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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

“I have used PotPlayer for a long time. Recently, I tried to play some PotPlayer 4K videos on my computer and a weird thing happened. PotPlayer starts playing the clips with a black screen, then the clip plays back in stop-motion after hitting stop and play.”
While some friends search for how to solve the PotPlayer 4K playback issues, the question comes to us. Is the PotPlayer 4K codec really available within the program? To dig out the truth, I would like to share some good solutions to help fix the PotPlayer 4K video playing problem in this article.

Part 1: Can PotPlayer Support 4K Playback

PotPlayer is a freeware audio player application: Interesting and intuitive media player supporting all of the popular video and multimedia codecs and formats. The download is available as an EXE file and the latest version is 1.7.21309. Hi friends, i played movies and some training videos in mirillis,aiseesoft and vlc but compare to all the players daum potplayer is wonderful player having excellent features and awesome sound quality and mirillis and aiseesoft didnt play many of the videos. I belive that this is wise choice for wise people. It can be said that PotPlayer is an improved and faster version of KMP with more features. Support for all popular audio and video formats; Ability to play damaged AVI files; Adjust video playback speed, adjust audio volume and increase and decrease contrast; Ability to work with keyboard shortcuts.

Released several years ago, PotPlayer has been growing up with amazing updates lately. Being a popular multimedia player, PotPlayer seems to support a large range of media formats such as AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MPEG. Common sense tells us playing different video and audio content requires corresponding codecs. In other words, streaming PotPlayer 4K video movies is only workable through necessary 4K codecs. At the moment, you may wonder where the PotPlayer 4K codec is.

Generally speaking, the majority of 4K movies come in MKV and MP4 files. That means PotPlayer is supposed to offer PotPlayer 4K video playback for most media. However, a number of PotPlayer users find that they can’t play MKV movies on PotPlayer. Although methods to deal with such situations vary, it is hard to get a solid answer to this question if the PotPlayer 4K codec is installed. Lots of people may figure out the latest PotPlayer release is more likely to contain the PotPlayer 4K HDR codec solutions while old versions face unknown problems.

On another side, there could be other factors impeding the PotPlayer 4K video reproduction. For instance, the external LAV filters will probably have conflicts with PotPlayer 4K HDR codec performances. Also, the computing systems matter in a distinct way whereas the 64-bit edition is proved to be more compatible with numerous PotPlayer 4K video displays and fewer mistakes. Next, I will introduce a couple of strategies to address the annoying trouble.

Part 2: How to Solve PotPlayer Won't Play 4K Videos

Well, there are many procedures to achieve the same goal of how to settle the PotPlayer 4K output problem. Besides trying to configure the puzzling PotPlayer panels, you can have other options. To be more precise, it is possible to convert 4K videos to 1080P (HD) or other widely acceptable formats while retaining the highest quality using a handy transcoder. Alternatively, you can turn to another powerful 4K player.

Before the first step, make sure the PotPlayer version is the latest one. Just check the title menu and move to the last option of “About” to see if there is any new version available. If you are applying an out-dated PotPlayer on Windows, it is simple to go with the update instruction then download and install it properly. Notice that adopting the x64 version of the PotPlayer will have a better chance of success. Once you have completed the preparation, follow the detailed steps below to disable the LAV filters.

Step 1. Open the PotPlayer program. Needless to import any media files, you can double-click the PotPlayer icon to view the interface.
Step 2. Navigate to the “Preferences”. The confusion may appear while the home page looks difficult to conduct operations. Be aware of the title banner and a small drop-down button next to the logo. Click on the triangle to call out the main menu. You need to scroll down plenty of items and find the “Preferences” near the bottom.

Step 3. Choose the “Filter Control” tab and the “Filter management” button. The last click will activate an advanced panel full of massive options. In the left side menu, look for the “Filter Control” and expand the headline to view further selections. “Source/Splitter” submenu is sitting at the top. Select it to extend the right window. As can be observed, most cases include built-in MKV and MP4 sources. At the lowest part, click on the “Filter management“ to another dialog box.

Step 4. Scan the potential PotPlayer 4K codecs. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t seen any of those terms. Simply hit the “Scan” button to detect the LAV filters. Usually, they will be bundled as a group including LAV audio decoder, LAV video decoder, LAV splitter, LAV splitter source.

Step 5. Go to the “Filter priority (Overall)” tab. Here the “Custom Filter Manager” will list the external LAV filters. A single click on each check-box in front of the LAV group filters then select the “Delete” button to clear up all of them.

Step 6. Hit the “Apply” and “Ok” to confirm the changes. Restart the PotPlayer to repeat steps 1 to 5. When the control board shows blank content, it is time to input some PotPlayer 4K videos to test the outcome.

Part 3: Best Free 4K Alternative Player for PotPlayer

As a matter of fact, this is the prior choice to resolve the PotPlayer 4K HDR inconvenience. That is to say, you can totally take advantage of Daum PotPlayer alternative software that features the 4K movies watching. Leawo Blu-ray Player is no doubt competent for this job.

Equipping your computer with the versatile Leawo Blu-ray Player will make every 4K video more fun to watch. Developed with unique 4K full resolution processes, it is a professional video and audio player application for all the 4K HDR content. It also supports over one hundred media formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV/MKA. Together with a firm background of reading rare files, this multi-functional tool is a free 4K Blu-ray player that reproduces disc files such as Blu-ray/DVD folders and ISO images. On top of that, this app allows quality-lossless 4K HDR movie delivery for both fantastic pictures and soundtracks. Users will be granted thorough access to Blu-ray/DVD from all over the world regardless of disc management.

The superb decryption technology is capable of bypassing all the region codes so that you are free to enjoy any 4K Blu-ray videos. In addition, optimized control experiences offer the 4K HD playback in 360 degrees. For example, customers are able to adjust any audio and video parameter according to requirements, remote 4K video playback, save energy to protect the battery, take 4K image screenshots, and personalize the friendly interface. An upgradeable version can be registered to run the Blu-ray to MKV conversion directly without downloading another software.

Let’s have a quick view on how to play 4K HD movies easily with the practical Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo Blu-ray Player.
It is a cross-platform 4K player program that performs on Windows and Mac. Grab the right version.

Potplayer All Version

Step 2. Launch the 4K software to import 4K videos.
The neat entrance is arranged with an obvious button to load 4K HD files. Click on the “Open File” to browse local drives and select “OK”. Meanwhile, it is easier to drag the wanted files into the window because the app will pick up any suspicious media. In a second, it will stream the 4K movies automatically.

Step 3. Change the sound settings. During the 4K playback, right-click within the screen and go with the “Audio” to see this control box.

Step 4. Make 4K video adjustments. Move the mouse under the title whereas a black drop menu will pop up with four shortcut icons. Click on the video-like button to visit the panel.

Step 5. Add subtitles to 4K files. If you have external subtitle files, right-click then choose the “Subtitles”. You can decide which subtitle to insert via “Browse for subtitles”.

Part 4: Comparison between PotPlayer and Alternative

Despite PotPlayer 4K HDR playback mistakes, PotPlayer and its alternative software may share a lot in common. Unlike PotPlayer, Leawo Blu-ray Player seems to benefit the most. However, if you are serious about which one is better, this comparison chart would be helpful.



Leawo Blu-ray Player

Formats availability

Most popular files

180+ formats

Regional locked 4K Blu-ray playback support

Not available


4K quality preservation



Home interface

Overwhelming layout

Novice-friendly and intuitive


Not available


Virtual remote controller

Not available


Settable skins and themes

Not available


Useful power manager

Not available


Part 5: Conclusion

By the time you are suffering from PotPlayer 4K movies not working, this tutorial is willing to provide various answers for your concerns. Here, everyone can learn about the PotPlayer 4K codecs and the reasons why sometimes PotPlayer 4K HDR stops performing. Even though the real cause differs from one to another, I have come up with some universal resolutions. If you insist on playing with PotPlayer, it is choosable to either uninstall the LAV filters or convert 4K to other containers.

But modifying PotPlayer is not a permanent way to avoid the PotPlayer 4K video errors. From time to time, you also have to deal with a lot of challenges after analyzing both PotPlayer and its alternative - Leawo Blu-ray Player. I strongly put forward the free settlement of utilizing the formidable Leawo Blu-ray Player for home theater 4K enjoyments.

1About PotPlayer latest version free download

Potplayer latest version free download. If you want to get a better experience for watching videos anytime in windows platform. It’s really a cool media player that you never saw. I assure you for getting a better experience while watching from PotPlayer.

It has excellent graphics which is usually suitable for windows operating system. It has a unique design and attributes.

All types of media will support this media player. It looks precisely like KMPlayer, however, is an extremely decent media player.

Presently in the media player, Potplayer latest version free download is the most up to date and best player. This player is distributed by Dau, and it is pertinent as an author’s link.

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It appears a similar base of KMPlayer. However, it is additionally very progressed, and its dynamic advancement is accessible in which the ever new refreshed rendition is available.

In all actuality, it is a Korean Potplayer latest version free download that has been updated in the wake of adding the English adaptation to the menu. It bolsters x86 and x64, which can run different sorts of configuration sound and video.

It underpins broad setup settings which are incredibly unbelievable.

It incorporates an extensive rundown of implicit sound and video codecs that you can transform into practically any media position. It descends to its high calibre with the goal that its screen is holed up behind it.

Propelled clients can undoubtedly pick this present player’s plan. The settings zone is there. Which can be effectively gotten to from the menu? Descending for the interface, there is a setting catch toward the edge of the position and self-evident.

At the point when this catch is squeezed, it accompanies sound, video, captions, and playback settings so you can work all-around effectively. Clients can be utilised to get a decent solid and to change the video designs as per the necessities.

We like the component that offers us the chance to address specific issues and quicken the speed of the work that is accessible from this player.


  • It is a quick refreshed, which is not quite the same as different players.
  • Practically all media organisations can be begun.
  • There is GPU quickening.
  • 1000 documents help to dispatch reproduced playback.
  • There are numerous codecs implicit.
  • It has broad arrangements and assets.
  • XML documents are upheld.


Potplayer Old Version

  • The default auto video rendered isn’t great.

Potplayer latest version free download

For Windows 64 bits

For windows 32 bits

Download Potplayer Old Version

The Bottom Line

Potplayer Xp

On the off chance that the PC clients are generally downloading their most loved motion pictures, sound or some other video to watch the media player, at that point this player must be loved.