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Hetman Office Recovery. Hetman Office Recovery is a fully featured heavy-duty document recovery suite enabling surefooted recovery from corrupted, inaccessible. February 16, 2017 By Hetman Software. Download hetman partition recovery windows, hetman partition recovery windows, hetman partition recovery windows download free. 8/10 - Download Hetman Photo Recovery Free. Hetman Photo Recovery is an efficient image recovery software for Windows PC capable of performing on different formats and kinds of storage devices. Photos are one of the most valuable kinds of files we can get to lose on our PC. The latter register.

Data Recovery Software for Microsoft Word Documents with Hetman Word Recovery

Hetman Word Recovery recovers lost and deleted documents in Microsoft Word and Open Office formats, Adobe PDF files and many types of plain text files. Supporting all types of storage media, Hetman Word Recovery can extract documents from FAT and NTFS volumes.

Hetman Partition Recovery is an application to recover files accidentally deleted from your system, including damaged files or disk partitions on any integrated or external hard drive or other storage device. The process is very simple: you just have to follow the wizard's instructions. Download Hetman Partition Recovery 2.8 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software!

Using Hetman Word Recovery could not be made easier. The convenient step by step wizard guides you through the recovery process one little step after another. The built-in viewer and automated pre-recovery check deliver a 100% success guarantee. If a document appears in the list of recoverable files, it’ll be recovered with no “ifs” and “buts”.

Why Documents Can Go Missing

Hetman Word Recovery can help in a number of situations. Deleted documents, cleared Recycle Bin, accidental formatting or repartitioning the disk, corrupted storage media and power failures can cause a loss of data. The tool can handle these situations, getting your documents back in no time.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades are among the most common reasons of data loss. When replacing the hard drive or upgrading computer hardware, most users will only copy information kept in the My Documents folder, cleaning up or ditching old hardware soon afterwards. More often than not, documents stored elsewhere are not copied. Saved a working document on the desktop? Need a recent copy from the Recycle Bin? Hetman Word Recovery can help you get those files from the old hard drive even if it’s been reformatted or repartitioned.

Formatting and Repartitioning

Formatting or repartitioning the disk may cause the loss of entire sets of documents. System tool misconfiguration or their accidental use may render the entire disk inaccessible by corrupting just a few bits of data in the beginning of the disk. Bad sectors are common for older hardware while premature wear plagues modern hard drives. Copying files over the network presents its own share of problems. Lost Word documents in one of those situations? Hetman Word Recovery can help!

Backup Errors and Redundant Storage Failures

Many computer users rely on redundant storage (NAS or RAID arrays) as their only means of data protection. However, NAS storage systems and RAID arrays may fail just as often, if not more frequent, as single hard drives. Inconsistently planned or improperly implemented backup strategies present a great deal of trouble when it comes to actually restoring the data from a backup. In other words, in great many situations it’s plain faster and easier to simply recover the documents from your own hard drive rather than relying on the backup, remote or redundant storage system.

Malware Activities

A major number of malware aims at Word documents, locking, infecting or destroying the files. When removing the virus, antivirus software may cause even more damage than the virus itself, corrupting or deleting assumingly infected documents. Hetman Word Recovery can successfully unlock documents blocked by the virus, undelete files removed by the antivirus, and recover Word documents deleted or destroyed in the course of infection.


Accidental Editing and Corruption

How many times did you wish you had an older copy of a recently edited document you just saved? Accidental or malicious edits and sudden power failures while saving the document may leave you with a useless copy. Hetman Word Recovery offers you a way to recover previously saved versions of the document. Never saved the document but want the content back? Microsoft Word makes temporary saves of all documents being edited. Hetman Word Recovery recognizes and recovers these temporary files, effectively enabling access to unsaved content.

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Hetman Software Recovery

Features and Benefits

Hetman Word Recovery is your last line of defense when protecting your documents. The tool will recover Word documents in case of any accident causing the loss of data, undelete files and recover information from damaged or misconfigured media.

Recovers Document Files

Hetman Word Recovery is designed to recover documents saved by Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, as well as OpenOffice. The following types of files are supported:

  • DOC – Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc);

  • DOCX – Microsoft Word Document (*.docx);

  • DOT – Document Template (*.dot);

In addition to Microsoft Word, Hetman Word Recovery recovers documents saved in native OpenDocumet Format. This document format is employed by Open, Libre and Star Office (Writer). The following file types are supported:

  • ODT – OpenDocument Text Document (*.odt);

Finally, Hetman Word Recovery supports the following file formats:

  • PDF – Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf);

  • PDB – Document File (*.pdb);

  • RTF – Rich Text Format File (*.rtf);

  • WPD – WordPerfect Document (*.wpd);

  • WRI – Windows Write Document (*.wri);

One of the many reasons for unexpected data deletion is deleted hard drive partition. System crash, malware, or some other factors can cause the hard drive partition to get deleted and when that happens, all the files stored on that partition also get deleted. You should use a partition recovery tool for recovering data. Hetman Partition Recovery is one of them.

  • Part 2. Best Hetman Partition Recovery Alternative in 2020

Hetman Partition Recovery Review

Hetman Partition Recovery is a reliable data recovery tool that has been specifically designed to recover lost/deleted data from a deleted partition. As mentioned above, when a partition gets deleted, all the data stored on it also gets deleted. Hetman Partition Recovery allows you to recover that data. The software currently supports NTFS and FAT disk types. It is capable of recovering the original file and folder structure.

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Hetman Partition Recovery Software Download

Pros and Cons

Recover deleted data of any file type with no exceptions. Supported file types include archives, photos, documents, music, videos, and more.

The tool is equipped with advanced data scanning algorithms that allow you to recover data successfully even in the most difficult cases.

Recover lost/deleted data from healthy, unreadable, and corrupted devices. The tool can also restore information from deleted volumes and formatted disks.

Recover deleted data from most storage mediums including flash drives, memory cards, MP3 players, hard drives, digital cameras, and more.

File scanning speed is relatively slow when compared to some other data recovery softwares.
Although there is a step-by-step wizard for recovering files, the tool is quite complex when you use all-manual mode (which may be often needed for deep recovery).

Best Hetman Partition Recovery Alternative in 2020

Although Hetman Partition Recovery is popular, it has its flaws. If you want to get the best alternative data recovery tool, you'd better give iMyFone AnyRecover a try. Just like Hetman Partition Recovery, it allows you to recover lost/deleted files with ease. There are so many features of AnyRecover as opposed to Hetman Partition Recovery.


  • Advanced deleted/lost data scanning and recovering capability thanks to the combination of 25 different analytical technologies.

  • Lightning fast scanning speed. Recover your deleted files quickly with advanced and unique technology.

  • Preview your lost partition data before selecting and recovering it. It makes selective data recovery easier.

  • Advanced partition scanning of AnyRecover allows the software to scan your partition byte-by-byte and reconstruct all its pieces to find the known file structure.

  • An exclusive, advanced, and powerful technology to help you scan and recover your lost/deleted files on partitions very quickly.

Instructions to Use AnyRecover

STEP 1Select Lost Partition Recovery mode in its home interface. It will scan for partitions on your computer.

STEP 2After the scanning is complete, select the partition then you want to recover files from.

STEP 3Now, it allows you to select file type for recovery. Check ‘All File Types’ for all types of files. After that, click Scan to proceed.

STEP 4 In the scanning results interface, select all the files or some specific files to start the partition recovery.

Bonus: Common Reasons That May Cause a Partition to Get Deleted/Lost

There are many factors that may cause a partition to get deleted/lost. Following are some of the common reasons:

Bad Sectors: If there are bad sectors on your hard drive, they may prevent your partition from being recognized by your operating system.

Data Corruption: A malware, virus, or faulty disk operation could damage the partition table, leading to a lost partition.

Power Outages: A sudden power failure can corrupt data or affect the drive’s operations in a way that can make a partition lost/inaccessible.

Accidental Deletion: This is another primary reason for lost/deleted partition as it’s not uncommon for users to delete a partition by mistake.