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Un maxi de remixs-Edits de l’album de VOX LOW en tirage limité.

Dj et compositeur, Pilooski s’est fait connaître à travers ses edits (notamment Beggin’ de Franky Valli), les compilations DIRTY, songroupe électro Discodeine, ses productions pour Tristesse Contemporaine, Perez ou Hypnolove ainsi que ses collaboration avec Jarvis Cocker ou Baxter Dury.

Tolouse Low Trax :

Pilooski discography and songs: Music profile for Pilooski, born 16 June 1972. Dirty Edits Vol. 1 - A Collection of Dirty Classics Selected by Dirty Sound System. Irresistible DJ, enlightened publisher (the Dirty Edits series) and machiavellian composer (Discodeine), Pilooski offers his first compilation, soberly entitled “ 9 ”, with 18 tracks unearthed from the vaults of his memory. Each title chosen here calls forth either a specific memory, a vague idea, or the rough draft of a story. Honey Soundsystem's Jackie House, Pilooski and Samo DJ & Pedrodollar appear on remix duties. Tue, 21 Mar 2017. M.E.S.H, Visible Cloaks & Dip In The Pool feature on Come Together compilation. A joint release from MoMA PS1, Other Music and The Vinyl Factory, it'll arrive in time for this weekend's Come Together event in New York. V/A - Dirty Edits Vol. 2 - A Collection Of Dirty Classics Selected By Dirty Sound System Edited By Pilooski, 2008. PILOOSKI – 9 (CD Compilation) 500 CD COPIES. Irresistible DJ, enlightened publisher (the Dirty Edits series) and machiavellian composer (Discodeine), Pilooski offers his first compilation, soberly entitled “9”, with 18 tracks unearthed from the vaults of his memory. Each title chosen here calls forth either a specific memory, a vague idea, or the rough draft of a story.

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L’éthique de Tolouse Low Trax alias Detlef Weinrich se détache dans ses multiples sorties sur des labels comme Idle Press, Infiné, Karaoke Kalk, Kunstkopf, Neubau, Themes For Great Cities, Antinote ou Cómeme. Le producteur allemand n’est pas un nouveau venu sur la scène: toujours membre actif de Kreidler et Toresch, il est l’homme derrière le célèbre Salon des Amateurs de Düsseldorf. Ses productions en tant que Tolouse Low Trax explorent l’élégance afro-baroque à travers des arpèges obscurs menant à une lente et hypnotique libération.

Abschaum :
Depuis 2010, le trio Français d’Abschaum, mené par Chris Poincelot, navigue en terrains sauvages. Comme pour mieux dégager la tension, subtile, de leur musique : un héritage définitivement krautrock mélangé, intriqué, malaxé aux influences d’un Alan Vega enragé. Car cet héritage-là, son contexte, son esthétique ne sont pas anodins. Boucles hypnotiques, synthétiques, riffs saturés et voix noire, Abschaum, “vermine” en Allemand, a bercé ses oreilles aux sons des Spacemen 3, Ash Ra Tempel et Can.
Orestt :
Boss du label Evrlst.inc et du célèbre magasin de disques Niçois du même nom, Orestt est également un producteur émérite et rare.
Une poignée de maxis sont sortis sous nom, notamment sur I’m A Cliché, label de Cosmo Vitelli.
On le retrouve ici pour son premier “remixe” dans la même veine que ses productions : synthétique, sombre et hypnotique.
Cédric Marszewski aka Pilooski started as a sound designer for Radio France. Later, he joined the journalists Guillaume Sorge & Clovis Goux of the D*I*R*T*Y collective. Together, they released the compilations Dirty edits and Dirty space Disco for the Tigersushi label and “Beggin”, a remix that has been used in many commercials around the world.
Cédric produces Tristesse Contemporaine, Hypnolove, Perez, Discodeine, he has worked with Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Baxter Dury, Matias Aguayo and Kevin Parker (Tame Impala).
He has published numerous remixes under the name Pilooski for Bryan Ferry, LCD Soundsystem, Tame Impala, Jarvis Cocker, Nina Simone, Alain Chamfort, Mark E. Smith Von Sudenfed, also Metronomy, Yelle or Joakim, Who Made Who (with Discodeine).
Cédric is Musical Artistic Director for brands such as Hermès , Christophe Lemaire, Lanvin, Bonpoint.
He collaborates with advertising agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, BETC, Young & Rubicam, Sid Lee for worldwide advertising campaigns (Lipton, Mastercard, Clarins, Adidas, Orange, Hermès parfum, Lacoste, Balenciaga).
He composed the music for Joyce A’s feature film. Nawashati’s feature film “Blind Sun”; collaborated with Les Films du trésor (“Populaire”, Régis Roinsard), Europa Corp (“Arthur et les minimoys”, Luc Besson).
He is currently working on an art installation with Jarvis Cocker & Sophie Calle. A sensory tale in which music, a story, images and olfactory impressions are mixed together and disappear.
The ethics of Tolouse Low Trax alias Detlef Weinrich stands out in his multiple releases on labels such as Idle Press, Infiné, Karaoke Kalk, Kunstkopf, Neubau, Themes For Great Cities, Antinote or Cómeme. The German producer is no newcomer to the scene: still an active member of Kreidler and Toresch, he is the man behind the famous Düsseldorf Salon des Amateurs. His productions as Tolouse Low Trax explore Afro-baroque elegance through dark arpeggios leading to a slow and hypnotic liberation.
Since 2010, the French trio of Abschaum, led by Chris Poincelot, has been navigating wilderness terrain. As if to better release the subtle tension of their music: a definitely krautrock heritage mixed, intrigued, blended with the influences of a raging Alan Vega. Because this heritage, its context, its aesthetics are not insignificant. Hypnotic, synthetic loops, saturated riffs and black voice, Abschaum, “vermin” in German, has cradled his ears to the sounds of Spacemen 3, Ash Ra Tempel and Can.

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Orestt :
Boss of the label Evrlst.inc and of the famous record store of the same name in Nice, Orestt is also a rare and emeritus producer.
A handful of EPs have been released under his name, notably on I’m A Cliché, Cosmo Vitelli’s label.
We find him here for his first “remix” in the same vein as his productions: synthetic, dark and hypnotic.
ALR 005 Love is wet
ALR 005 Girlz
ALR 005 The wizzard edit

Paris born, Cédric Marszewski, first started as a dj & Hip Hop producer in the mid 90´s, providing futuristic soul beats to various French & US indie rappers such as Mike Ladd. His influences ranges from the 60´s Motown sound to Detroit Techno pioneer such as Anthony Shakir or Chicago house shuffle master, Green Velvet. After producing a few 12´ on various French & foreigh indie labels, he joined Benjamin Diamond’s Diamond Traxx label (of Stardust fame) in 2000. He produced a few well acclaimed tracks for the label amongst them, 'Can´t there be love', a soulful cut-up track, and a hip hop 12 'a Peu Prés'. The same year, he met the infamous D-I-R-T-Y crew, with whom he shared the same love for leftfield pop music in general. Together they started the Dirty edits serie, a serie of limited 12´ displaying their taste for trippy music with soul.The serie was aimed to highlight forgotten tracks they love, whatever style of music The idea was to apply the Disco editing process to non-disco tracks. From Can to Edwin Starr, Jackson Jones to Del Shannon, The D-I-R-T-Y edits started to gain recognition amongst music lovers worldwide, & big support from everyone in the dj world from Laurent Garnier to Simian, Tiga to Yvan Smagghe. Uk Major companies started to show high interest and Warner Uk decided to re-release Pilooski´s edit of Frankie Valli´s classic northern soul tune, 'Beggin´'. The track got worldwide exposure, as well as airplays from well established radio such as Radio 1, BBC, and the status of a cult song in the pages of the very official The Guardian UK newspaper.

Earlier this year, PSKI & fellow D-I-R-T-Y producer, Pentile released The first 12 of their Discodeine project, 'Texas Gladiator', a mix of Ennio Morricone dark cinematic atmosphere & the techno/funk of early electro pionner, Georges Clinton. Again they got immediate support from main djs everywhere, and were voted freshest upcoming Artists of 2008 in various French & foreign magazines. They´re putting the finishing touch to a Discodeine LP at the moment, that should see the light pretty in 2009. They also finished remixes for people like Cosmo Vitelli, Photonz & The Chromatics.

As a dj, PSKI has been touring the world & played clubs such as Fabric, The End, Sao Paulo´s Vegas, Lisbon´s Lux club, NY´s APT, Sweden´s Berns amongst others & is about to perform & tour in Australia, Moscow, Barcelona Sonar´s festival, Greece´s Synch festival. Les Nuits Sonores festival, France´s biggest Electronic music festival

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His sets are an ecclectic mix of soul, Disco, electro, rock & techno, highly influenced by the power of funk.

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