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Hacked Flash Element TD - Duration: 1:41. Inurli 877 views. Flash Element TD 200k! Strategy naioshi (1/2). Flash Element Tower Defense 2 - Map1 - Duration: 9:27. Isometric Flash Games of 2015 Tower Defense Strategy Description. After centuries of peace, following the death of King Jann VII, rumor spread among civilian that cursed elemental has been grouping near the Northside plain. The Elemental Bureau of Investigation has been sent to investigate further.

A lot of people are asking for more cheats, tricks and strategy hints on Flash Element TD, the very popular tower defense free online game. Previously we provided some cheats, hints and strategy (and even an alleged hack) in our review of Flash Element TD (follow link to get there). Now we have found or developed some more cheats and strategies that you can try to get a lot of success in online Flash Element TD. One guy has a lot of nice graphics too that we have linked to.
Update: You now can play Flash Element TD via the remote version here at Just Online Games, featuring big bandwidth and convenience! Follow the preceding link.
We don't think these really are cheats, as they are not cheat codes for Flash Element TD (yet). Rather they are more strategy hints that can be followed to the higher levels of Flash element TD, although some cheats are in there to be found by doing the strategies noted.
You can play this game and discover the tricks and cheats to win with some practice. The tips we provide here can help you accelerate that Flash Element TD skill learning.
Here are some of the best cheats for Flash Element TD discovered so far:

  • Use the overlapping tower cheat.
  • As another variant on the overlapping tower cheat, Go three deep up the right side of the maze with fire towers at later stages of Flash Element TD
  • Move towers cheat: Sell towers as they get out of range to inc erase banked gold when have a high interest rate. Especially in last round to increase the number of points in end. Here click this link for a YouTube video of the move towers cheat.
  • Right Side Strategy / Cheat: This may actually be a hack. One staple of Flash Element TD lore is that you can beat the final level by lining the right side with fire towers exclusively, utilizing the overlapping tower cheat, and also utilizing upgrades of the towers. Here is a link for a YouTube video of the right side fire tower Flash Element TD strategy implemented to beat Flash Element TD.
  • Build Money Fast Strategy (not cheat): earn a lot of interest and money so you can freely buy lives as needed. This Flash Element TD trick is discussed more below.
  • When initially building, create strong spots. So spread towers to cover entire maze first, and then when entire maze covered, build strong spots i.e. around each of the towers built. Eventually entire maze will be covered and be a giant Flash Element TD strong spot.
Here's one cheat / strategy we like - Using Arrow towers at the beginning and upgrade them.

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Flash Element Tower Defense Hacked Unblocked


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  • In early levels, try 2 arrow towers and upgrade them when you can, and then add a third arrow
  • Level 3, another arrow tower and upgrade
  • Level 7 use wood to buy water tower and build a water tower
  • Then add another water tower when needed, upgrade
  • These should get you up to Level 14, although you can add another water tower if needed. Make sure the water towers are within range of at least 1 or 2 arrow towers to get the added firepower in the splash zones.
  • Level 14 buy fire sell all the arrow towers
  • Then keep adding fire towers. Should also spread splash zones all throughout the maze board of Flash Element TD.
  • Level 21 take interest with the wood, same at Level 28
  • At the final levels where the baddies and creeps go to 5000 HP all the way to 30,000 HP you will need to keep adding fire towers, use the overlay cheat and upgrade strategically.
  • The fourth bonus level (20,000 HP) you need at least 5 rocket towers, preferably 15 all placed to attack in slow spots.

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One cheat or strategy we like is the Build Money fast trick for defeating Flash Element TD. That way you can buy lives with gold whenever you need them and effectively double the size of the maze by if necessary allowing the baddies creeps to go through twice. One way of doing this is nicely laid out at diy Nation blog. An adaptation of this build money Flash Element TD strategy is:

  • Round 1 - Use a single upgraded Arrow tower
  • Upgrade to level 3 in next round
  • Then in each of rounds 5 and 6, add another arrow tower and full upgrade it.
  • In round 8, use wood to buy fire element and then any time another wood pops up buy interest. Build a fire tower and sell an arrow tower.
  • In round 10 add another fire tower and sell an arrow tower
  • In round 13 add another Fire Tower
  • In round sell last arrow tower and add fire tower.
  • Upgrade first fire tower to level 2 power
  • Round 19: Upgrade first and second fire towers
  • In round 21, make sure all fire towers have been upgraded and add one more at level 1
  • In round 26, upgrade fire tower last one.
  • In round 30 add 2 fire towers
  • Round 32, add 4 more level 2 fire towers
  • Round 36-37: and upgrade and add more as needed.

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