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Lode Runner: The Legend Returns
Developer(s)Presage Software
Publisher(s)Sierra Online
Designer(s)Jake Hoelter
Platform(s)MS-DOS, Mac OS, PlayStation, Saturn, Windows
Genre(s)Platform, Puzzle
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is an enjoyable, if somewhat repetitive game. You play as the Lode Runner himself, Jake Peril. Jake is a bounty hunter, searching for the stolen treasures of the world. This is a rather corny plot, but, hey, it's not that important. The gameplay is the important part.

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is a 1994 remake of the classic Lode Runnervideo game. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation. The game is an example of the trap-em-up genre, which also includes games like Heiankyo Alien and Space Panic.

Lode Runner 94


The game takes place in a single frame with many different elements such as ground, ladders, treasure, items, and villains. The goal is to collect all the treasure, avoid touching any of the monks, and reach the exit.

New elements include devices that can be picked up and used only one at a time. These devices include snare traps, incapacitating sprays, jackhammers, two types of bombs, pickaxes (which make a pile of rock from the ceiling blocking enemies from advancing), and buckets filled with goo that is used to cover surfaces and slow characters down.

The game also resurrects the original Lode Runner's several varieties of 'turf' as well as introducing one more. In addition to the standard turf, which is susceptible to being dug through with the player's blaster, there are also the nostalgic bedrock (which can only be penetrated with a jackhammer or a larger bomb that, unlike small bombs, permanently destroyed turf or any other item in the level except the exit) and trapdoor turf, which resembles regular turf but which actually is empty space. Another form of turf is introduced: gooey turf, which slows the passage of both the player and his enemies.

The game contains 150 single-player levels broken up into ten different 'worlds': Moss Caverns (jungle), Fungus Delvings, the Lost City of Ur (ancient world), the Crystal Hoard, Winter's Dungeon (ice world), Skeleton's Keep (fossil world), Inferno's Playground (lava world), Shimmering Caverns (phosphorus world), the Shadowlands (dark world), and Meltdown Metropolis (industrial world). While most levels are set in the day, the levels of Shadowlands take place at night, when the entire screen is pitch black, save a moving circular patch of light within which the player is visible. There are also 30 duo-player levels. The two Shadowlands levels in this mode are not pitch black.

A level editor is included with the game, allowing several levels to constitute a single group of levels, as well as the ability to switch between different tile sets. The editor can choose to set the level in night or day, as well as change the background music regardless of the tile set.


The player character is named Jake Peril and wears a gray suit, although a second player can play as his partner, Wes Reckless (who wears a blue suit), during two-player cooperative levels and head-to-head hotseat play. The robots of the original game are skeletal 'mad monks' who wear red robes. The game's manual explains that Jake, and optionally Wes, travel to unknown underground worlds in the hopes of scavenging the untold golden treasures that litter the game's levels. At the end of the game, Jake is seen in the Technological world calling an elevator to the surface, eagerly waiting while the credits roll. The elevator arrives but malfunctions, leaving Jake no other choice but to reach the surface using the presumably tall staircase.


Lode Runner 94 Legend Returns Download

One year after its release, Sierra released Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge, which fixed many of the bugs and added additional gameplay features.

In 1998, Natsume packaged Lode Runner: The Legend Returns with Lode Runner Extra as Lode Runner, a 2-in-1 game for the PlayStation. The game included a video introduction by the game's creator Doug Smith explaining how Lode Runner came about.


A reviewer for Next Generation gave the PC version two out of five stars, saying that though the new graphics, soundtrack, and sound effects are all pleasing, the gameplay is not different enough from that of the original Lode Runner to interest players looking for something new.[1]

Next Generation reviewed the Macintosh version of the game, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that 'This thing kicks butt.'[2]

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns won the 1994 Game of the Year award from Games Magazine in the 'Best New Arcade Game' category.

The editors of PC Gamer US nominated The Legend Returns for their 1994 'Best Puzzle Game' award, although it lost to Goblins Quest 3.[3]


RunnerLode Runner 94
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I've been a Lode Runner fan since it originally came out (in the prehistoric 80's) and I played it on a dowdy old Macintosh 512K. Back then it simply did not get better than Lode Runner. The gameplay was fast, strategic, nail biting, and in all ways kickass. There were about 100 levels of thievery and fun. Hell, it was one of those games that defined what PC Gaming would become. Lode Runner is sacred, it is the seminal Virgin Mother Mary Convict of side-scrolling arcade games.

The basic premise was that you were some sort of thief who wanted gold. You ran around picking up gold, evading cops (or Mad Monks), blasting open holes in the ground, and dying quite a lot if you weren't slick. It was cool.

Basically, Lode Runner 2 fails because it is attempting to make a side-scrolling 2D game into an isometric, fake 3D game. See, in LR2 the gaming world is an isometric grid. This means that the four directions you have are North West, North East, South West, and South East. This means that control in this game has taken a terminal sh... Don't believe my angry words? Just try using the keypad 7,9,1,3 keys for the directions I just mentioned. Then try using q,w,a,s for zapping the ground in those directions.

It's insultingly awkward and it doesn't leave many free keys to perform all of the various other actions such as: let go, drop bomb, suicide, pick up/drop, use, and cycle bombs. You just don't have enough fingers to really control this sucker effectively unless you really jinx around the controls long enough that any interest you ever had in the game is gone. Then you play the game, and guess what? You might have gotten an elusively comfortable control set up, but the game sucks.

Problem 1: The control, even if you modify your keyboard or hands, is highly unresponsive. It sometimes takes two taps of a directional key just to turn to face that direction. At other times the slightest tap will have you bounding down the grid to an unfortunate encounter with one of the 'Mad Monks' (strange dudes dressed in blue robes who for some reason are protecting vast gold deposits and will slice you in half like a Jell-O pudding if they catch you).

Lode Runner 94 Corvette

Problem 2: False advertising. The punks who pushed this cheap dope lauded it's '3D-World' and 'Dazzling 3D Graphics.' This game is about as 3-D as Crusader: No Remorse. The entire game is in fixed viewpoint isometric 2D, not 3D, not remotely. To add further insult, the 2D graphics are about as compelling as those in Crusader, accepting of course that Crusader came out in late '95 and this is now late '98.

Problem 3: Is this some cheap bloody Acid Trip? Yes folks, there is no realism in what you see. All these island-like environments are suspended above some sort of misty backdrop that clashes blatantly with the underground environs of the recent Lode Runner Returns and Lode Runner Online (both excellent remakes of the original, look them up and give them an obscene phone call).

Lode Runner 94

To make it even worse there is only 1 good environment type: Jungle. The Jungle is fairly attractive to look at and features creepy plants with really big human eyes. The eyes don't hurt, mind you - the designers wouldn't have sprung for something so interesting, and this is merely window dressing. The other environs are bad Techno, bad contemporary construction yard, and really, really bad children's building blocks (Chutes and Ladders, anyone?).

Also, to kill off the gameplay, the designers included bombs. These bombs are your other way of killing the Monks or a multiplayer opponent. They work just like those bombs found in Bomberman, shooting their flames in an easily avoided +. They suck - add another to the tally. So does the multiplayer for that matter.

Is it any fun? No. Not remotely. And no, the included level editor just extends the misery. It adds nothing to the value. Look, overall this game simply blows. I cannot stress enough how much of a crime I think this game commits by its mere presence. I love the original Lode Runner and its two faithful sequels from way back in '96. This is not Lode Runner. It is not fun.

Lode Runner 94 - The Legend Returns

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