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MISSING YOU Chords by 2NE1. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. In 2010, 2NE1 released their debut full-length album, the Park-produced To Anyone, which topped the album charts in South Korea and reached number seven on the Billboard World Albums chart. Also in 2010, 2NE1 earned Artist of the Year and Album of the Year accolades at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Missing You This song is by 2NE1. And appears on the single 그리워해요 (2013) Dara Ooooh ah ah Ooooh ah ah Minzy Geureohge neomu Pyeonhage gulji mayo Ajig neowa nan namnaminikka Bom Eorinae cheoreom Bochaeji jom mayo Ajig shijagdo an haesseunikka Dara Aideurui buljangnan Gateun sarangeun shirheo CL Jogeum umcheuryeo isseul Ppuniya nan gwaenchanha Anya sashil nan Bom.

  • Artist: 2NE1(투애니원)
  • Song: 그리워해요 (Missing you) (geuliwohaeyo)10 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, French, Russian #1, #2, #3, Transliteration #1, #2, Turkish #11 more

Missing You

Versions: #1#2
Because you and I, we’re still strangers
Because I haven’t even started yet
I don’t like love that’s like a child playing with fire
Actually no, I’m…
My frigidly cooled heart is still
Missing you, missing you
Because the world was always dark
How can you smile so brightly? (what)
I know I’ve been there before
I’m just a little tired, I’m alright

Missing You 2ne1 Lyrics

My frigidly cooled heart is still
Missing you, missing you
Please be happy
Even after a long time passes, let’s both remember
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Missing You 2ne1 Download Full

Korean/Romanization/Transliteration/Transliteration 2Korean
Missing you 2ne1 download song
1.Come Back Home
2.내가 제일잘나가 (I Am The Best) (naega jeiljalnaga)
3.안녕 (Goodbye) (annyeong)