Gta Sa Gta 5 Hud

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📣Arunca o privire si aici: Hope this was Helpful for you! You need to have Original game to run this mod! Other game versions (such Steam. I really worked hard finding the solutions to those common problems by users. I hope this'll solve your problem It worked for me, it'll work for your Downloa.

Gta sa gta v mod
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Published on 2 September 2014

-Rectangular radar
Strip lives, armor, and air reserve are under the radar.
-Ability to change the external plugins/scripts
-During the ride included 3D-radar
-When the game menu you select the GPS route, to build the closest path and displays it on the radar
-Squares on the radar replaced by the community
-Police are on the radar
-You can remove your wanted level, if you have 6 seconds outside the police search
-Goal scorer route disappears when you arrive at the right place
-Customizable weapon selection wheel
-Money Counter, number of rounds and star search are displayed in the upper right corner of the
-The name of the vehicle and the line displayed in the lower-right corner of the
-Together with the name of the vehicle displays the name of the transport
-Player statistics displayed in the lower-right corner of the
-Timer is displayed at the top left corner
-Customizable game menu
-Customizable cell phone
-Mobile phone shows the production time and day of the week
-Transparent menu
-The wheel of choice of radio station (radio station Selector)
-Exclusive sights for sniper rifles, a grenade launcher and camera
-Adjustable sights for weapons
-INI settings
-Flexible configuration management
-And much more ...
The condition of distribution:
You can place this file (archive) on other sites (except paid services, file sharing,
the jump in the revenue from which the file owner).
You may not include the contents of the archive into any other modification. Contact the author
(DK22Pac) for details.
Review and download the modified configuration files and textures allowed.
Working with other plugins:
It is recommended that you do not combine this plugin with other mods that replace or change the game
See the latest screenshots.
GTA SA 1.0 US version
ASI Loader или библиотека CLEO4
Author`s site:,,,
This mod required:

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Hello, I present you the retesture for GTA V HUD By DK22Pac
What's changed:
Changed the color of the weapon selection interface and radio
I also made a radar like on PS4 (more similar)
Enjoy all the games

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