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Metti Oli (The vibrance of metti, an ornament worn by married women) is a Tamil soap opera that aired Monday through Friday on Sun TV for 800 episodes. It is a Prime time serial telecasted from 8 April 2002 to 11 November 2005 at 7.30PM then later a show kolangal bited pushed this to 6.00PM IST and pushed this to 11:00AM IST.In.

'Thirumurugan' directed Metti Oli and it is one of the many famous Tamizh serials telecasted on Sun TV. The serial in fact received good response from its viewers. The locations in which the serial was shot includes Malaysia, Alagar Kulam and Chennai. The Metti Oli serial was later dubbed in Telugu language, with the name “Mettala Savvadi”, and was aired on Gemini TV. It was also dubbed in Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi with names “Mangalya”, “Minnukettu” and “Shubh Vivah” respectively. However, the story line differed and had an entirely different climax in all languages.


The entire plot of Metti Oli is about the daily happenings of Chidambaram’s five daughters. The father is very patient and always remains calm in whatever circumstances, be it happy or sad. He often gets troubled by Rajam quoting the activities of Saroja, his elder daughter. Chidambaram is a land broker and he has great respect among everyone. He managed to raise all 5 daughters all by himself as his wife died when they were children. Chidambaram has taken extra care in raising up their girls as disciplined daughters who are very innocent and caring.

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  1. During the last episodes of the serial, Chidambaram dies in a road accident when he was walking on the road in a depressed state of mind. All the Metti Oli episodes are still immensely popular among the crowd, but among them Metti Oli episode 1, episode 800 and episode 810 are still the most watched. The details of the Metti Oli cast can be.
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Metti Oli (Sun TV, weekdays, 19.30) The story is about five sisters who grow up under their father's care and affection after their mother's death. They grow up believing that marriage is a bed of roses. However, matrimony serves as an eye opener. How the families realise their mistakes. Playlist which contains the last episodes of Sun Tv one of the famous serial Metti Oli. Enjoy watching and do not forget to share / like the episodes when yo. Share Chat I'd 👇👇👇👇👇 Metti Oli Full Episode Review 1 to 811 👇👇👇👇👇 Metti.

The Metti Oli serial is taken in the landscapes of a beautiful village called Alagar Kulam. Since all are girls, they report to their father of any issues they face in with their respective husbands or mother-in-law. Their father carefully analyzes the problem and appeals to everyone to take care of his daughters. During the last episodes of the serial, Chidambaram dies in a road accident when he was walking on the road in a depressed state of mind. However, the serial finally ends up on a good note uniting all family members after the death of Chidambaram thereby bringing smiles on everybody’s face. Cine Times Entertainment produced it and the serial telecasted for about fifteen to twenty minutes daily excluding advertisements.

Metti Oli Serial Full Episodes

Metti Oli Final Episode DailymotionMetti oli serial full episodes

Another version of this story...

Metti Oli symbolizes the rhythm produced by the toe ring which is wore by married women. This serial is written and directed by Guinness Record famous Thirumurugan. S. Siddique has produced this serial and was aired under Cine Times Entertainments banner on Sun TV from 6th May 2002 till 17th June 2005. And “Muhurtham” serial was the sequel to this serial. And first time in the Tamil television history, audience started to hum the title song of a Tamil serial, that’s starts with “Ammi Ammi Ammi Midhithu..”, the lyrics, the tune and the visuals showing of a marriage occasion made this title song equivalent to a films song, and almost everyone who used to watch this serial would still remember the lyrics.


The mega serial was also dubbed in Telugu as “Mettala Savvadi” and telecasted in Gemini TV and remade in Kannada as “Mangalya” and telecasted in Udaya TV, and remade in Malayalam as “Minnukettu” and telecasted in Surya TV and remade in Hindi as “Shubh Vivah” and telecasted in Sony Tv but the story lines has altered in all three languages into different stories and all had a different climax, in accordance with the taste of their regional audience. Delhi Kumar plays the role of Chidambaram who belongs to a middle class orthodox family who has 5 daughters Kaveri in Dhanam’s character, Gayathri in Saroja’s character, Vanaja as Leela’s character, Uma Maheshwari in the character of Viji and Revathi Priya as his youngest daughter Bhavani.

Bose Venkat, 'Chetan', 'Rajkanth', Thirumurugan and 'Vishwa' are the Son in Laws of Chidhambaram. Being a very attached and big family, the story line picks up with every daughter’s wedding and then proceeds to the diversity of the family due to the ego’s and family relatives. How the whole family after facing a lot of disturbance gets gelled with each other and become a happy family again is the plot of this Metti Oli serial.Besides an attractive storyline, Metti Oli serial became famous for its title track known as Metti Oli song. All the Metti Oli episodes are still immensely popular among the crowd, but among them Metti Oli episode 1, episode 800 and episode 810 are still the most watched. The details of the Metti Oli cast can be found on the sidebar.

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