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Surveying Solutions for the hp35s. This manual is an instruction manual on programming your HP35s calculator, a book of programs for this calculator, a FLS/PLS review course on surveying and engineering calculations, and a workbook, all in one.

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Hp 50g Free Survey Programs Templates

  1. A software for interpolation of some thermodynamic properties of gases, liquids and solids. The software stores data and interpolates from a given temperature. It is intend to support engineering studens that use the calculator HP 49g+/50g.
  2. RE: BASIC Programs on HP 50G ( 01:09 PM) r. Pienne Wrote: Fair enough; this is an excellent site, as are others. But, it was yourself who brought up the subject of Wikipedia.
  3. A software for interpolation of some thermodynamic properties of gases, liquids and solids. The software stores data and interpolates from a given temperature. It is intend to support engineering studens that use the calculator HP 49g+/50g.
  4. HP 50g calculator info. HP 50g users guide; HP 50g advanced reference. Good links hpcalc.org - HP48 Software Archive; hp50g programs; HP Calculator Self-Test Functions; HP-50g Calculator Tutorial by Merv Newton (retired from Thiel College Computer Science Dept. Comp.sys.hp48; comp.sources.hp48 (not active) hp48 FAQ; Programming in System RPL.

Hp 50g Software

Astronavigation (Celestial Navigation)

The target audience of both programs is the 'sextant community'. These programs make the HP-42S (Free42) a worthy equivalent of an astrocomputer to navigate by the sun.
A thorough knowledge of the calculator is not required.

ASTRO_TSO: calculates the fix using the standard azimuth-intercept method of Marcq St. Hilaire which is based on the calculation of the point of intersection of 2 position lines.
ASTRA_TSO: calculates the fix using an alternative method, calculating by iteration the points of intersection of two circles of equal altitude.

Both programs have a built-in almanac of the sun with an average error of +/- 0.3' on the GHA and DEC and make the use of plotting sheets superfluous.
Date, time and fix appear simultaneously in the display and can be shown in a custom format in the 'Print-Out'.

Documentation in English and Dutch.
Programs contributed by Harry Ackermans. Updated December 18, 2019.

Hp 50g book

Hp 50g Book

Approved for use on the NCEES tests!.

Essentially everything in the HP33s had and a lot more, at about the same price. This one can even store coordinates as part of what you can program ...It has 800 storage registers, accessible through indirect addressing. This feature allows the storage and recall of coordinate pairs by point number.

Professionals and college students have a flexibility no other scientific calculator can offer with the choice of RPN (reverse polish notation) or algebraic entry-system logic. This calculator is completely programmable ...you can work more efficiently with it's keystrokes programming and handle the heaviest workloads with ease using 800+ independent storage registers plus 30 KB of memory.

It's a sturdy calculator in a solid case with a large 2-line alpha numeric display ...Tough enough for field use.

HP 50g Basic Cogo+ PAC
Designed for those students majoring in Engineering or Geomatics who must take the required course in Basic Coordinate Geometry, but is also the correct program for use in engineer's or surveyor's offices for routine calculations, doing closures, field note reduction, curve or triangle calculations, or needing vertical solutions.
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HP 50g Surveying PAC
Designed for the professional or field surveyor, adds layout programs, leveling programs and additional field programming. It contains all of the same material currently in D'Zign's HP48GX Surveying Pac Plus.
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HP 50g TRANSporation PAC
The full-featured choice for professionals. It includes all of the functions in the Basic Cogo+ Pac and Surveying Pac plus more. Additional features include; 17 additional alignment-offset programs, slope staking, various setup functions, additional curve functions and other civil applications.
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hp 33s Surveying Solutions - 2nd Edition
For the hp33s. Gives step-by-step instructions for input of the programs with user instructions and examples for each. The programs include Traversing, Inversing, all of the normal Intersection routines, Circular and Vertical Curves, Vertical Intersection, Triangle Solutions, and more.
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Transportation Pac for the HP 50g Graphing Calculator

The HP 50g Transportation Pac (Version 2) is a new release by D’Zign. This package expands upon D’Zign’s Survey Pac that...

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Surveying Solutions for the hp33s Ted J. Kerber, Software by D’Zign

Months ago you filled out an application,contacted your former employers and...

Thanks to Software, Surveying Students and Professionals Have A New Benchmark Calculator
For over a decade the HP 48GX was the calculator of choice for surveyors and those who taught them.

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Hp 50g free survey programs for hp 35s50g

Hp 50g Free Survey Programs For Nonprofits

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