Install Vmware Tools On Windows 7

Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

Install vmware tools Windows 7 and its pros. Hi, I know for a fact that you are aware that VMware tool is optional. I have to say that your friend is right, VMWARE tools really do improve audio/video performance, mouse synchronization, and much more. It will greatly improve the performance of the virtual machine's guest operating system without. The detailed steps for installing VMware Tools depend on the version of Windows you are running. The steps that follow show how to install VMware Tools in a Windows XP guest. Some steps that are automated in newer versions of Windows must be performed manually in Windows 9x and Windows NT.

  1. Install Vmware Tools Windows 10
  2. Install Vmware Tools Windows 7 Manually

To install VMware tools for Linux and Windows virtual machines the users just need to perform a few simples steps given in this article.


Like Oracle VirtualBox extension pack to add extra features for the installed virtual machines, the VMware also offers the VMware tools.

Download latest vmware tools

After installing the VMware tools which is a pack of different utilities offered by VMware the user will notice an improvement in the performance of the guest operating systems. It will improve the low Low video resolution,
Inadequate colour depth, restricted movement of the mouse, Inability to copy and paste and drag-and-drop files, Incorrect display of network speed, Missing sound, give the ability to snapshots of the guest OS and synchronizes the time.

The process of the VMware tools installation is the same for Linux such as Ubuntu, Kali, Linux Mint, Debian, Centos, OpenSuse, etc including Windows10/8/7 or any.

Download and Install VMware Tools on Linux and Windows 10/8/7

Download and Install VMware Tools on Linux and Windows 10/8/7

Step 1: Run VMware Workstation player

First of all, open the VMware workstation payer where you have installed the Linux and Windows virtual machines.

Step 2: Select and start VirtualMachine

After opening the VMware player, select the Virtual machine which you want to run and where you want to install the Vmware tools. It could Windows 10/8/7 or any Linux Distro.

Step 3: Find the Install VMware Tools option

When the Virtual Machine booted completely then go to the Player option given in the VMware player menu. Click on that and then click on the Manage->Install Vmware Tools option.

Step 4: Downloading Vmware Tools

As we click on the Install Vmware tools option, the Player automatically detects the system and download Vmware tool for Linux or Windows respectively.

Step 5: Installing VMware Tools on Linux

On Windows, the installation of Vmware Tools is super easy after downloading the Vmware player simply mount that under CD-Rom automatically from where the user can install it just like any other normal software. However, it is also the same for GUI based Linux operating systems too.

Install Vmware Tools On Windows 7

As you can see in the below screenshot, the VMware Tools has been mounted and shown with CD-ROM icon on the screen.

To install this open the command terminal and follow the below-given commands:

Login as root user:

Create a directory cdrom to mount the Vmware tools disc

Now, mount the Cdrom to above-created cdrom directory

See the list of files mounted under the directory

Copy the VMwareTools compress file name and use with below copy command. Like in our case it was VMwareTools-10.3.2-9925305.tar.gz and might be different while you are installing it. So, copy that one and paste with below command:

Here we are copying the VmwareTools to a temporary directory for the installation process.


Switch to the Temporary directory…

List the files and extract the VMware tools compress file

Now change the directory to the directory extracted by the Vmware tools which is VMware-tools-distrib

Run Perl script as mentioned below

Press or hit Enter key couple of times to select the default options of these tools…

The output of the above commands

Second Method: Direct Download VMware tools

If you are not able to download the tools from the interface of Vmware player; then visit the official website of Vmware and download Vmware tools directly to install.

Here is the link fordownloading.

In this way, we can install Vmware tools on Linux or windows

Other Useful Resources:

VMware Tools is one of important components for virtual machine (VM) in order get excellent performance. It is a group of utilities that help to enhances the overall performance of the virtual machine’s guest operating system (OS) and improves management of the VM. Without the VMware Tools, guest OS performance will lacks some of the important functionality. Below steps shows how to install the VMware Tools on RHEL 7, CentOS 7 and Oracle Linux 7.

How to Install VMware Tools ?

Option 1 (Recommended by VMware) – VMware support of open-vm-tools

open-vm-tools is an open source implementation of VMware Tools from third parties and contains utilities that enhances virtualization management, administration and functions of the virtual machine in VMware environments. The ultimate goal is to enable the operating system vendors and/or communities and virtual appliance vendors to bundle VMware Tools into their product releases.

Option 2 :

1. Install prerequisites :

2. Attach the vmware tools sofware from vSphere client.

3. Mount the vmware tools package into /mnt :

4. Copy vmware tool packagae into /tmp :

5. Go to /tmp directory and extract the vmware tools package :

Install Vmware Tools Windows 10

6. Go to extracted folder, vmware-tools-distrib :

7. Run to start installation :


8. Once successfully installed, make sure you umount back the /mnt :

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