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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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Use the SONRIS link provided by Keith on the Help Center Main Page. Click on 'Wells by Section - Township and Range'. Leave the 'Enter Section' window blank but input the Township and Range in the appropriate windows and click 'Submit Query'. You are now looking a list of all the wells ever drilled in this township organized by section. Note the column, 'Total Depth'. As you scroll down the list you will notice the HA wells for two reasons. 1) they are considerably deeper than the other wells listed, and 2) they are listed last as they are the most recent wells in each section. All the cells containing alpha numeric text in color will provide additional information when clicked on. Click on the Serial Number and spend some time reviewing the information contained in the well files. After you have spent some time exploring the well files, you may have some questions. You now have a forum to ask those questions or share the short cuts and explanations of the data available. By searching the database in this manner you see not only your section of interest but what is happening in the surrounding sections. I'll see if we can get Keith to post a township grid for us. Knowing how sections are numbered in a township grid will help you to search adjoining townships for development activity that has relevance for your mineral holdings. Good Luck.
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Direct link to Sonris Lite - with Well Serial Number Louisiana DNR document images - a variety of stuff including well logs, regulatory etc. (Turn off your pop-up blocker) Know serial number first and check the 'associated documents' box to get the whole well file. Index map showing the approximate location of Pointe Coupee Parish in southern Louisiana. SONRIS Lite database: Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Printing to pdf is the best way to save a map image. The default function is zoom, so you can zoom in on an area of interest as soon as the page opens. A range of satellite imagery is available under Imagery and Maps. It is easy to toggle back and forth between different vintages. I noticed today that apparently the 'off-site' drilling is creating SONRIS errors. Example: In DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, if one goes to SONRIS LITE and does a well search by STR (S24-T12N-R13W), the only well which appears is a Hosston well, Pinnacle's Collins #1, SN 239251.