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An IBM PC 5150 with PC-DOS 1.00. An Olivetti M24 with MS-DOS 3.30A. Description; 2013-03-15: pce-0.2.2-mac-128-0.1.zip: A Macintosh 128K with System 0.1: 2013. Sito dedicato al computer PC128S Olivetti Prodest. Benvenuto sul sito dedicato al computer PC128S Olivetti Prodest. Questo computer venne commercializzato in Italia nel 1986 e dopo 30 anni credo di essere uno dei pochi possessori di un esemplare ancora funzionante!!! Per festeggiare l'evento ecco a voi il nuovo emulatore del nostro mitico PC128S!

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Rivista Olivetti Prodest User - La prima e unica rivista indipendente per gli utenti PC 128-PC 128S-PC 1 n° 8, aprile/maggio 1988. Olivetti M20BC + Hard Disk/en; Olivetti M20ST; Olivetti M24; Olivetti M240; Olivetti M250; Olivetti M280; Olivetti M300-02; Olivetti M300-15; Olivetti M300-30; Olivetti M380-XP5; Olivetti M6 440 Suprema; Olivetti P750; Olivetti PCS 86; Olivetti PCS-11; Olivetti PCS-86; Olivetti PCS11; Olivetti Prodest PC 128; Olivetti Prodest PC1; Olivetti. The Olivetti M20 is a Zilog Z8000 based computer from Olivetti introduced in 1982. Although it offered good performance, it suffered from a lack of software due to its use of the Z8000 processor and custom operating system, PCOS.The company introduced the IBM PC compatible Olivetti M24 in 1983 and the M20 line was phased out.

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What happened to Olivetti

What happened to Olivetti

Olivetti began as an Italian typewriter manufacturer in 1908, debuting its first model, the Olivetti M1 (pictured) in 1911. The company was famous for its industrial design and went on to produce a range of personal computers.
According to its entry on Wikipedia, Luxembourg-based Bell acquired a controlling stake in Olivetti in 1999, but sold it to a consortium including the Pirelli and Benetton groups two years later. In 2003 Olivetti was absorbed into the Telecom Italia group.
The PC in the 1980s was no match to Apple’s Mac with its graphical user interface. Apple’s Steve Jobs had more tricks up his sleeve after he left the company. >>

The journey to modern computing has involved several companies, each making a vital contribution. But despite the significance of their various milestones, many have merged with modern household name companies while others have stumbled into obscurity and bankruptcy. Computer Weekly traces the histories of some of these seminal computer companies.

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ManufacturerThomson SA
Release date1986; 34 years ago
Discontinued1989; 31 years ago
Operating systemBASIC 1.0
CPUMotorola 6809E @ 1MHz
Memory128kB RAM
Graphics8 modes from 160 x 200 to 640 x 200 with 2 to 16 colors (from 4096)

The ThomsonMO6 was an 6809E-based computer introduced in France in 1986.[1] It featured 128 KB of RAM, a 40×25 text display, and built-in Microsoft BASIC. The MO6 was available until January 1989.

In Italy it was sold by Olivetti with little aesthetic changes, and named Olivetti Prodest PC128.

Olivetti Prodest Pc 128


Olivetti Pc 128

Olivetti Pc 128 Gb

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Olivetti Pc 128

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Olivetti Pc 128 Download

  • DCMOTO: PC emulator for Thomson MO5, MO5E, MO5NR, MO6, T9000, TO7, TO7/70, TO8, TO8D, TO9, TO9+ and Olivetti Prodest PC128. Comprehensive software and documentation are also available.

Olivetti Prodest Pc 128 Retrocomputer

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