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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
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Also support PES 2019 ftex version. Useful tool for any PES 2019 Facemakers. Features - Convert ftex to dds - Convert dds to ftex - Support PES 2019 ftex version. Download Link PES 2018 PS3 Official Update 1.08 + Datapack 4.01 Download Link CRI File System Tools Hi guys today i'll show you how to download pes 2018 on pc.game link-http://install-game.com/pro-evolution-soccer-2018-pes-2018-download-and-free-pc-game/To. Download PES 2018 FtexTool 0.1 Convert ftex to dds by Tunizizou Originally created for Metal Gear Solid V by Atvaark. FtexTool convert fox engine texture to dds. I made modifications to the code to adapt existing algorithms for PES2018.

Due to >Konami changing the engine of PESes from 2017 and forward, PES 2018 stadiums don't work the same how they did in PES 2017 and previousversions.

  • 1Editing Stadiums
    • 1.2Pitch
  • 2Making Your Stadium

Editing Stadiums

Billboards (bill)

See Pro Evolution Soccer 2018/Billboards


The current (quick, but suboptimal) method for only custom pitches is using texture (of low opacity, preferably between 30-50%) named pitch_scratch_bsm_alp.ftex located in Assetmodelbgst***sourceimagestga#windx11
Be wary of aspect ratio, you will need to do some stretching for stuff to show up in game at the correct aspect ratio.

Converting PES 14 style pitch textures to 18

  • open the texture
  • crop it to 1420x920
  • resize to 2048x1024
  • set it to 30% opacity
  • save as pitch_scratch_bsm_alp.dds
  • convert it to ftex
  • put it in Assetmodelbgst***sourceimagestga#windx11

Making Your Stadium

First assign all texture in blender to easy setting-up in unity3D.

Field Meshes using shader 'fox3DDF_Blin_LayerBl_SubNorm_MaskUV'

Material Properties

  1. base texture
  2. normal map from base texture
  3. turf001_srm
  4. turf001_lym
  5. turf001_lbm
  6. turf001_sb_nrm

This value extracted from field fmdl default KONAMI, but you can set manually or skip this.

Glass Meshes using shader 'pes3DFW_Glass'

Material Properties

  1. base texture
  2. normal map from base texture
  3. reflection texture (reflection_xx.ftex, xx = df or dr or nf or nr)

This value extracted from glass fmdl default KONAMI, but you can set manually if needed.

Set Element Properties

Pitch Properties

Pitch Line Alpha Properties Texture use shader (fox3DDC_Blin)

Ftex tool pes 2018 kuyhaa
  1. line_alp
  2. line_nrm
  3. line_srm

Base Pitch Properties Texture use shader (pes3DDF_Pitch2019_V2)

  1. pitch_alp
  2. turf_nrm
  3. turf_srm_alp
  4. turf_bsm_alp_rgba32
  5. pitch_detail_alp
  6. turf_withers
  7. none (unknown)
  8. pitch_specular_mask

Mesh Group Properties

Ftex Tool Pes 2018
  • Pitch Line Alpha Element
  • Base Pitch Element

Material & Texture info for TV

Material name 'tv_large_c' for TVBox Large, 'tv_small_c' for TVBox small
Use shader (pes3DFW_Constant_SRGB_Bill)

Ftex Tool Pes 2018 Download

  1. tv_dummy
  2. tv_dummy
  3. tv_bill_wrap_00

Mesh Group Properties

Ftex tool pes 2018 bagas31
  • TVBox Element

Metalness Meshes

Object metal use shader 'fox3DDF_GGX'
Assign Texture

  1. Base Texture
  2. NormalMap from Base Texture with opacity 50%
  3. SpecularMap Color
  4. MetalnessMap Color

#FFFFFF for metalness color and #FF6C39 for specular color
Element Properties

All textures can be found in the sourceimages folder
Tested on Unity 2017.3.1p1 and Unity 2018.2.7f1
For export effect just use BSE by Suat Cadgas
For export Crowd just use CG FMDL Suite

Tools and Templates

  • Stadium Template - Password: evoweb
  • Stadium Template Patch - Use Stad_Template from this link instead from the one above
  • PES2019 Stadium ID Changer - Password: stidchanger
  • FtexTool OR textools - FtexTool has a drag-n-drop GUI whereas textools can batch convert all files in a folder. Textools only handles DXT1 and DXT5 DDS files but apart from that both work fine and which one to use is down to personal preference
  • Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2018/FPK - Read up on FPK because all models need to be packed into FPK archives
  • Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2018/DLC - Same for CPK, all your DLC needs to be packed into CPK archives

Video Tutorials

Examples of Working Custom Stadiums

  • Zuikaku - Which uses st015 also known as Estadio de Escorpião


List of stadiums in PES 2018

NOTE: Stadium slots NOT finalized and are subject to change for the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup; teams listed are most recent tenants of the stadiums from previous versions of PES.

Original Stadium NameIDTeamNew Stadium NameExtra Notes
Giuseppe Meazza1/tg/The Magical RealmSame as San Siro (see below)
Camp Nou2/b/Camp Noufag-
Extra Stadium3---
Extra Stadium5---
Stadio Olimpico6---
Extra Stadium7---
Extra Stadium8---
Extra Stadium9---
Extra Stadium10---
Extra Stadium11---
Extra Stadium12---
Metropole Arena13/gd/Adobe Arena-
Estádio do Morumbi14---
Estadio de Escorpião15/wsg/Animation Alley-
Estadio Urbano Caldeira16/g/GNU/Lag (or GNU+Lag)Custom
Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo17/toy/Legoland-
Stade de Sagittaire18---
Stadio Orione19---
Burg Stadion20---
Extra Stadium21/mlp/Cirrus MaximusCustom
Extra Stadium22---
Saitama Stadium 200223/cgl/Seagull Convention Center-
Estádio do Maracanã24---
Extra Stadium25---
Extra Stadium26---
El Monumental27/wg/Mont Cervin-
Estadio Alberto J. Armando28/adv/Advice Dog Arena-
KONAMI Stadium29/4ccc/KONAMI StadiumNeutral stadium, used primarily for cup finals.
San Siro30--Same as Giuseppe Meazza (see above)
Extra Stadium31/co/Charles Barkley Memorial SlamnasiumCustom
Extra Stadium32/vp/Battle Royal ArenaCustom
Allianz Parque33---
Estádio Mineirão34---
Arena Corinthians35/sci/The Time Cube-
Estádio Beira-Rio36---
Extra Stadium37---
Extra Stadium38---
Extra Stadium39---
Estadio del Martingal40---
Extra Stadium41---
Rose Park Stadium42---
Estadio Campeones43---
Coliseo de los Deportes44---
Sports Park45---
Neu Sonne Arena46---
Village Road47/y/Semen Uke StadiumEkaterinburg Arena
Extra Stadium48---
St. Jakob-Park49/o/Daytona Beach-
Hoofdstad Stadion50/h/Sad Panda Communal Faphouse-
Signal Iduna Park51/a/Akihabara Denki-gaiCustom
Extra Stadium52---
Extra Stadium53---
Stadio Nazionale54-ZuikakuCustom
Extra Stadium55---
Wanda Metropolitano56---
The Ultimate Stage57/sp/Transatlantic Semen Pipeline Stadium-
Extra Stadium58---
Estádio São Januário59/trv/Big Rig's ResortCustom
PES LEAGUE Stadium60/vg/The Sand CasinoCustom
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Ftex tool pes 2018 download

PES 2019 Editor by Ejogc327

The new updated tool by Ejogc327 will make you easier to edit Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PC game. Data files: works for DT10.cpk (DT36.cpk PlayerAppearances.bin) decompressed (don't need decompress each file .bin).

Ftex Tool Pes 2018 This tool edits:
Uniforms (only EDIT files).
Competition entry.
Global Functions.
Correct fake names: Players, Teams, Coachs (CSV files).
Replace repeated players.
Import/Export in CSV files.
  • Players.
  • Teams.
  • Coachs.
  • Player assignments (DT mode) or rosters (EDIT mode).
  • Formations.
  • Uniforms (EDIT mode).
  • Selected player or player + appearance.
  • All players from a team or player + appearance (Only export).
  • Selected team.
  • Formation from selected team.
  • Roster from selected team.

Ftex Tool Pes 2018 Bagas31

Homepage : http://pes2017editor.blogspot.sg/
If you love this tool, you can donate to the author. Donate here !

Ftex Tool Pes 2018 Kuyhaa

  • This tool is in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If you want add another language in other version, please translate the file ENG.txt and share it.
  • If you import new teams in Teams.bin, the game can't create EDIT file. You'll need create EDIT file with the new teams manually or importing in EDIT file too.
  • The CSV files can be separated by comma, semicolon or tabulation, but must be *.csv.
  • The CSV files must be UNICODE or UTF-8 to get special characters.
  • In EDIT mode, can't create players with any Id. It must be higher than 1048576 (0x100000).
  • To import the order don't matter, but the headers do. You can't change them.
  • You can export and import between PES2017 and 2018.
  • Before use this tool, make a backup.

Ftex Tool Pes 2018 Repack