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  • Watch Inuyasha episode 1 online with subs free. Kagome leads a fairly normal life, in spite of her weird family. Her house is a thousand-year-old Japanese temple, and her grandfather talks about the history of the house endlessly.
  • The hanyō Inuyasha is in the middle of stealing the Shikon Jewel from a village in feudal era Japan. The villagers attacked him in an attempt to prevent him from taking the jewel, but they were unsuccessful. Inuyasha succeeded in getting the jewel, but on his way from the temple he was attacked by the priestess Kikyō.

The episodes of the Japanese anime series Inuyasha are based on the first 36 volumes for Rumiko Takahashi's manga series of the same name. It follows a half-demon Inuyasha and a high school girl Kagome Higurashi on a journey, alongside their friends, a young fox demon, Shippo; a lecherous monk, Miroku; a demon slayer, Sango; and a demon cat, Kirara, to obtain the fragments of the shattered. Watch Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 1, Inuyasha: Since Then, on Crunchyroll. Towa Higurashi learns about an incident that took place decades ago involving a half demon named Inuyasha.

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Inuyasha ep 1
Season 1
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes27
Original networkytv
Original releaseOctober 16, 2000 –
May 21, 2001
Season chronology
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The first season of the anime series Inuyasha aired in Japan on ytv° from October 16, 2000, through May 21, 2001. Based on the manga series of the same title by Rumiko Takahashi, the episodes were produced by Sunrise and directed by Masashi Ikeda. The series follows a half demon Inuyasha's and a high school girl Kagome Higurashi's journey, alongside their friends Shippo, Miroku and Sango to obtain the fragments of the shattered Jewel of Four Souls, a powerful jewel that had been hidden inside Kagome's body, and keep the shards from being used for evil.


Inuyasha Ep 161

The anime is licensed for release in North America by Viz Media. The English dub of the first season was broadcast on Cartoon Network as part of its Adult Swim programming block from August 31, 2002, through January 21, 2003, and again on Toonami beginning on November 3, 2012. The first season was released across nine DVD compilations by Viz Media.[1] A full box set containing all twenty-seven episodes was released on September 7, 2004.[2]

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Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and two closing themes. The Japanese opening theme is 'Change the World' by V6, used for all twenty-seven episodes. Two closing themes are 'My Will' by Japanese girl group Dream and Do As Infinity's 'Fukai Mori' (深い森, 'Deep Forest'), used for twenty and remaining seven episodes respectively.

Episode list[edit]

No.TitleOriginal air date [3][4]English air date [5]
1'The Girl Who Overcame Time... and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome'
Transcription: 'Toki o Koeta Shōjo to Fūinsareta Shōnen' (Japanese: 時代を越えた少女と封印された少年)
October 16, 2000August 31, 2002
Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old girl living in present day Japan of 1997, goes searching for her lost cat in her family shrine only to find that a terrible demon has revived in the shrine well. The demon, named Mistress Centipede, grabs Kagome and drags her down the well. After falling through the well, she finds herself transported back in time to a village in Feudal Japan. There, Kagome encounters the Priestess Kaede, who senses Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo, Kaede's dead sister who was a powerful priestess. The village is soon attacked by Mistress Centipede who followed Kagome through the well and who is searching for the Shikon Jewel, a stone of unbelievable power. While in Feudal Japan, Kagome also crosses paths with the dog hanyōInuyasha. She first encounters him nailed to a huge tree by arrows and believes he is dead. When she removes the arrows, she is surprised to find he is alive. He explains that he was imprisoned by Sacred Arrows and bound to the Sacred Tree until she released him. Now released, Inuyasha is able to defeat Mistress Centipede with his super human powers. During the fight with Mistress Centipede, Kaede sees a jewel emerge from Kagome's chest. Kaede recognizes the stone as the Shikon Jewel and bestows in on Kagome, because Kaede says Kagome is the rightful heir to its power.
2'Seekers of the Sacred Jewel'
Transcription: 'Shikon no Tama o Nerau Monotachi' (Japanese: 四魂の玉を狙う者たち)
October 23, 2000September 7, 2002
After being released from the Sacred Tree by Kagome, Inuyasha plans to steal the Shikon Jewel, using its powers to become a yōkai. Kaede casts the Beads of Subjugation onto Inuyasha, allowing Kagome the power to control him with a spoken word. Inuyasha and Kagome later chase a crow demon that steals and absorbs the Shikon Jewel. Kagome is able to shoot the crow with a bow and arrow, which consequently shatters the Shikon Jewel.
3'Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again'
Transcription: 'Honekui no Ido kara Tadaima!' (Japanese: 骨喰いの井戸からただいまっ!)
October 30, 2000September 14, 2002
With the Shikon Jewel shattered, each shard has the ability to enhance the power of a yōkai. Inuyasha fumes at the thought of having to collect the scattered pieces of the Shikon Jewel. Kagome soon falls into the Bone Eater's Well, after being raided by Yura, who steals a shard of the Shikon Jewel from Kagome. Meanwhile, Inuyasha must face the human marionettes controlled by Yura, but he flees due to Kaede's brutal injury.
4'Yura of the Demon-Hair'
Transcription: 'Sakasagami no Yōma Yūra' (Japanese: 逆髪の妖魔 結羅)
November 6, 2000September 21, 2002
Inuyasha travels through the Bone Eater's Well to bring Kagome back to Feudal Japan to locate Yura's whereabouts. Meanwhile Kaede realises that Kagome is indeed Kikyo reincarnated. Inuyasha is soon caught in a web of hair and skulls, as Yura endlessly attacks him trying to claim his shard of the Shikon Jewel for herself. Kagome figures out that a red skull found on the tower of hair is the source of Yura's strength. She destroys the red skull, revealing a red comb - Yura's true being - which she also ends up destroying as well, successfully killing Yura.
5'Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru'
Transcription: 'Senritsu no Kikōshi Sesshōmaru' (Japanese: 戦慄の貴公子 殺生丸)
November 13, 2000September 28, 2002
Inuyasha's flea yōkai servant Myoga arrives, in which Kagome learns the truth about the deaths of Inu no Taisho and Izayoi, Inuyasha's father and mother, respectively. Revealing to be Inuyasha's half-brother, Sesshomaru, along with his imp yōkai servant Jaken, confronts him, taking the revived Izayoi captive. Izayoi breaks free and takes Inuyasha and Kagome to a spirit world, where is it recognized that Izayoi's face does not reflect in water.
6'Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword'
Transcription: 'Bukimi na Yōtō Tessaiga' (Japanese: 不気味な妖刀 鉄砕牙)
November 20, 2000October 5, 2002
Kagome realizes that the spirit world is an illusion in order to find out the location of Inu no Taisho's tomb. Just before Inuyasha is completely absorbed by the Mu-onna, Kagome manages to free him, however Sesshomaru finds out that the tomb was hidden in a Black Pearl deep within Inuyasha's right eye. Sesshomaru activates a portal from the Black Pearl, as Inuyasha and Kagome follow right behind him. Inside the tomb therein lies Tetsusaiga, Inu no Taisho's legendary sword, for which Inuyasha fights Sesshomaru for its possession.
7'Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru!'
Transcription: 'Gekitaiketsu! Sesshōmaru tai Tessaiga!' (Japanese: 激対決! 殺生丸VS鉄砕牙!!)
November 27, 2000October 12, 2002
Kagome is able remove Tetsusaiga from its altar, in which later gives to Inuyasha. After Sesshomaru reminds Inuyasha that the latter is a half-breed yōkai, the former reverts to his dog yōkai form to test the power of the sword, climbing their way to the top of the tomb. Inuyasha is able to severely pierce Sesshomaru with Tetsusaiga, thereby defeat him. Inuyasha and Kagome return to the village, with the Black Pearl safely returned to Inuyasha's right eye.
8'The Toad Who Would Be Prince'
Transcription: 'Tono Yōkai Tsukumo no Gama' (Japanese: 殿様妖怪 九十九の蝦蟇)
December 4, 2000October 19, 2002
Inuyasha and Kagome meet a young samurai named Amari Nobunaga. He leads them to a castle where a vengeful toad yōkai has possessed the reigning prince. At nightfall, the three infiltrate the castle in order to rescue the captivated Princess Tsuyu. The toad yōkai prince, who has a shard of the Shikon Jewel within him, attacks them and takes Tsuyu to a room full of the souls of women. The others soon arrive and manage to free Tsuyu. Inuyasha and Kagome are able to case out the toad yōkai and claim its shard of the Shikon Jewel.
9'Enter Shippo... Plus, The Amazing Thunder Brothers!'
Transcription: 'Shippō Tōjō! Raijū Kyōdai Hiten Manten' (Japanese: 七宝登場! 雷獣兄弟 飛天満天!!)
December 11, 2000October 26, 2002
Inuyasha and Kagome come across Shippo, a mischievous orphaned fox yōkai, who seeks to take a shard of the Shikon Jewel to avenge the death of his father, who has recently been killed by Hiten and Manten of the Thunder Brothers. Kagome is abducted by Manten to the mountains, after trying to defend Shippo. Inuyasha and Shippo travel to the mountains, seeing Kagome held hostage.
10'Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga'
Transcription: 'Yōtō Gekitotsu! Raigekijin tai Tessaiga' (Japanese: 妖刀激突! 雷撃刃VS鉄砕牙!!)
December 18, 2000November 2, 2002
A battle ensues between Inuyasha and Hiten. Meanwhile, Shippo uses his illusory tricks in order distract Manten from Kagome. Inuyasha successfully murders Manten with Tetsusaiga. Hiten bites into Manten's forehead to fuse himself with the shards of the Shikon Jewel obtained, increasing twofold in strength. Separated from Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha seems powerless to defeat Hiten. However, the sword is summoned by the sheath, allowing Inuyasha to deliver the final blow.
11'Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask'
Transcription: 'Gendai ni Yomigaeru Noroi no Nōmen' (Japanese: 現代によみがえる呪いの能面)
January 15, 2001November 9, 2002
Kagome returns to the present to go back to school. Kagome's grandfather is attacked by an ancient Noh mask that has broken the talismans, in which he is admitted to a hospital. The Noh mask will stop at nothing to gain a body of its own. Kagome must protect the shards of the Shikon Jewel from the Noh mask. Sota Higurashi, Kagome's younger brother, brings Inuyasha from the past in an attempt to save Kagome.
12'The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little Soul'
Transcription: 'Tatari Mokke to Chiisana Akuryō' (Japanese: タタリモッケと小さな悪霊)
January 22, 2001November 16, 2002
Inuyasha spots a benevolent yōkai called the Tatarimokke, leading the souls of dead children with its tune. It is harmless when its eyes remain closed, but it becomes fearsome when its eyes are opened. Meanwhile, Kagome has found the vengeful spirit of Mayu, the older sister of Sota's comatose friend Satoru. Mayu is a likely candidate to be taken to the underworld unless she relieves herself of hatred over her mother and jealousy over her younger brother.
13'The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired Inuyasha'
Transcription: 'Shingetsu no Nazo! Kurogami no Inuyasha' (Japanese: 新月の謎 黒髪の犬夜叉)
January 29, 2001November 23, 2002
Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo save a girl named Nazuna from being attacked by spider heads. The priest of a nearby shrine allows the three to stay, with the protection of sutras. After they are attacked by spider heads at night, Kagome and Shippo soon discover that Inuyasha becomes fully human on the phase of the new moon. It is learned that the priest is disguised as a spider head, as Inuyasha is vulnerable against him. At sunrise, Inuyasha is able to destroy the spider head.
14'Kikyo's Stolen Ashes'
Transcription: 'Nusumareta Kikyō no Reikotsu' (Japanese: 盗まれた桔梗の霊骨)
February 5, 2001November 30, 2002
At midnight, Inuyasha glimpses at an ogress sorceress demon named Urasue, who carries the scent of graveyard soil and the blood of Kaede. Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo go to the village in the morning, where they soon learn the ashes of Kikyo were stolen. The three vow to assist Kaede in recovering the ashes thereupon. Meanwhile, Urasue has reawakened the body of Kikyo, but is disappointed to deduce that the soul has already been reincarnated.
15'Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo'
Transcription: 'Hiun no Miko Kikyō Fukkatsu' (Japanese: 悲運の巫女 桔梗復活)
February 12, 2001December 7, 2002
Urasue kidnaps Kagome in order to bring Kikyo back to life. The conveyed soul exits from Kagome and enters into Kikyo when Inuyasha unwittingly calls out the name of the latter. A revived Kikyo is confused, but also enraged and now seeks to destroy Inuyasha for betraying her fifty years ago. When Inuyasha cries out in pain, Kagome calls the soul back into her body, leaving Kikyo wallowing in hatred. Inuyasha tries to save Kikyo from falling off a cliff, but to no avail. He then recalls to the time of the betrayal fifty years ago.
16'Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, Miroku'
Transcription: 'Migi Te ni Kazaana Furyō Hōshi Miroku' (Japanese: 右手に風穴 不良法師 弥勒)
February 19, 2001December 7, 2002
Miroku is introduced as a lecherous young monk, in search of the shards of the Shikon Jewel. He encounters Kagome and discreetly steals her shards of the Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha soon trails him to an okiya in hopes to retrieve them. Miroku unleashes the void of the Wind Tunnel cursed in his right hand, however Kagome prevents him in doing so. Miroku then reveals the source of his curse, which was inflicted upon by the yōkai Naraku, who has been after the Shikon Jewel for fifty years.
17'Cursed Ink of the Hell-Painter'
Transcription: 'Jigoku Eshi no Kegareta Sumi' (Japanese: 地獄絵師の汚れた墨)
February 26, 2001December 14, 2002
A wandering artist is banished from a castle, after being denied his unique skills as a warlord. Miroku notices ink demons surrounding the castle, in which they are paintings created by the artist. It is unveiled that a shard of the Shikon Jewel is responsible for bringing these paintings to life. Miroku uses the Wind Tunnel to draw the ink demons into the void. The shard of the Shikon Jewel must be recovered before the artist tries to escape. Nonetheless, the ink demons actually devours the flesh of the artist, due to his malevolent ambitions.
18'Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces'
Transcription: 'Te o Kunda Naraku to Sesshōmaru' (Japanese: 手を組んだ奈落と殺生丸)
March 5, 2001December 14, 2002
Sesshomaru receives from Naraku a human arm with a shard of the Shikon Jewel embedded in it as a means to wield Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru approaches Inuyasha, demanding the ownership of the sword. As Jaken summons demonic souls hidden in the mountains, Sesshomaru demonstrates the power of Tetsusaiga. While Miroku defends using the Wind Tunnel, Sessomaru liberates the demonic wasps known as the Saimyōshō, as Miroku discovers that these wasps are able to poison his right hand.
19'Go Home To Your Own Time, Kagome!'
Transcription: 'Kaere, Kagome! Omae no Jidai ni' (Japanese: 帰れ、かごめ! お前の時代に)
March 12, 2001December 21, 2002
Kagome tries to shoot Sesshomaru's human arm with bow and arrow, but rather gets hurt in the process. Inuyasha tells Shippo and Miroku to take Kagome back to the Bone Eater's Well. Though Inuyasha is able to take back possession of Tetsusaiga, he falls unconscious. Sesshomaru discards of his severed arm, as the shard of the Shikon Jewel is returned to Naraku. Inuyasha forces Kagome back to her own era, taking her jewel shards and blocking the Bone Eater's Well to ensure that she will not return.
20'Despicable Villain! The Mystery of Onigumo!'
Transcription: 'Asamashiki Yatō, Onigumo no Nazo' (Japanese: あさましき野盗 鬼蜘蛛の謎)
March 19, 2001December 21, 2002
Kaede reveals to Inuyasha and Miroku a nearby cave, in which she and Kikyo once cared for a badly burnt thief named Onigumo. However this thief ended up lusting for Kikyo and allowed his body to be consumed by the yōkai from his desire for her, thus created who is to be known as Naraku. Naraku soon unleashes a corrupted Rouyakan upon the three, inasmuch as Inuyasha is in a weakened state. Rouyakan returns for a second encounter, with a jewel shard embedded in his head by Naraku, causing panic for the three.
21[n 1]'Naraku's True Identity Unveiled'
Transcription: 'The Truth about 50 Years Ago; Naraku's True Identity // Gojū Nen Mae no Shinjitsu; Naraku no Shōtai' (Japanese: 50年前の真実 奈落の正体)
April 9, 2001December 28, 2002
Kagome decides to go on a date with her high school classmate Hojo, yet cancels on short notice. Miroku and Kaede attempt to protect an injured Inuyasha from Rouyakan. Meanwhile, Shippo runs to the Bone Eater's Well with Inuyasha's jewel shard which in turn helps Kagome get back to the feudal era. Naraku reveals he is responsible for pitting Kikyo and Inuyasha against each other in order to gain the Shikon Jewel.
22'A Wicked Smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul'
Transcription: 'Ashiki Bishō; Samayō Kikyō no Tamashii' (Japanese: 悪しき微笑 さまよう桔梗の魂)
April 9, 2001December 28, 2002
Kikyo, who survived the plunge from the cliff during her encounter with Inuyasha, currently lives peacefully in a bourg. A monk named Seikai immediately senses her supernaturalism, later discovering that she must steal the souls of the dying to maintain her presence in the world. Meanwhile, Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Miroku investigate a neighboring castle concerning absence of feminine souls, which inevitably leads them to Kikyo.
23'Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss'
Transcription: 'Kagome no Koe to Kikyō no Kuchizuke' (Japanese: かごめの声と桔梗の口づけ)
April 16, 2001January 14, 2003
Inuyasha takes off to find Kikyo, but Kagome ends up finding the shrine maiden first, trying to explain the true circumstances which led to her death. When Inuyasha finally encounters Kikyo, she embraces him in tears. Kikyo, no longer caring about how she died, still cannot overcome her hatred of Inuyasha and decides to drag him to the underworld to join her in death. Inuyasha is able to heed Kagome's voice, which allow him to break free of Kikyo's bind. Kikyo later goes to Kaede in order to confirm Naraku's aspirations.
24'Enter Sango the Demon Slayer'
Transcription: 'Yōkaitaijiya, Sango Tōjō!' (Japanese: 妖怪退治屋 珊瑚登場!)
April 23, 2001January 15, 2003
Sango is a demon slayer who collects shards of the Shikon Jewel as payment. She is the sole survivor of an arachnid attack engineered by Naraku to destroy her village of demon slayers and acquire their shards of the Shikon Jewel, by which her younger brother Kohaku was under the influence of Naraku. Sango furiously seeks revenge after believing from Naraku that Inuyasha is to be responsible for the attack.
25'Naraku's Insidious Plot'
Transcription: 'Naraku no Bōryaku o Uchi Yabure!' (Japanese: 奈落の謀略をうち破れ!)
May 7, 2001January 16, 2003
Kept alive by determination alone, Sango reluctantly accepts a shard of the Shikon Jewel from Naraku, whom she does not trust. She faces off against Inuyasha in battle, ignorant of which Naraku is the real culprit. Miroku and Kirara, Sango's pet yōkai cat, chase after Naraku, but the truth is soon revealed when Naraku is manipulating a demon puppet in his place as he fights them.
26'Secret of the Jewel of Four Souls Revealed'
Transcription: 'Tsui ni Akasareta Shikon no Himitsu' (Japanese: ついに明かされた四魂の秘密)
May 14, 2001January 17, 2003
Sango notices that Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Miroku had helped buried the graves of her fellow villagers. She uncovers the secret to passing through the barrier to a cave near her village where the shrine maiden Midoriko created the Shikon Jewel, able to purify the souls of the yōkai. It is explained when a person contains the four spirits, them being courage, friendship, wisdom and love, at their maximum, they unite to form a really strong and powerful balance within the soul that can be used for either good or evil.
27'The Lake of the Evil Water God'
Transcription: 'Suijin ga Shihaisuru Yami no Mizuumi' (Japanese: 水神が支配する闇の湖)
May 21, 2001January 21, 2003
Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo find themselves in a town where the sacrifice of the firstborns are mercifully offered to an arrogant water god. The four are hired by the village headman's son, Taromaru, to save his friend, Suekichi. Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo all work together in order to destroy the false water god, while Miroku and Sango search and free the true water goddess, then arrive and help the others.


Inuyasha Ep 122

  1. ^Episodes 21 and 22 originally aired together as a one-hour special on Japanese television titled 奈落の真実に迫る桔梗の魂 前編 / 後編 (Naraku's True Identity; Kikyō's Wandering Soul (Part 1 / Part 2)). The broadcast version of Episode 21 is 5 minutes longer than the standard version.


Inuyasha Ep 193

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