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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
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PADS Analog/Mixed-Signal


PADS AMS Cloud is a web-based circuit design and simulation environment powered by Special benefits, such as the ability to save an unlimited number of private designs, are available for PADS customers on maintenance. Try PADS AMS Cloud

Xpedition customers can download FREE, fully documented libraries through Mentor Graphics’ partnership with Optimum Design Associates, Inc. Active maintenance on v7.9.x or above required. Design, validate, and manufacture complex PCBs with PADS® Professional, the cutting-edge solution that delivers Xpedition® technology to engineering professionals who work outside a. Mentor graphics xpedition viewer. Electrical systems networks and harnesses. Auto assisted interactive sketch planning routing. Browse the mentor graphics communities licensing and installation. The PADS PCB Viewer can be used for viewing schematics, generating schematics from netlists, translating from/to vendor databases or from/to standard formats like EDIF and XML. There is no charge and no time limit for this evaluation copy. An Evaluation Guide, QuickStarts, tutorials, and Concept Guides are included to help you get started.

PADS Professional

PADS Professional Free Trial

Try this fully functional version of PADS Professional free for 14 days. PADS Professional utilizes industry-leading Xpedition® technology which is powerful enough to handle the most complex and demanding...View Software Evaluation

Try PADS Professional In The Cloud


Explore PADS® Professional with this cloud-enabled trial. Create a design from start to finish, and see how easy it is to use its advanced technology including rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, including HDI and area rules, to help get your job done faster!
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Viewers & Downloads

Reference Designs for PADS Standard/Standard Plus

Download free industry standard schematic and layout reference designs from multiple vendors, along with supporting materials. Download Reference Designs

Evaluation Request

PADS Standard Plus

PADS Standard Evaluation

Try this fully functional version of PADS Standard free for 14 days. PADS Standard provides excellent PCB schematic design and layout capabilities at an unbeatable price.View Software Evaluation

PADS Standard

PADS Standard Plus Evaluation

Mentor Graphics Free Viewer

Quickly define and complete your PCB designs with the world’s most powerful desktop design environment, PADS Standard Plus. This licensed evaluation software is fully functional and yours to try free,...View Software Evaluation

Component Research Tool

Virtual Labs

Downloads and Evaluations

ODB++ Viewer

ODB++ provides an intelligent, single data-structure for transferring PCB designs into fabrication, assembly and test. Learn More and Download

Mentor Expedition ViewerViewer

Free Browsers

These browsers are for customers who currently use Xpedition and Board Station. The browsers are provided free of charge. Download

Mentor Graphics Expedition Viewer

Component Research Tool

Mentor Pads Viewer

PartQuest is your one-stop resource for PCB component research. With symbols and footprints for approximately half a million Digi-Key® parts, PartQuest will deliver the relevant component information you need. Learn More