave You” (Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh!), which was voiced on a remake of the “Diwali Riddim” produced by DJ Tedsmooth & Trendsetta.

It reached the third position of the Billboard charts and it reminded the people of the sound of the “Diwali Riddim”.

4. Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go

“No Letting Go” by Wayne Wonder, off the album “No Holding Back,” was released only 3 weeks after “Get Busy”.

The track was a huge success. It peaked at the 11th position and remained in the charts for 31 weeks (32 for “Get Busy”). It was also a hit in the UK, as it peaked at the third place of the charts.

Diwali Riddim Zip

Other tracks that did will

A few other tracks off this compilation performed very well too, even though they didn’t peak in the top 20 Billboard’s chart.

For instance, “Elephant Message” by Elephant Man was the first track of the compilation to get airplay in the US (Billboard Magazine). “My Love Is Wicked” by Brick & Lace was a notable hit song too.

The “Diwali Riddim” is a great piece of Dancehall music. Besides, the numbers prove how well this riddim performed. In my opinion, it could be ranked as a classic Dancehall of the 2000’s.

Diwali Riddim

  • Artist:Various Artists
  • Genre:Dancehall
  • Produced by:Steven 'Lenky' Marsden
  • Label:40/40 Productions
  • Distributed by: Greensleeves Records
  • Release date:2002
  • Collection:Greensleeves Rhythm Album

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Track list

Diwali Riddim Zip

  1. Bounty Killer – Sufferer
  2. Tanya Stephens – Can’t Touch Me No More
  3. Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go
  4. Assassin – Ruffest & Tuffest
  5. Danny English & Egg Nog – Party Time
  6. Elephant Man – Elephant Message
  7. T.o.k. – Galang Gal
  8. Beenie Man – That’s Right
  9. Cecile – Respect Yuh Wife
  10. Wayne Marshall – Overcome
  11. Spragga Benz – Gonna Fight
  12. Degree – Inna
  13. Zum Jay – Zumjay
  14. Anthony B – Girls Buss
  15. Crissy D – Make It Real Good
  16. Hawkeye – Bubble & Wine
  17. Bling Dawg – Alright For You
  18. Mega Banton – It’s Ok
  19. Madd Anju – Dem A Go Hard
  20. Lenky – Diwali Riddim Version
  21. Brick And Lace – Your Love Is Wicked