Lexibook Chessman Elite

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Lexibook Chessman Elite

Congratulations on choosing the LEXIBOOK CHESSMAN ELITE CG1300 chess computer especially designed to teach children and beginners the rules of chess and to help them improve their game.

Profita de oferta Noriel pentru Jucarie interactiva Lexibook, Sah electronic ChessMan Elite. Livrare in maxim 2 zile lucratoare. Explore our Lexibook Chessman Elite reviews, scoring an amazing 8.5 / 10 in our review. Buy it cheap too with deals from Ā£39.99. Lexibook ChessManĀ® Elite Interactive electronic chess game, 64 levels of difficulty, LEDs, battery powered, black / white, CG1300 Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) stars out of 5 stars 1 ratings, based on 1 reviews.

Lexibook Chessman Fx Elite

LEXIBOOK CHESSMAN ELITE Electronic Chess Computer - picture taken from computer.


  • Training Mode - which tells you if a move is correct.
  • 64 difficulty Levels - on 4 different game settings (normal, aggressive, defensive and random) and includes:
  • 5 Beginner Levels aimed at children and beginners wherein the computer deliberately sacrifices chessmen.
  • 8 Normal Game Levels for more experienced beginners where the response time ranges from 5 seconds to several hours.
  • 1 Analysis Level which analyses the position of the pieces for 24 hours.
  • 1 Checkmate Level designed to resolve checkmate problems in 5 moves.
  • 1 Multi-Move Level allowing two players to play against each other while the computer acts as referee.
  • A Touch Sensitive Game Board which automatically registers your move when you press the square that you're moving a piece from and the square you are moving to.
  • Lights which indicate the coordinates of your moves and those of the computer.
  • HINT function in which you ask the computer to suggest your next move.
  • TAKE BACK function which allows you to cancel up to two whole moves (or four half moves).
  • MOVE function, which helps you learn by watching the computer play against itself.
  • SETUP function to program the positions of chessmen ready to resolve a problem or in the exercise book.
  • A Library containing 20 different openings.
  • Detects stalemate, draw by 50 move rule and draw by repetition.
  • Recognizes checkmate King and Queen against King, checkmate King and Castle against King and checkmate King and checkmate King and Bishops against King.
  • Thinks while its opponent is playing.

Lexibook Chessman Elite Review

LEXIBOOK CHESSMAN ELITE Electronic Chess Computer - picture taken from box.

Lexibook chessman elite notice

Excerpts taken from the LEXIBOOK CHESSMAN ELITE user manual and box.