Dress Up Challenge

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
  • Girls Power Style Challenge Dress Up Game Barbie and Harley Quinn have a style challenge to take - and they desperately need your help! The challenge is to find the best looks possible using two themes are: emerald green and dark floral!
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Yesterday was a tough day. Wearing the Perfect One bra does such a good job shaping me and molding me into the cups. I have undeniable small breast showing through my shirt. I spent most of the day with my arms crossed over my chest. Then I realized that caused my shirt to tighten up in the back. That made my bra straps very noticeable.
My predicament only caused me to become more nervous and very aroused. Now I had another problem...the chastity belt will only allow me to get semi erect. I was very frustrated, there was no way to stop my swollen clock from throbbing and trying to grow harder. And it is impossible to touch or manipulate my dick. I was in a highly aroused state all day.
When I finally got home my wife wanted to hear all about my exciting day. I told her everything. As I told her all the details, she was rubbing my body. She was caressing my breast though my shirt and bra and grabbing my steel encased cock. She was getting very horny and driving me crazy.
She led me to the bedroom and told me to strip, but leave the bra and panties on. She said she wanted me. She took off her shorts and reviled her black satin panties. Then she removed her t-shirt and I saw she was wearing a black matching bra. It matched my teal Perfect One Bra. She pushed me on to the bed and on my back. Then she mounted herself on top of my face and pulled her panties to the side. She said 'Ok get to work.' And I did. I went at it for 15 minutes before she had her first orgasm. Now. I wanted my turn. She said not yet. She wanted to chum again. This time she came a bit quicker. She said now you can do me. She got up and went to our closet and came back with the box my Neosteel chastity belt came in. But instead of getting the key she pulled out a dildo. She said this was her little surprise. She said she knew how I always lost interest in wearing lingerie after cumming and thought this would help me win my sissy bra and panty challenge. She proceeded to lock the dildo to the front of my chastity belt. It looked a lot bigger then my dick.
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Day 2.
When I came out of the shower, I saw my wife picked out my lingerie...my Pink...Perfect One Bra and panties.

If I were a betting gal, and I’m not, I would wager a fair sum of my children’s savings that, before you married your husband, you always tried to look your best when you knew he’d be around. After several years of marriage, a few children, a dog, and a pile of laundry the size of a Chevy Express van, looking good for your man has most likely been bumped down a few pegs on the priority list.

I’m sure he’d like to see it bumped back up.

Let’s face it. Men are attracted to their wives physically. And that’s a good thing. I mean, seriously, I wouldn’t want my husband to be repulsed by me. But many women think men are shallow for wanting their women to look . . . well, womanly.

Adopt Me Dress Up Challenge Tik Tok

Let’s face another fact. We women are attracted to our men, too. You may like your husband to be clean cut and preppy or, as I prefer mine, looking manly and rugged. You are attracted to your man when he dresses a certain way, showers on occasion, brushes his teeth. You get the picture. Does that make us shallow?

Long, thoughtful pause.

Physical attraction between a husband and wife is a blessing. Now let’s stop talking about it and get down to business.

Love in Action Day 3

Today and for the rest of the Love in Action series, you have a very simple task.

Dress Up Challenge Lifetime

Get dressed!

But there are rules to the dress up challenge.

Don’t act so surprised. You knew there would be.

Frump is strictly forbidden! And that includes bedtime.

If your husband hates it, you may not wear it. You may burn it, bury it, or donate it, but you may not wear it.

Try not to wear the same thing every day. Shake things up a little.

Don’t wear his clothes…unless he wants you to.

Dress Up Challenge Games Online

Do your hair. I don’t care how. Just do something your husband likes. Brush it, braid it, twist it, clip it, spray it purple. Just don’t look like you crawled out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. On second thought, skip the purple.

Do your face. Does your hero prefer a made-up face or a fresh-faced look?

Do what he likes.

So often I overhear women discussing the unreasonable requests of their husbands. Almost without fail the discussions end with the woman having chosen to do as she wishes, regardless of her man’s wishes, and the other women cheering her on. Oh, how it breaks my heart! So your husband likes long hair and you want it short. Is your hair that much more important than your man? He doesn’t want you to wear lipstick, so he can kiss you without fretting over face paint. The ogre! He likes you in a skirt, but you’ll only wear jeans. Where does your hero rank?

Dress for him.

Dress Up Challenge

And wear that smile.


In a few days, the family will stop asking where you’re going.

What will be the hardest aspect for you about the Love in Action Dress Up Challenge?

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Original artwork credit: My daughter Marissa

Photo credit: The Simple Homemaker

Disclosure: The Smart Sweets link is my affiliate link. I use Smart Sweets and like it. ‘Nuf said.