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mIRC Latest Version

As always this new version of mIRC addresses many, if not all, of the issues reported since the last release. A lot of time was spent tweaking new features, fixing bugs, and a handful of other things. In total there are over 100 changes in this version, making this a great new mIRC! We encourage you to explore the versions.txt file for all changes. The author states that its subsequent popularity allowed him to make a living out of mIRC. MIRC is shareware and requires payment for registration after the 30-day evaluation period. The developer states that version 5.91 is the final one to support 16-bit Windows; 6.35 is the last to support Windows 95, NT 4.0, 98, and ME. This snippet checks the mirc site for the latest version. Project7339.jpg - 817x78 - 31.43KB X. Download Hide Source 1 0 Login.

mIRC 7.43

Aug 3, 2015
2.36 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

mIRC Popular Version

mIRC 6.2

Jul 28, 2006
1.07 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses
Mirc Latest Version

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
mIRC 2.1aFeb 28, 1995108.10 KB
mIRC 2.1Add info353.50 KB
mIRC 2.4aMar 5, 1995109.08 KB
mIRC 2.5aMar 5, 1995110.37 KB
mIRC 2.7aMay 18, 1995116.62 KB
mIRC 3.0Add info167.00 KB
mIRC 3.1Apr 23, 1995165.87 KB
mIRC 3.2May 2, 1995178.46 KB
mIRC 3.4Jun 21, 1995200.18 KB
mIRC 3.5Aug 7, 1995425.00 KB
mIRC 3.6Aug 31, 1995453.00 KB
mIRC 3.7Add info499.50 KB
mIRC 3.8Nov 25, 1995556.00 KB
mIRC 3.9Dec 28, 1995565.50 KB
mIRC 3.42Jun 29, 1995205.06 KB
mIRC 3.51Aug 13, 1995390.20 KB
mIRC 3.64Sep 11, 1995423.57 KB
mIRC 3.72Oct 24, 1995470.80 KB
mIRC 3.92Jan 6, 1996534.37 KB
mIRC 4.0Mar 20, 1996594.50 KB
mIRC 4.1Apr 27, 1996608.00 KB
mIRC 4.5Jun 30, 1996559.78 KB
mIRC 4.6Sep 7, 1996600.00 KB
mIRC 4.7Dec 9, 1996660.00 KB
mIRC 4.52Jul 6, 1996569.53 KB
mIRC 4.72Jan 9, 1997668.00 KB
mIRC 5.0Apr 2, 1997700.00 KB
mIRC 5.1Aug 28, 1997776.00 KB
mIRC 5.02Apr 21, 1997708.00 KB
mIRC 5.3Add info852.00 KB
mIRC 5.4Jun 23, 19980.90 MB
mIRC 5.5Jan 8, 19990.93 MB
mIRC 5.6Jun 3, 19990.98 MB
mIRC 5.7Feb 2, 20000.96 MB
mIRC 5.8Sep 5, 20001.00 MB
mIRC 5.11Sep 11, 1997776.00 KB
mIRC 5.31Jan 4, 1998856.00 KB
mIRC 5.41Jul 24, 19980.88 MB
mIRC 5.51Feb 19, 19990.94 MB
mIRC 5.61Sep 23, 19990.90 MB
mIRC 5.71May 7, 20001.07 MB
mIRC 5.81Nov 9, 20001.08 MB
mIRC 5.82Dec 14, 20001.00 MB
mIRC 6.0Feb 3, 20021.12 MB
mIRC 6.1Aug 29, 20031.17 MB
mIRC 6.2Jul 28, 20061.07 MB
mIRC 6.02Jun 6, 20021.15 MB
mIRC 6.3Aug 16, 20071.48 MB
mIRC 6.03Aug 16, 20021.16 MB
mIRC 6.11Oct 10, 20031.18 MB
mIRC 6.12Oct 13, 20031.18 MB
mIRC 6.14Mar 3, 20041.23 MB
mIRC 6.15Jun 3, 20041.24 MB
mIRC 6.16Jul 7, 20041.24 MB
mIRC 6.17Feb 17, 20061.29 MB
mIRC 6.21Nov 23, 20061.30 MB
mIRC 6.31Nov 1, 20071.65 MB
mIRC 6.32May 21, 20081.66 MB
mIRC 6.33Jul 18, 20081.67 MB
mIRC 6.34Add info1.67 MB
mIRC 6.35Oct 17, 20081.67 MB
mIRC 7.1Jul 30, 20101.80 MB
mIRC 7.14Oct 13, 20101.99 MB
mIRC 7.15Nov 8, 20101.98 MB
mIRC 7.17Dec 18, 20101.98 MB
mIRC 7, 20111.82 MB
mIRC 7.19Mar 7, 20111.82 MB
mIRC 7.22Oct 13, 20111.82 MB
mIRC 7.25Add info1.82 MB
mIRC 7.27Oct 20, 20121.69 MB
mIRC 7.29Jan 17, 20131.84 MB
mIRC 7.31 (Beta)Apr 26, 20130.00 B
mIRC 7.35 (Beta)Aug 5, 20140.00 B
mIRC 7.37 (Beta)Nov 8, 20140.00 B
mIRC 7.38Nov 27, 20142.36 MB
mIRC 7.39 (Beta)Jan 29, 20150.00 B
mIRC 7.43Aug 3, 20152.36 MB

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mIRC Description

mIRC is a popular Windows based Internet chat relay client which allows users to communicate, share files, play games or work with other members from around the world on IRC networks via private one-to-one connections or multi-user groups through different servers. mIRC is user friendly, supports file transfers and is fully configurable.
mIRC was created in 1995 to improve on earlier types of IRC clients which developers felt lacked basic IRC features. These extra features included ability to share files, customizable UI and improved scripting to improve the way the client behaves. Over the years user input has contributed to improve the mIRC client with users wanting support for multiple server connections and a change to the way channels and notify lists are displayed, with a treebar format preferred over the default switchbar.
For compatibility - OldVersion.com advises mIRC 6.35 and earlier versions for Windows 95/NT 4.0/98/ME. Later than 6.35 are compatible with Windows 2000 OS and later.
General consensus says that from v6.2+ are most stable, secure and the fastest versions of the mIRC client, 6.xx works great with PCs running older Windows operating systems.
Old versions of mIRC are still functional but are no longer supported with technical or security updates.
Pros: Connect to multiple chat room servers, secure, fast, available for older operating systems.
Cons: Challenging to use for beginners, hard to find old subjects, long queues for servers.

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