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Mega Man Zero 3 GameShark Codes. Also see Cheats for more help on Mega Man Zero 3. Rating: 1/5 Mega Man Zero 3 Codes (GBA) North America. Master Code 9EF6D721CC84 0C5CE4167542.

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Strategy Guide - Blue Version
Strategy Guide - White Version

Note: This game is also titled Rockman EXE 3.

Number Man machine codes

Enter one of the following codes in the Number Man machine at Higsby's shop to get the corresponding item:

AirShot3 *15789208
CopyDmg *01697824
GaiaBlde *33157825
GtStrght S95913876
HeroSwrd P03284579
HiCannon *21247895
LockEnmy 87824510
MiniEnrg 86508964
Mr. Famous' wristband90690648
Muramasa M50098263
Salamndr *65497812
Spreader *31549798
StpCross S76889120
Thndrblt *54390805
Tsunami *88543997
VarSword F63997824
WpnLV +141465278
More Number Man machine codes

The following codes were obtained by buying lots of chocolates at the Yoka Metroline station for 500 Zenny in the White version of the game. These codes can be input at the Number Man like machine at Higsby's shop to win the lottery. You do not really win money, but you do win programs for your Navi Customizer and also some rare chips. However, you can only enter these codes once.

HiCannon *21247895
Tsunami *88543997
Salamander *65497812
Daifunsui *88543997
Thunderbolt *54390805
Gaia Blade *33157825
Mr. Famous' wristband90690648
Megaman Zero 3 Omega Hack CheatsAdd power-ups

If you do not have a bug, you can still add a power-up to yourself. Press Select whenever Lan says 'OK' and put in these codes after you run your customizer. There are special customization symbols after Z (represented as '1', '2', and '3'). Note: You must have mod tools to do this.

    HP+350: GJHURIE2
    HP+1000: CNJDU2EM (Glitch for HP+1000 causes the panels to turn to poison after you walk on them.)
    Shield: EIR3BM3I
    Reflect: SK13EO1M (Glitch for Reflect causes you to get 1 less B. chip in the chip selection.)
    Float Shoes: PEOTIR2G
    Shadow Shoes: GKHU1KHI
SP Navis

Get five stars, then highlight the 'Continue' option at the main menu. Hold Left and press R(2), L, R, L, R, L(2). If you entered the code correctly, the stars will move together. Continue the game and find the SP Navis.


If you have a Wood Style, equip Undershirt and set Grass in the Navi Customizer, or use a Grass Stage chip as your default chip. You cannot go below zero. Also, use the Sanctuary chip to change all your panels to Holy (you take half damage), then use Dark Aura (any attack that does less then 300 damage is blocked). You cannott get hurt.

Test fire Buster

Go to the Mega Man option at the start menu. Press L button to see Mega Man fire his buster. This is useful if you need to see if the Bug effects your Buster.

Secret Area 1

After defeating Alpha, continue the game and go to the Undernet server (behind the hot tub in Yoka). Jack in to where you get the forbidden program. You will then be in Secret Area 1. Note: You must have 100 or more Bug Frags to enter.

Secret Undernet area

In Undernet Area 2, note the middle part that has no entrance. Use the following steps to get there. At Hades Isle, jack-in to one of the statues. This brings you to a portal. That portal brings you to that middle area. Talk to the person in the middle area. He trades chips for Bug Frag. He also has a Giga Chip for sale there. In Mega Man Battle Network Blue it is Foldrbak and in Mega Man Battle Network White it is NaviRecycle.

Extra damage

Lay down a RockCube and GutPunch it. It will slide straight across the field, doing a lot of damage to anyone in its path.

Easy money

After you get the commendation from SciLab, go to the hospital and jack in the vending machine besides the chip trader. Go to the southwest and get the chip, which is 9,000 Zenny. After that, go to the east from the chip to find a Gambler. The price will rise as you win, up to 256,000 Zenny. Win them for a lot of money. Also, after you complete the game and defeat Alpha, go to the SciLab. Go to the Job BBS board. Do the job that involves collecting the legendary tomes. Go to Hades Isle and talk to the Ghost Navi. He will tell you to go collect three Tomes. First, make sure you have 7,000 Zenny. Then, go to the Undersquare and talk to the person on the right. He will trade the tome for 7,000 Zenny. Next, go to Undernet 3 and search for a person that will give you a tome. The last tome is somewhere in Undernet 6. Once you get all three tomes, do not go back to the Ghost Navi. Instead, go to the staff lounge. On the left shelf there will be a statue. Talk to the statue to get 300,000 Zenny.

1000 Barrier

Use the 500Barr Program Advance (Barrier R, Barrier100 R, Barrier 200 R) and either HolyPanel or Sanctuary to form an unbreakable 1000 point barrier.

Block Wind Boxes

Using a Barr10 or Barr100 will stop Windboxes from blowing you back, as it is considered a 0 damage attack.


FolderBoy's quiz answers are 3-2-1-3-1. In the Blue version of the game, the quiz answers are: 100 L, Zoo keeper, Yasu, Aquaguts.


At the beginning of the game when Yai tells you to meet her at her homepage, after the dinner, try to go outside. After Mega Man's dialogue, talk to the mother. You can now go outside. Go to Yai's home and you should be able to duel her. You will get the Glide chip.


To make the LifeSword, use Sword L, WideSword L, and LongSword L. Note: The LifeSword does 400 damage.


Sometimes instead of having to opening the start menu, you can press L.


When you buy HPMemory, sometimes a new higher priced one will replace it.


Megaman Zero 3 Codebreaker

Buying a Modtools for 5,600 Zenny at the Beach will allow you to add Navi customizer items with Error Codes.

Paladin Sword P chip

Get the Paladin Sword P chip from the number trader (03284579). The hero sword does 180 damage and cuts three squares ahead.

Recover 120 *

Hack into the television in the hospital to get a Recover 120 *.

V4 Chips

Normally, you can only get up to V3 chips of Navis. However, you can also get the V4 chips from Navis. You must have the Team Style and defeat the V3 forms of Navis under twenty seconds with Busting Level S. This is the only way you can collect all 85 Mega-Chips.

Easier chips

To get chips easier, use the collect NC program. It will help you get chips from viruses, even with a busting level of 1. This can be useful when trying to get LifeAura and other rare chips you can only attain with high busting levels.

P.A. chips

Most chips with the same name have different codes (A, B, C, etc.). Just combine chips of the same name with different lettering but in order. For example, Spreader, code M, N, and O. You should get H-Burst. It does 100 damage to your opponent's area.

Easy Bugfrag

When you are about to fight Bass/Alpha, go to either Dez and battle him. Just when your about to defeat him, wait until he is about to attack. Immediate before he attacks, delete him and you should get ten Bugfrags. Repeat this to earn a lot of Bugfrags. Also, put the Navi program Collect to also get a GutsMan G or GutsMan V2 G every time you defeat him.

Bass' true form

To fight Bass' true form you must first do four things: Complete the game; collect all 200 regular chips; defeat Seranade; and spend at least 300 Bugfrags at the Bugfrag Trader in Secret 3. Once you have done all of that, leave the Internet and jack in again. Go to the bugfrag trader. This is where a weak Bass will fuse with Gospel (a wolf-like being made of Bugfrags) and fight you.

Proto Man

After completing the game, there will be a star next to 'Continue'. Continue the game, then go back to the beach. Go to Hades Isle and to the room where Chaud is waiting. Defeat him to win Proto Man's chip (160 attack; attack all enemies). Also, after you complete the game, go to Hades Isle where you battled Dex. Chaud will be there. Defeat Protoman to get his chip. After you defeat Darkman, you can challenge him again, and once more after you defeat Japanman.

Cube Air-shot

Get a Rockcube on the field and use any type of Airshot. The Rockcube should slide across the screen. Note: Make sure that there are no holes in its path or it will fall in.

Rocket GutPunch

To fire a GutPunch chip, hold A and press Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Left then release A. This should make Megaman punch and the send his fist flying forward, smashing the first thing in its path.


Choose the Fan Battle chip after using the SandStge battle chip. Press A to create a fan on your side of the field. It will blow the sand tiles at the enemy, damaging them while pushing the enemy backwards.

Message about king

After you get the viruses in the machine in Scilab when you feed them 100 bug frags (the maximum), talk to the keeper. He will give you a message about their king.

Defeating Alpha

Note: You need any Wood Style for this trick. Charge up your Mega Buster. Immediately after Alpha shoots his laser, use the Tornado on him. Then, immediately use a strong Battlechip (over 100 in power recommended). Repeat this while dodging his attacks to destroy Alpha. Also, you must have the ElecGuts style. Once he shoots that giant laser, use the machine gun tech. Also do that in the beginning of the battle, when the core shows up. Then, use a hard core attack. Also equip the Airshoe program. When he cracks the floor after he shoots his machine gun, stand in the cracked floor to avoid taking damage.

Defeating Bass

Have ElecGuts. At the start of the battle, use a Battlechip 100 or Over Attack Strength so the aura will disappear. Then, charge up your buster. When he does his attack when he gets his aura back, launch it. After that, use the Machine Gun Tech. Repeat this until Bass is defeated.

Defeating Beast Man

When fighting Beast Man, try to stay in your middle panel. It is easier to dodge his attacks that way.

Defeating Desert ManMegaman Zero 3 Omega Hack Cheats

Use any Aqua-type chips to darken Desert Man's body and slow him down. When he turns into dark-brown color, you can hit him with your strongest chips. The Aqua-Shield style would be more convenient, since you can charge your Buster into a Bubbler and shoot it at anytime.

Defeating Kingman

When you netbattle Kingman.exe, get full power. Blast the pawns and delete Kingman.exe from Magaman.exe.

Defeating Proto/Alpha

Have the Reflect program. Get a Wood style (Wood Shadow is best, but use Weapons+1 with it) then put Hi Power chip and two to four Invis * and P.A.'s chip sets, such as Gutman Dashast and Guard. When in battle, use the charge attack when his core is covered, then blast him as hard as you can with Battle Chip. When his is using an attack and you cannot get close enough, use the Reflect maneuver to get his core open.

Defeating Serenade

Use a LifeAura to activate a barrier which can repel damage less than 200. Serenade's attacks always strike 100 damage.

Fighting Roll

After beating Rank 8, Roll calls you. Go to Roll's house and the game will state that the door is locked. Go to Higsby shop. Stand next to Higsby and you will see something you can go into. Go into it and press A. You will see Mai and she will ask if you want to battle. If you defeat Roll, you will get Flower Petal V2, which lets you copy one of you opponent's move.

Fighting Tamako

After you get Metal Man's V2 chip, Tamako will always want to Netbattle. Do not Netbattle her if you want Metal Man's chip, because you will only get 100 Zenny.

Mario reference

Go into Yai's house. Look in the main room. Hanging on the coat rack is Mario's outfit.

Mega Man Legends reference

Go into Yai's house. Look on floor to find a Lego-like character from Mega Man Legends.

Mega Man Zero reference

When you first walk in Dex's house, there is a Mega Man Zero mat on the floor.

Zero reference

In Higsby's shop, there is a poster of Zero calling him a hero.

V2 and V3 Navis

After you defeat a boss Navi, some dead-ends will reveal a V2 (version 2) remake of the Boss you defeated. They are harder and stronger. You will automatically get their chip. Then, in some areas of the cyberworld, you may randomly encounter a V3 (version 3) Navi. You will get their chip depending on how well you defeated them. The following is where you can find all the Navis:

    Flashman V2: ACDC 3 by the dead-end near the ACDC Square entrance
    Beastman V2: SciLab 1 in the bottom part where you first enter, turn right then straight up
    Bubbleman V2: Yoka 1 by Bug Dealer, on small dead-end walkway
    Desertman V2: Beach 1 to the right part of the Hospital Comp
    Plantman V2: Undernet 4 to the right part of the tower, near the warp point
    Drillman V2: Undernet 6 behind the Net Dealer
    Darkman V2: Secret Net 1 past the Monolith, turn right to the dead-end
    Japanman V2: Secret Net 2 past the Securtity Crystal on the top floor
    Flashman V3: Random encounters in ACDC 2
    Beastman V3: Random encounters in Lan's Doughouse. Note: You need to use the Subchip 'Sneakrun'
    Bubbleman V3: Random encounters in Beach 1
    Desertman V3: Random encounters in Yoka Inn TV
    Plantman V3: Random encounters in Hospital Comp 3
    Flamman V3: Random encounters in Yoka 1
    Drillman V3: Random encounters in Hades Net
    Darkman V3: Random encounters in Undernet 6
    Japanman V3: Random encounters in Yoka Inn armor case

Before the Bubble Man battle, you will get Guts Style which changes your character green and gives Mega Man new abilities such as a Tornado Charge Up. Sooner or later, you will receive a Shadow Style, a Team Style, and more:

    To get the Shadow Style, use Invisible or Invis. Battle chips.

    To get the Custom Style, use Battle chips.

    To get the Team/Brother Style, use Navi chips.

    To get the Shield Style, use Recovery and Defensive chips.

    To get the Guts Style, use your Mega Buster to delete enemies.

    To get the Ground Style, use chips that will change the battlefield. (for example, Grass Stage, Lava Stage)

    The Bug Style is very rare. This style can only be made by having at least one Bug and staying with it until you have unlocked this style. This style has bugs that either help Mega Man or affect him badly. The helpful effects (random) include getting your attack power increased to maximum, invincibility for brief time, and getting a 500Barr. One of the bad effects is that you sometimes lose health during the fight, or while selecting a chip. Note: This style is very difficult to increase. The two programs you will get when leveling up Bug Style are quiet useful. One program is StopBug, This program will allow you to program Mega Man any way desired without any bugs happening (errors are not involved in this). The other program is DarkLcns, which lets you connect with dark denizens (this program will always give you a bug, even if put correctly).

Fast Style change

Go to ACDC town and fight until you get a Style change.

Make Lighting, Salamander, Fountain, and Gaia Sword battlechips work

To make Lighting, Salamander, Fountain, and Gaia Sword battlechips work, you must have the corresponding element style:

    Elec style: Lighting battlechip
    Heat style: Salamander battlechip
    Aqua style: Fountain battlechip
    Wood style: Gaia Sword battlechip
Friendly viruses

Throughout the game, there are friendly viruses you can collect after you beat Flamman. They hide in a certain section and you will immediately get challenged by the entire family of viruses. When defeated, they get sent to the virus breeder in Sci Lab. The only way to get all the chips is by collecting all the viruses and talking to the scientist next to the virus breeder to get the virus' chip. Their locations are as follows:

Megaman Zero 3 Cheats Gameshark

    Mettaur: ACDC 1 past the skull door.

    Bunny: Job 19.

    Spikey: Demon Comp directly north of where you enter.

    Swordy: Undernet 1 in the blue section's second dead-end.

    Jelly: Beach 2 to the left of the Undernet entrance.

    Mushy: Sci Lab 2 to the left of the Sci Lab Square entrance, in the tiny square.

    Momogra: Zoo Comp 4 where you battled Beastman.

    Killereye: Principal's PC 1 near the entrance to Principals PC 2.

    Scuttlest: Note: There are two parts to the Scuttlest family. The first is located in Secret Net 1, directly left of where you enter. The second is located in Secret Net 3, all the way north of the press pathway, to a dead-end.

Beast Man

In the Zoo, pick these programs in order to get to Beast Man:

    Mouse virus: Cat program
    Frog virus: Snake program
    Rabbit virus: Rabbit program
    Gorilla virus: Banana program
    Sea Lion virus: Ball program
    Clam virus: Otter program
    Tree virus: Beaver program
    Two Panda viruses: Bamboo program and Tire program
    Mongoose virus: Cobra-snake program
    Jar virus: Octopus program
    Two monkey viruses: Walnut program and Chestnut program
    Parrot virus: Tounge Twister program
    Three viruses: Cat, Lion: Tiger program; Wool, Lamb: Sheep program; Wolf, Fox: Dog program
Recommended P.A.s
    Z-Cannon1: Cannon A, B, C; B, C, D; C,D,E
    Z-Punch: GutPunch B,C,D; C,D,E; D,E,F
    BubSprd: Bubbler C,D,E; Bub-V D,E,F; BublSide E,F,G; Bubbler, Bub-V, BublSide E
    HyperRat: Ratton1-3 A/C/F
    500Barr: Barrier, Barr100, Barr200 E/R
    Z-cannon2: HiCannon HIJ; IJK; JKL
    Z-Cannon3: M-Cannon: OPQ; PQR; QRS
    Heatsprd: HeatShot HIJ; Heat-V IJK, HeatSide JKL;HeatShot Heat-V HeatSide J
    LifeSword: Sword WideSwrd LongSwrd E/L/Y
    ElemSwrd: Fireswrd AquaSwrd ElecSwrd BambSwrd N/P
    EverCrse: CrsShld1 CrsShld2 CrsShld2 C/L
    PoisPhar: PoisMask PoisFace Anubis A
    BigHeart: HolyPanl Recov300 Roll R
    GtsShoot: Guard* DashAtk GutsMan G
    DuexHero: CustSwrd VarSwrd ProtoMan B
    2xHero: Slasher CustSwrd VarSwrd ProtoMan B
    MstrStyl: Salamdra Fountain Bolt Gaia Blade *
    EvilCut: StepSwrd CrosSwrd HeroSwrd P
    PrixPwr: Team 1*/Team 2*/KingMan V5 k; Team 1*/Team 2*/MistMan V5 m; or Team 1*/Team 2*/BowlMan V5 b
    MstrStyl: Salamandr*/Fountain*/Bolt*/GaiaBlad*
Recommended folder
    3 Big Waves (190)
    2 Magnum3 (180)
    2 Magnum2 (150)
    4 Stepcross (130)
    1 Stepsword (130)
    3 Condor (180)
    2 Blackbomb3 (220)
    2 Volcano (150; the one you shot)
    1 Scuttlst (165- 170- 215- 130- 120)
    2 Recover (300; Recover 300 points)
    2 Barrier (protects up to 200 points of damage)
    1 Muramasa (power equals the amount of points lost)
    1 Kingman V4 (240)
    1 Protoman V4 (220)
    1 Flameman V4 (210)
    1 Lifeaura (repel all attacks under 200)
    1 Folderback (restores all chips and folders)
Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Rockman Dash.

Rolling invincibility

While playing the game, hold L1 or R1 and jump to roll to either side. During this time, Megaman will be momentarily invincible.

Unlimited money (method 1)

Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for completing grade A . This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Unlimited money (method 2)

Locate the garbage can and pop can on the ground near the Jetlad Bakery on the Shopping Street. Then, kick the can into the bakery and speak to the woman inside to receive $1,000. This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Bonus options

Beat the game to unlock an additional option (in green) on the main menu that allows the game to be played at a more difficult level. Beat the game on the new difficulty level to unlock another option (in yellow) that allows the game to be played at an easier difficulty level, with dash boots and full left arm weapon capability.

Control camera

At various times during the briefing sequences, 'Camera Change' and 'Camera Free' will be displayed. Press Square or Triangle to change the zoom. Press Circle to change views. Press X to stop the scene.

Game Shark Codes

Megaman Zero 3 Omega Hack Cheats Pokemon Emerald

Joker CommandD00C0C26 ????
Infinite Life800B521E 00C4
Infinite Zenny800C1B2C 423F
800C1B2E 000F
Infinite Health Boat & Airship80100E02 2400
Infinite Special Weapon Power800357FC D623
800D895E 2400
800D8B5E 2400
800D8BBE 2400
Invincible Megaman300B52C0 0001
Invisible Megaman300B52C1 001F
Time is Always 00:00800C1B1C 0000
800C1B1E 0000
Have All Normal Items800BE420 FFFF
800BE422 FFFF
800BE424 FFFF
800BE426 FFFF
Have All Special Items800BE41C FFFF
Have All Special Weapons800BE410 FFFF
Equipped Special Weapon Modifier [Note]300B5322 000?
Equipped Special Weapon Always Active Modifier [Note]300B5320 000?
Mega Buster Always Enabled300BE321 0001
Cameleon Net Always Active800BBD96 06BB
Defense Shield Always Active800BBD94 031E
Mega JumpD00B52CC 4000
800B51D2 FA00
Equipped Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier Codes
Slot 1300B5600 00??
Slot 2300B5601 00??
Slot 3300B5602 00??
Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier Codes
Slot 1800B5604 00??
Slot 2800B5606 00??
Slot 3800B5608 00??
Slot 4800B560A 00??
Slot 5800B560C 00??
Slot 6800B560E 00??
Slot 7800B5610 00??
Slot 8800B5612 00??
Slot 9800B5614 00??
Slot 10800B5616 00??
Slot 11800B5618 00??
Slot 12800B561A 00??
Slot 13800B561C 00??
Slot 14800B561E 00??
Slot 15800B5620 00??
Slot 16800B5622 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped & Buster Parts Slot Position Modifier Codes
00 - Nothing
01 - Blaster Unit Omega
02 - Sniper Unit Omega
03 - Laser
04 - Sniper Range
05 - Turbo Battery
06 - Power Raiser Omega
07 - Range Booster Omega
08 - Turbo Charger Omega
09 - Blast Unit
0A - Sniper Unit
0B - Power Raiser Alpha
0C - Range Booster Alpha
0D - Turbo Charger Alpha
0E - Power Raiser
0F - Range Booster
10 - Turbo Charger
11 - Buster Max
12 - Power Stream
13 - Blaster Unit R
14 - Buster Unit Omega
15 - Omni-Unit Omega
16 - Auto Battery
17 - Sniper Scope
18 - Rapid Striker
19 - Gatlin Gun
1A - Omni-Unit
1B - Power Blaster R
1C - Power Blaster L
1D - Machine Gun
1E - Triple Access
1F - Buster Unit
20 - Rapid Fire
21 - Helmet
Quantity Digits to Accompany Equipped Special Weapons Modifier Codes
0 - Kick
1 - Mega Buster
2 - Machine Buster
3 - Powered Buster
4 - Drill Arm
5 - Grenade Arm
6 - Spread Buster
7 - Vacuum Arm
8 - Active Buster
9 - Blade Arm
A - Grand Grenade
B - Splash Mine
C - Shield Arm
D - Shining Laser

Mega Man Zero 3 Cheats

Note: These codes are to be used with 'Have All Special Weapons' code.