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Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
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What are the Best Mobile RPGs in 2020? RPGs are without doubt the best video games genre of all time. They offer an unparalleled amount of content – with the longest stretching well past the 100 hour mark – alongside lots of player customisation options, addictive progression systems, and stories and characters that would make even Tolkien proud.

So popular is the genre that many of its tropes have been absorbed into other genres. Try and think of a shooter without a perk system, or an action adventure without a skill system. Even free to play games have levelling systems to keep you addicted – the mechanics are everywhere.

While mobile is best suited to dip in, dip out play, there are times that you want a game with a bit of meat on its bones. Perhaps you have a lengthy commute or are jetting off on holiday and want something to keep you occupied.

Well, there are plenty of solid options from mobile exclusives all the way to full on console ports. Here are our favourites in no particular order.

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is one of the finest mobile games going, and those of you who own an iOS device are privileged to have it as an exclusive. It expands on the original in pretty much every area, with new weapons, vastly improved visuals, and a much bigger world to explore.

Get it on the App Store.

Various Daylife

Various Daylife was one of the surprise hits of Apple Arcade. It’s a full-blown JRPG by the makers of Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default in which you play as a mercenary tasked with exploring the new world and making it safe.

There are numerous characters to get to know and recruit, a wide variety of biomes to explore, and tons of jobs to unlock and level up. There’s a lot going on in Various Daylife, and there’s easily hundreds of hours of gameplay here.

Get it on the App Store.

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale

Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale is yet another Apple Arcade exclusive well worth playing. It draws influence from Slavic mythology, with you playing as a one-handed blacksmith who has to perform numerous tasks for the tzar.

This takes you on a lengthy adventure in which you’ll beat up a bunch of mythological creatures, alter the story depending on the decisions you make, forge your own weapons, and equip a bunch of powerful gear.

Get it on the App Store.

Star Traders: Frontier

If you like your RPGs deep and strategic, check out Star Traders: Frontier. This space-themed RPG basically lets you do anything you want from behind the wheel of your own spaceship. You can become a pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, explorer, and more.

Mobile Rpg Games With Character Customization Free

There’s a huge universe to explore, even more characters to meet, and tons of customisation on offer, from the layout of your ship to the abilities of your character and crew. It’s incredibly deep stuff.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar recently made the leap from console to mobile, and it’s a pretty solid port. It’s inspired by the classics, with you exploring an open world and venturing into various dungeons to battle monsters. You’ll level up, collect gear, and craft new equipment.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Shieldwall Chronicles

Shieldwall Chronicles is a deep strategic adventure that takes place in the northlands of Tarren, a frozen landscape that’s full of undead, demons, lizardmen, and more to battle. You lead a band of mercenaries and battle your way through a lengthy campaign.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is probably the best RPG on mobile, and it’s up there with the best on all time greats lists.

It’s pre-Dragon Age and Mass Effect Bioware in its prime, and let’s you become a freaking Jedi, force and all.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

The Banner Saga 1 & 2

The Banner Saga is an indie strategy RPG franchise that takes place in a frozen Viking-inspired environment. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, the story as brutal as Game of Thrones, and the gameplay challenging in all of the right ways.

  • The Banner Saga – App Store / Google Play
  • The Banner Saga 2 – App Store / Google Play

Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy is the grand daddy of JRPGs and pretty much all of the classics are available on mobile. If you don’t know where to begin, we recommend either the best in VI, VII, or IX, or the mobile remake of XV.

Really, you can’t go very far wrong with Final Fantasy. Heck, there’s even a full on strategy RPG in Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

  • Final Fantasy – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy II – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy III – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy IV – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy V – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy VI – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy VII – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy IX – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy Tactics – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions – App Store / Google Play
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions II – App Store / Google Play

Dragon Quest Series

Dragon Quest is Final Fantasy’s sequel over in Japan, where it sells by the bucketload. It hasn’t quite set the rest of the world on fire though, but they’re still well worth checking out.

If you don’t know where to begin, V or VIII are solid entries.

  • Dragon Quest – App Store / Google Play
  • Dragon Quest II – App Store / Google Play
  • Dragon Quest III – App Store/ Google Play
  • Dragon Quest IV – App Store/ Google Play
  • Dragon Quest V – App Store/ Google Play
  • Dragon Quest VI – App Store/ Google Play
  • Dragon Quest VIII – App Store / Google Play

Evoland 1 & 2

The Evoland series is an intriguing one, as it blends a bunch of genres together to keep things interesting. At it’s core, it’s an RPG though, and it riffs off the genre throughout history, starting with 8-bit all the way up to the gorgeous visuals we’re used to today.

  • Evoland – App Store/ Google Play
  • Evoland 2 – App Store/ Google Play

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile is another classic Square Enix JRPG franchise well worth playing, and Lenneth is the place to start on mobile. It riffs on Norse mythology but keeps that distinct Japanese flavour we know and love.

Get it on the App Storeor Google Play.

Warhammer Quest 1 & 2

Warhammer Quest and its sequel are mobile exclusive RPGs that produce some of the best top-down dungeon crawling you’ll experience on the platform. You’ll build a party of hardened warriors and beat up terrifying foes on your way through the darkest dungeons.

  • Warhammer Quest – App Store/ Google Play
  • Warhammer Quest 2 – App Store/ Google Play

Darkest Dungeon

Speaking of dark dungeons, Darkest Dungeon has the, errrr, darkest. This is a horror RPG that makes a bunch of innovations. You’ll send a team of RPG stalwarts into the dungeons of a castle to loot treasure.

The biggest threat isn’t the enemies lurking in the darkness though – it’s the darkness itself. The further your party travels underground, the more it will affect their mental health. If they start to lose it, it will affect them and your party negatively so keep an eye on the poor fools.

Get it on the App Store.

Cat Quest Series

Cat Quest is another RPG built firmly with mobile in mind. It’s got some excellent touchscreen controls and marries the old school Final Fantasy overworld with Zelda-style gameplay to create something completely unique.

With Apple Arcade comes Cat Quest II, which is exclusive to iOS. It introduced two playable characters to the mix, including a dog this time around, and the full game can be played in co-op. There’s also a wealth of new content, including weapon types, spells, and passive abilities.

  • Cat Quest – App Store / Google Play
  • Cat Quest II – App Store

Galaxy / Knights of Pen & Paper

The Pen & Paper franchise turns D&D role playing into a mobile game. You play as a team of nerds playing a pen and paper RPG in which the events actually come to life.

You’ve got Knights for the fantasy fans and Galaxy for sci-fi nerds. Whichever you pick, you’ll have a blast with this laugh-a-minute RPG franchise.

  • Knights of Pen & Paper +1 – App Store / Google Play
  • Knights of Pen & Paper 2 – App Store/ Google Play
  • Galaxy of Pen & Paper – App Store / Google Play


Severed is just so suited to the touchscreen. It draws a ton of influence from Zelda: Skyward Sword’s combat system, with you targeting enemy weak spots with accurate swipes of your finger.

It also offers a lengthy adventure complete with a story about the protagonist trying to locate her family in a terrifying world.

Get it on the App Store.

Infinity Engine Series

The Infinity Engine games offer a taste of early Bioware in its prime, when the likes of Baldur’s Gate II and Planescape: Torment were spoken of with the same admiration of the likes of Witcher III.

This is where western RPGs first found their footing. While the games are showing their age a bit, they’re still well worth checking out.

  • Baldur’s Gate – App Store / Google Play
  • Baldur’s Gate II – App Store/ Google Play
  • Siege of Dragonspear – App Store/ Google Play
  • Icewind Dale – App Store/Google Play
  • Planescape: Torment – App Store/ Google Play
  • Neverwinter Nights – Google Play

Jade Empire

Jade Empire is from around the same time as Knights of the Old Republic, and shows a Bioware experimenting with a more action-focused combat system than its previously turn-based offerings.

If you love eastern culture, you’ll have a blast with this one.

Get it on the App Store.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest takes place in a world that blends human mythology together to create something entirely unique. If your tastes swing closer to Diablo than Skyrim, this is the one for you.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is an action RPG that borrows liberally from the likes of Diablo, though with a greater focus on story than loot. It’s absolutely hilarious too, with the awesome Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Liar Liar) lending his pipes to regularly crack us up.

Get it on the App Storeor Google Play.


Eternium is, without doubt, the best Diablo-alternative on mobile. Not only does it have an absolute ton of content and loot, it also features an innovative touch control scheme that lets you cast skills and spells by drawing shapes on the screen.

Get it on the App Storeor Google Play.

Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers is a Final Fantasy-style RPG that takes place solely in dungeons. You’ll collect a party of heroes, and make your way through a dungeon methodically, using their unique skills to counteract traps and other obstacles.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is often named as the finest JRPG of all time, and for good reason. Not only does it have an awesome time-hopping plot but it also provided much-needed innovation to the tired turn-based fighting system that was all the rage back then.

Get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Bastion and Transistor

It wouldn’t be right not to include Supergiant’s efforts, as they’re some of the best games on mobile. You’ve got the excellent Bastion, which is one of the early indie darlings, and Transistor, one of its latest efforts that added a bit more strategy to the action.

  • Bastion – App Store
  • Transistor – App Store

This is so rare that you come across games like Corruption of Champions and the reason is that erotic games are actually kind of hard to discover. But, you need not to worry at all when I am here for you gaming maniacs. I can discover some similar games for you.

10 Best Games like Corruption of Champions

This section is comprised of a list which curates various Corruption of Champions games alternative which are quite similar on the basis of theme, genre, and other aspects. These games are mostly browser based text erotic games only which incorporates some other elements too. You can discover other things on your own from the information given right below.

1. Carnal Souls


If all you people love CoC and desperately want to play more games like Corruption of Champions then Carnal Souls is a game which can be a perfect choice for you. The game is surely a text based RPG just like CoC and yes it too involves a lot of sexual content.

What makes the game even more interesting is that you have complete customization in your hand from appearance to even the minute details.

Apart from the sexy stuffs, you get some combat modes and other things as a bonus which are going to remind you of Witcher series. There are various characteristics variations in the game along with amazing storyline and exploration work.

Carnal Souls follows every single trait of RPGs perfectly and both its demo and Alpha versions are available on the site. The turn based combat keeps you engaged with bosses and other enemies plus you get a lot of sexy stuff to explore too. There are like hundreds of modifications available in the game to seduce the demons and keep on proceeding in the same direction.

Compatible with:Browser

2. Kingdom of Loathing


If you people are looking for such games like Corruption of Champions which are as adventurous as the former one but without sex included then Kingdom of Loathing makes a perfect example for you. Do you remember stickman? Well, if not then this game is going to remind you about it very well.

So, the game kick starts with the usual stuff which includes choosing and framing your character wisely. However, there are less choices and you are supposed to firstly choose gender and then a character from six classes.

The classes in the game are Seal Clubber, Turtle Tamer, Sauceror, Pastamancer, Disco Bandit and Accordion Thief. You can now start the game by inserting your name.

Kingdom of Loathing is more sort of a comical RPG rather than sexual one. The entire kingdom is depicted in form of comical elements and you can explore around through text based commands. The game is quite suitable in the category of Corruption of Champions similar games because of recurring features. The player needs to fight with monsters, loot stuffs and keep on proceeding in this manner only.

Compatible with:Browser


3. Trials in Tainted Space


This is the most similar game in the list of games like Corruption of Champions mainly because it is developed by the same company called Fenoxo and Crew as CoC. In fact, TITs is the most played text based RPG after CoC.

TITs as it is fondly called is as erotic and sexy as CoC. This text based RPG is ultimately customizable and provides more power to the user as compared to former game Kingdom of Loathing.

Trials in Tainted Space is all about exploration and adventure and meeting new characters in the game as they come. The interaction and sex is the key to game. The player starts with a ship left behind his/her deceased father and then set out in the world to gain more money and power.

The game keep the balance of exotic and erotic stuff throughout and would keep the player high on lust. The storyline has twists throughout and player can change its “asset” and other traits accordingly. A lust and sex driven game for the users looking for similar games to CoC.

Compatible with: , Browser Based

4. Flexible Survival


I think there are very few alternative games like Corruption of Champions which falls perfectly into this category and matches the level of CoC but Flexible Survival is quite such game which can be included here. The game is developed by Nuku Velente.

The plot of this game is based on the year 2008 and its incidents. The game shows an apocalypse scene which shows outbreak of a virus and the conditions aroused by it.

Like the rest of the games like Corruption of Champions you are going to see the recurring elements of role playing and hack and slash combat here too. What I liked about the game very much is that apart from the character customization, you get a lot of choices for the world customizations too.

In fact, along with sexual content, you are going to witness sandbox kind of feel in the game too. In this virus outbreak, the main motive of the player is too keep himself sane and alive until the military arrive for rescue.

Compatible with:

5. Free Cities


Free Cities is one of the most popular text based game whose developed is still unknown. You can operate the game from the link provided in the game’s blog easily. This is a text based slavery management and obviously one of the most erotic game which makes way into the category of games like Corruption of Champions.

FC is developed in Twine 2 and the player holds utmost and ultimate power in the game. The player performs multiple tasks like buying, selling, training and of course slave management too.

What you are not going to like about FC is that it does not introduce any sort of customization and transformation options for the character of player at all. However, it has still put its best feet forward in the slave fetish and you are going to find the slavery quite realistic.

Mobile Rpg Games With Character Customization

They have literally put a lot of elements in the slavery like sex without consent and everything relevant. However, as compared to the other games, you are going to find quite bugs here which can be a bit annoying.

Compatible with:Browser

6. The Poor Whore


The Poor Whore game is different from the rest of the games like Corruption of Champions mainly because this is not a browser game. Actually, this is, of course, a text based game but you would have to download it to play and I have mentioned the direct link from which you can download it.

Free Online Character Customization Games

The game does not consist anything original like no authentic artwork or additions but it is derived from various other works.

The game is a basic RPG which works in first person perspective. Only when you have sex encounters then it is narrated in form of second person. Rest of the things remains usual like exploring around and interacting with the new characters in the game to proceed in it.

In the list of Corruption of Champions games alternative, I personally think that The Poor Whore is the most sexually explicit game. This is a medieval fantasy whore simulation game where you need to roam around in the town of Ovavulvaville to get hired in a brothel. There are various options available for character customization.

Compatible with:

7. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures


Mobile Rpg Games With Character Customization Guide

I think you people should ditch erotic games for a while when you can actually play some really cool text based adventurous games. Cyberpunk Adventures is a game by Cabrera Brother and it released in 2012. I am sure in your entire life you must not have seen such an advances text based game ever.

It involves music and sound effects too which is not seen in any other games like Corruption of Champions.

You kick-start the game by reading the description of character’s location and the gaming environment. Well, you get fewer choices for character customization because it is already kind of set. But the decision making of the player leaves a great impact on the game for sure.

What I liked about the game the most is that the background story and situations are displayed in form of images and music which is very rare in text based games. For everyone looking for best text based RPG, Cyberpunk Adventure is a must for them.

Compatible with:

8. Fall of Eden


This is the next one in the list of games like Corruption of Champions and the striking similarity between the two can be figured out from the fact that both are from the same developed Fenox. The game has kind of supernatural theme with demons and imps in its plot.

The game starts with the player exploring an abandoned house in the neighborhood where you accidentally opens up a portal between hellish world and earth.

Now, the demon queen Uru is trying to attract you but you need to interact with goddess queen Aria to save yourself. You have lost the way in the world of Eden and now you must find a way to get out of all this. The game involves interaction and exploration heavily.

Before the game starts, you must have to choose your character for which various customizations are provided. In the category of Corruption of Champions similar games, Fall of Eden makes a really strong entry.

Compatible with:Browser

9. My Very Own Lith


Trust me, this is the sexiest game you are ever going to find in this list of games like Corruption of Champions. This is a flash player game and can be played only on your browser only without even having to download it too.

There are various versions available of this game too like public version, supporter version with cheats and deluxe version too.

The main character of this game is an easily embarrassed cat named Lith whose gender can be chosen by you. You as a player need to seduce it and do everything possible to make out with it too. Before the game starts, you need to first customize your character for which you get various choices and options.

The game has a number of options like flirt, look, talk, seduce, take off clothes in order to interact with the Lith. The game is quite arousing for sure.

Mobile Rpg Games With Character Customization Games

Compatible with:Browser

10. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity


The last option for the list of alternative games like Corruption of Champions is the second installment of Gift of Phallius which is The Key to Eternity. This is not a browser based game so you would have to download it and there are two versions available, multimedia and text only.

So, the game is a typical extremely erotic text based RPG. You are supposed to take up the role of princess Dalia who is a 14 years old girl living in a palace.

The game has less options for customization and you would have to proceed with what has already decided. The game shows the scene where you are going to meet a guard to have sex finally. Entire game is divided into various chapters.

The game is entirely similar to most of the games like Corruption of Champions and you are going to love this erotic game if you love medieval settings.

Compatible with:

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After the introduction of high tech cool Xbox and PS action games, people prefer it less to play games like Corruption of Champions. These are the basic text based browser based flash games which are actually kind of out of the league now.

However, if you feel like having some fun this time with these erotic games then you can try them out right away. It will not take much to you to discover their gameplay and tactics used in them. I hope you are going to like the options which I have mentioned here.