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Posted : admin On 1/19/2022

LaLitha... Done in collaboration with the talented Girinandh on keyboards, the track “Lalitha” has come out of a simple jam session a couple of months back. The backbone to the emotion of the track is the portrayal of the divine form of Shakti, the first expression of our evolution, our creatrix - 'Lalitha'. Flute: Rasika Shekar Keyboards: Girinandh Khanjira: Rasika Shekar Recorded & Mixed at “AURA Studios,” Chennai by BOB PHUKAN (www.aurastudios.in) Mastered by Andy Bartow, Florida, US Work in progress. More versions evolving from this.. Thank you Giri & Bob :)


Comment by sumi7

sooo beautiful how you play that flute. it's so relaxing love it.!!!!! 💖💖💖🌠🌍

Comment by usman rao

The concert began with Rasika Shekhar’s flute and Deepak Pandit’s violin spelling melody. Rasika’s promising voice set the atmosphere for the evening with beautiful compositions like Aey. It’s even been my ringtone for a long time. So all I can say is the song is definitely good. Next song of the album, Shukriya Zindagi, that starts on a lovely note and as Shafqat starts singing ‘chhan ke aayi to kya chandni to mili’ in an easy mood, you know you’re going to get an inspirational treat from Salim-Sulaiman and Shafqat.

For Rasika, playing the flute is self-exploration. “The way you hear it, there is vocal connect to the flautist. The thought process in both is the same — get into the tone, sound, and the texture.


Comment by Jags

truly mesmerizing....

Rasika shekar flute ringtone download pagalworld

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Comment by Satadru Dey

so soothing to ears and soul...

Comment by Suvasini Raghavan

Guess I am late by 4 years! This is truly mesmerising. Please share more of your work.

Comment by Suvasini Raghavan

@raghu-ram-40: Wow! Can't find a better way to say what you said!

Comment by Suvasini Raghavan


Comment by Aditya Gary

God Heavens !!! Beauty

Comment by Darshan Gopinath

Don't have words to describe it. Haven't been so deeply moved since 'Composer's Breath - Nothing But Wind'. As someone mentioned, I'd like to buy the original track to get hold of the best quality recording if possible. Please do keep posting for all of us and wish you the very best.

Comment by Anurag VV

More songs please!! You are helping the whole human race evolve!!

Comment by Anurag VV

Moves the soul !!

Comment by chinmoy Tomal

Rasika Shekar Flute Ringtone Download




Comment by Raghu

Voice deep down dancing to its own tune !! Is the song puppeting the void or is the void weaving resonance with this song?

Rasika Shekar Flute Ringtone Download

Comment by Prakash Siddaramu

Nice !

Comment by Satwik Krishna

magical...amazing track...

Comment by kingshuk

your flute is becoming an addiction for me...murmuring deep inside all the day

Comment by Vinod Viswanathan 2

Loved it... Makes you think great Rasika and Girinadh

Comment by Tahmina Zabeen Momi

Just heavenly ... <3

Comment by krishna-kant-bajpai

Blissful, divine one can listen to this on and on and on

Comment by Rasika Shekar

@surabhisubramanya: Hi Surabhi! Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Comment by Sing With Sur

This is so beautiful! Your concert video with Shankar Mahadevan and your inspiring TEDx Talk led me here. I am a major fan of yours now. I am an engineer too. And I totally connected with your talk. Especially the 'breaking self-inflicted barriers' aspect. :)

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Comment by Nanda Kumar R

Well done!

Comment by Rustam Ali Khan

Amazing.. as if u are blowing soul into life.

Comment by Srihari Raman

The only thing disappointing about this is that there aren't many more of such amazing compositions!!

Comment by vetrivelvk

Rasika Shekar Flute Ringtone Download Free

So soothing to the ears.Great job Rasika.

Comment by Anish1985

Divine. Pure Bliss!

Comment by Anish1985

@prashantmishra_re-nova: its divine

Rasika Shekar Flute Ringtone Downloads

The music industry has witnessed vividly talented singers. One such new rising star from this industry is famous Indian flautist Rasika Shekar who is also a vocalist. Rasika Shekar has got herself trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music since many years. She has been an important part of various events and stage shows including popular concerts. Biography of Rasika Shekar takes you through the inspiring journey of someone who has traversed from being a chemical engineer to a singer and flautist.

Rasika Shekar Date of Birth

Rasika Shekar was born on 4th of April. Rasika Shekar birthday is one of the most happening events for her in the whole year. This is the only time when she spends some special moments with the people she loves to be with. Even when she is occupied with events and concerts, she makes sure that this day is spent with her family and friends. She was born in Dubai and raised in US, which gives her the cultural values of both the places. Rasika Shekar biography tells you in depth about her family and her upbringing.

Rasika Shekar Family Background

Although Rasika Shekar family is of Indian origin, they have been living abroad since she was born. Music has been in her genes. Her grandmother was a renowned violinist at All India Radio. It was Rasika Shekar mother who introduced her with the beautiful instrument flute which later became her profession. When she shifted to US, her mother found a flute teacher for her and from then onwards training in flute became an essential part of her life. Rasika owes a lot to what her family has given her including the immense support that she has been getting for following her passion right from the beginning. You will be surprised to know how her life took a turn after she pursued a typical engineering education. Read further in this Rasika Shekar wiki to know more.

Rasika Shekar Education

Rasika Shekar has studied chemical engineering from the US. While studying chemical engineering, she continued to train herself in Carnatic music as a hobby. It was later in life that she got more inclined towards music and wanted to make her career in the same. After completing her education, she moved to India to train and learn about Hindustani classical music because this is the best place to seek it. Although she is a well qualified chemical engineer, she has chosen a different path and is now considered among the most famous flute players in India.

Rasika Shekar Personal Life

Personally, Rasika is a calm person by nature. Most of the times, when she is not working or busy with any other professional commitments, she likes to relax. Besides being in the music profession, she has a charming personality and looks gorgeous. Rasika Shekar height is around 5 feet and 7 inches which make her figure look good and gives her a nice demeanour.

Rasika Shekar Career

If you have noticed her formal educational qualification you would know that Rasika never thought of making her career into singing. It was during her last year of training in Carnatic music that she realised the value of music in her life. She then moved to India to learn Hindustani classical music and also to learn more about different forms of music. She is among the finest Indian flute players and has performed solo Carnatic flute concerts at various events in famous places like the US, Dubai, Chennai and Mumbai. She established herself as an aspiring Indian playback singer when she stepped into Bollywood.

Her Bollywood debut song was ‘Lambuda Kakka’ from the movie ‘Dekh Indian Circus’ which was composed by the great musical trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy. She met them during her training in Hindustani Classical music. She was also featured in MTV Coke Studio with Ehsaan and Loy for the track ‘Man Patang’ as a flautist. She has lent her beautiful voice in the song ‘Sau Aasoon’ from the movie ‘Katti Batti’ starring Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan. Rasika Shekar movies songs are highly awaited after many hit songs to her credit. She has worked with many renowned singers like Clinton Cerejo, Amit Trivedi, Papon and rapper Blaze. Rasika travels across the world with great Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali Khan as a vocalist. If you want to checkout some of the best Rasika Shekar hit songs, you can tune into her SoundCloud or YouTube page. Considering Rasika Shekar age currently, we can definitely say that she has a great future ahead in this music industry.

Interesting facts about Rasika Shekar

Rasika Shekar Flute Ringtone Download Mp3

  • Rasika is a vocalist as well as a flautist which means she is multi-talented and can carry out both the jobs prolifically.
  • She studied chemical engineering and then chose singing and playing the flute as her career which is quite astounding, and she stands as an inspiration for all those who want to pursue their dreams.
  • She has sought special training in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music which makes her a professional.
  • She has also worked with famous music director trio Shankar Ehsan Loy on some projects.

Rasika Shekar Flute Ringtone Download Pagalworld

Rasika Shekar Love Affairs

She has never let anyone interfere with her personal life and relationships. But this doesn’t rule out the possibility of Rasika Shekar boyfriend and she might be in a secret relationship. Although this is the right time when people would speculate Rasika Shekar marriage to happen but until she finds the right person, we can just wait for her to officially announce the good news. We wish Rasika Shekar husband will be someone of her own choice and they have a happy life together.