Sony Psp Update 6.60 Download

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The firmware's file should be named EBOOT.PBP and it should be saved in the PSP/GAME/UPDATE directory. So using Linux/UNIX-style parlance, your file should be named /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP. On Windows, it might read E: PSP GAME UPDATE EBOOT.PBP. 4) Remove your PSP's Memory Stick from the PC and return it to your PSP. PSN Update Finder; PSN / PKG Downloader. Go Back: CFW 6.60 PRO-B9. Filename 660probb9.rar Date Posted Aug 24, 2011 Categories PSP, Homebrew Applications: Tags PSP: Downloads 220996 Description: Download File. The PSP system software version 6.60 update includes the following: Music. To use Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity application with system software version 6.60, you must update the application to the latest version. To download and update the latest version of the Music Unlimited powered.

  1. Psp 6 61 Firmware Download
  2. Pg&e Psps Address Lookup

  • This is ONE, of the TWO Download Links, for the All-In-One 'PSP CFW (NOOB Friendly Edition) 6.60 PRO C2' package.
    Everything you need to get started putting CFW on your PSP will be included.

  • I know it looks complicated, but if you take a few minutes (after aquiring the 2 Downloads) to review the tutorial (which will tell you how to figure out what you can and cant do), you will see that it only takes a few minutes and is by far the easiest way to do this.

  • Ever want to try Custom Firmware on your PSP, but thought it was a little too complicated??
    Well, you certainly have come to the right place...
    You will only require the TWO downloads seen here to make it happen folks.
    ALL already pre-set-up in the Noob-Friendly fashion you all love so much.
    It shouldnt take more than ten minutes (once you read the tutorial)...
    To be up and running and enjoying your newly unlocked goodness.

    PSP CFW (NOOB Friendly Edition) 6.60 PRO C2
    - 6.60 OFW = (2of2) DOWNLOAD LINK:
    - PSP CFW (NOOB Friendly Edition) 6.60 PRO C2 = (1of2) DOWNLOAD LINK:
    = Then =

    1. Extract/Unzip both required downloads to Desktop...
    2. Add the OFW 'eboot.pbp' to the empty UPDATE folder provided (PSP/GAME/UPDATE).
    3. Copy the two folders (psp/seplugins) from the Noob-Friendly CFW download to ROOT of your memstick...
    ( Already 'pre-configured', once you ADD the OFW 'EBOOT.PBP' to the empty UPDATE folder)​

    Official 6.60 Firmware =
    Pro Update =
    CIPL Flasher =
    PSP / GAME / CIPL_Flasher / EBOOT.PBP (with PRX Files)
    Fast Recovery =
    PSP / GAME / FastRecovery / EBOOT.PBP
    PSP IDENT 0.75 =
    PSP / GAME / PSPIDENT 0.75 / EBOOT.PBP (with PRX Files)
    ROOT / seplugins
    = 6.60 OFW UPDATE =
    XMB (navigation):
    Memory Stick
    PSP Update Ver 6.60
    press X
    OFW UPDATE (navigation):
    when START appears, press X
    press RIGHT ARROW
    press DOWN ARROW (to highlight ACCEPT)
    press RIGHT ARROW
    press X
    (updating percentage will be displayed)
    (update completed will be displayed)
    press X
    (PSP restarts)
    XMB (navigation):
    System Settings
    System Information
    (Version 6.60 should be displayed)
    XMB (navigation):
    Memory Stick
    Pro Update
    press X
    CFW UPDATE (navigation):
    when black screen with white text appears, press X
    (wait for it to complete)
    press X (to start CFW)
    (PSP restarts)
    XMB (navigation):
    System Settings
    System Information
    (Version 6.60 PRO-C2 should be displayed)
    Use PSPIdent to verify the version of your MOTHERBOARD.
    Compare that information with the below CHART.
    Confirm whether OR NOT your motherboardIS infact CIPL compatible.
    (SOURCE= Wololo.Net) (LINK=

    I cant stress it enough... to NOT use CIPLFlasher unless your motherboard is compatible !!
    (Do you need a PSP Paperweight?)
    It MUST have a GREEN YES box on the chart...
    IF CIPL IS NOT compatible...
    (follow THESE steps)

    ...Upon EVERY Restart...
    (You MUST boot FAST RECOVERY to start your new custom firmware)
    NOTE:standby/sleepmodes will not reset your firmware.
    IF CIPL IS compatible...
    (follow THESE steps)

    XMB (navigation):
    Memory Stick
    CIPL Flasher For PRO-C
    press X
    CIPL FLASHER (navigation):
    when black screen with white text appears, press X
    (wait for it to complete AND restart)
    (wait for your XMB to appear)
    RESTART your PSP
    (wait for your XMB to appear)
    XMB (navigation):
    System Settings
    System Information
    (Version 6.60 PRO-C2 should be displayed)
    Anything you already used can now be deleted from your memory stick...
    ( EXCEPTION: Fast Recovery = Must keep if PSP is NOT CIPL COMPATIBLE )
    Thats it... Youre done !!
    -UniqueUserName @ PSX-SCENE @ PSX-PLACE

  • Acknowledgements from the past:
    Total_Noob: For the initial discovery of the Power-Kernel-Exploit in 6.20 OFW.
    Coldbird: For initial reverse of the TN Kernel Exploit, Hacks to make it 6.3X compatible and several other things CFW related.
    VirtuousFlame: For the ISO Loading Code, Custom PSX EBOOT Support and most of the CFW related code.
    Mathieulh, Geohotz, TPU and everyone else involved for making PSP signing possible, making the Minna No Sukkiri Exploit redundant.
    Dark_Alex for the initial M33 CFW who guided us mentally through several CFW generations by giving good examples on how to patch Sony OFW.
    Davee for his v1 register leak address discovery used in Power-Argument-Patching.
    victor.rds for the cool animated Fast Recovery Icon. (
    Takka and Plum for their idea of preventing hibernation deletetion.
    kgsws for his idea of faking vshmain module as permanent patch
    bbtgp and Draan for their PrxEncrypter source code to produce the signed fake vshmain module for permanent patch
    bbtgp, Dark_AleX, Noobz, Team C+D, M33 Team, and coyotebean for their new psardumper source to get the OFW binary
    neur0n for his syscall execution in kernel mode, and CIPL allowing hackable PSPs to have CFW installed permanently, and several bug fixes
    jas0nuk for his PSPident source to detect if it is a TA-88v3 unit
    ardi for his umd4homebrew to enable UMD in homebrews
    some1 for his exploit on 6.39 OFW, allowing CFW on 6.39
    again some1/Davee/Proxima/Zecoxao for their exploit on 6.60 OFW, allowing CFW on 6.60
    Yoti for blocking satellite menu in Go!cam
    xFede and sinistro for their translations for Italian and Spanish
    Richard J. Prinz for the 8x8 fonts in 8x8 Pixel ROM Font Editor
    And last but not least - Sony for making a wonderful, however very locked down, portable gaming handheld.

Play Station Portable is very popular now.It is portable and it is very easy to take care of it.Sony Play Station Portable has lots of updates and the latest Play Station Update is 6.60 Pro B9.You will not get easily this update, if you search at Google.I have searched about 3 days for it and I got it, at last.It has so many cool features.Mostly people hack their Play Station Portable and download Play Station Portable Games from the internet.If you buy Play Station Portable UMD, it will be very costly for you and I am sure, you will not buy it.

Psp system update download

Play Station Portable has lots of games and mostly all games run on this Update 6.60.I will tell you how to download the best Update 6.60 Pro B9.

Sony psp software download

There are some steps to download Play Station Portable Update 6.60 Pro B9 and its very easy.

First, we will download the Update 6.60 for Play Station Portable.

  • Go to
  • Then, automatically an ad will appear and you have to wait for 6 seconds and click on continue to
  • Then, go down to download section and click on the second link.
  • Then, mega upload site will appear and you have to wait for 45 seconds and then click on Regular Download.
  • If you have a Premium Account, you can click on the Premium Account also.
  • Once, you have downloaded it, connect your Play Station Portable to your Computer through USB.
  • The download file will be RAR file and you have to extract it anywhere you want.
  • Then, open you Play Station Portable folder and open PSP folder and then GAME folder and then you have to make a folder UPDATE.
  • In the Update folder, put the extracted file into the folder.
  • Then, disconnect your Play Station Portable from the computer and go to Game and click on the Play Station Portable Update 6.60.
  • It will take some time to update.

Now, we have to update your Play Station Portable 6.60 to 6.60 Pro B9.

  • Go to
  • Then, go down and down until you see the download links.
  • You have to click on the last link, the Download 6.60 link.
  • It is a very small download.
  • Once, you have downloaded it, you have to extract the RAR file anywhere you want to.
  • Then, connect your Play Station Portable again to your Computer and open PSP, then Game and then Update and then copy the extracted files to the folder.
  • Then, you just have to disconnect the Play Station Portable from your Computer.
  • Then, go to Games on your Play Station Portable and click on the second game named as Update.
  • Then, go to the site where you have download the PRO B9 update and you can see the steps for updating your Play Station Portable 6.60 to 6.60 Pro B9.

Enjoy the Play Station Portable Update 6.60 Pro B9.

Psp system update downloadPspSony Psp Update 6.60 Download

Psp 6 61 Firmware Download

Play it hard.

Pg&e Psps Address Lookup

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