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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

A downloadable game for Windows

Demon Slayer Fangame is based on the anime and manga Kimetsu no Yaiba by Koyoharu Gotouge.

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Survive waves of demons as long as you can.

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StatusIn development
GenreSurvival, Adventure
TagsAnime, Dark, Exploration, Horror, Unity


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Hey man, amazing game so far, do you think that a mac version would be available? I would really like to install this as I am a heavy fan of the anime and manga.

no me deja abrir el archivo dice que esta daƱado que decepciĆ³n


This game is decent but it can be better. The demons in this game feel weird but can be made better, like you can make the AI better and when the demons attack us they just kick us and that feels lazy, so you can be more creative the the attack animations you can use some refences from the anime to make the animations. Also instead of increasing the quantity of the demons after every round, you could also increase the damage done by the demons and durability of the demons. You can also make like a boss fight after every 10 rounds which would make the game more fun. The problem is that the rounds are pretty easy to complete, if you spam crouch then u go faster than the demons so you can just do that and wait till the sun comes. I really don't know the fix of this but you can think of something. You can make some sort of cash system and a shop (inside of the round) so that whenever we have enough cash we can buy better swords which can deal more damage and could have different abilities. AND PLEASE LET US ADJUST THE SENSITIVITY.

this game is incredible. it does need work though,
combat feels a bit 'off' i should say. graphics are decent but if you're going for an anime style look, try and add shaders to each model (except the character models ofc).
i should advice you to keep updating and playtesting a LOT.

it has the potential of a great anime fan game and this hopefully is that one game.

Are you planning on adding a multiplayer option, a friend and I love tanjirou and zenitsu respectively and would love to play together, if you need we're willing to be testers and provide insight.

Hi, can you please add a Linux version of this game. Unity should have an option to export it to Linux. If you need a tester for Linux, I can be that. I really want to play this game, thank you.

for sure bro, can you call me on any social network? I really need a tester.

Just played the game, was alot of fun I hope you keep updating the game to keep making it better cuz this game can help us wait for the release of the real demon slayer game.

Like the guy below me said, Zenitsu's power is slow to enable. One of the things you should add is the ability to dodge while powering him up. Overall, nice game.

The Flash Fan Game Apk

Which engine did you use

Good game but needs work. Has the potential to be the spiritual successor to AoT: Tribute. Could also fail completely like Grimm Eclipse

Fucking creepy as hell. Running through the dark dusty town is spooky. City, houses and alleyways are well designed for now.

I went through the entire first wave trying to find enemies and couldn't. I was about to quit and give the game a bad review, but I decided to play until the second wave. Holy fuck was that a spook. Enemies are terrifying.

Speed and fluidity are nice, but aren't very well used in combat. Try playtesting it and see what I mean. Since the demons and mc are so fast,it becomes a game of circling each other trying to get a hit in. It just doesn't feel cool. I would improve the combat before everything else.

Don't know why Zenitsu was the second character modeled lmao. That dude is trash, as evidenced by his special ability. I had fun booting it up and trying to use it. One of those big creepy fuckers kicked the tar out of me right before I could fire it off.


I love this game. This was well made.

I played it for the first 2 minutes during one of my outlast vids, but nevertheless it was very fun! sucks that zenitsu's ability has a channel duration. and i wish you could hit the hinokami kagura with tanjiro. Either way, its a fun little game to help heal the wounds that demon slayer has left in my heart D:

The game is kind of easy when you use breaths with tanjirou. but normal attacks are too slow. And waiting for demons is really boring. I think the game should get harder faster. Nice game though

Tanjirou gameplay

Fan The Game Apk

This game the best, I like it.

i already play kimitsu no yaiba in my phone a few months ago made by you and it was so cool hope to see more of your amazing work uwu