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South Park Super Mario 2 Demo

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South Park Super Mario 2 2.1 is available as a free download on our software library. MARIO.exe and spm2.exe are the most common filenames for this program's installer. The software relates to Games. This free program is an intellectual property of Joe Dixon.

A good Super Mario clone with South Park characters.

This game was featured in our FileBlog:

A Free Game of Mario for Christmas


By Joe Dixon and Chris/Polygon


South Park Super Mario Bros 2 Download

1. Collect as many coins as you can. You need to gain extra lives whenever possible, as

lives can be lost quickly on harder sections.

2. Push Turtle Shells to flatten multiple enemies and break open '?' boxes. Be careful,

though, they become deadly to you as well after being pushed, so do not run behind them.

You may make accidental contact. When pushing, do not hold the 'Run' button.

South Park Super Mario Bros 2 Download Free Pc

3. In water stages, you can press the 'Jump' button at any time for extra upwards momentum.

Although you cannot defeat water enemies by landing on them, if you can find a

Fireflower, you can beat them with a fireball.

4. Remember, fireballs bounce off of the ground, so you can hit enemies on many platforms if

you aim correctly.

5. Man-eating plants are found inside green/silver pipes. They do not emerge until you

approach them, so you cannot tell from a distance whether or not a pipe contains a

plant. You can only defeat a plant with a fireball, so be ready to dodge a plant before

you jump, particularly if you need to land on the rim of the pipe to avoid the plant.

6. Cannons, unlike plants, do not activate until you move away from them. Their bullets

cannot be destroyed by fireballs, but can be jumped upon. You will gain points for this.

7. Not all blocks are visible. Some '?' blocks and Brick blocks have been purposely hidden,

particularly in underground areas. You may find these by accident, but sometimes you

can find them by looking at the surrounding blocks. Often they are placed in a large

empty space, or in a small corner where you normally would not go. Nearly every Star

power-up in the game will be in one of these blocks.

8. Remember that if you find a coin inside a Brick block, you can continue to gain coins

by repeatedly hitting the block until it expires. You will never find a Star inside a

'?' block, so remember to check the Brick blocks for this elusive power-up. With a

Star, you will be invincible for a short period, so try to defeat as many enemies as you

can in this time, and keep in mind that you can still be killed by falling out of the


9. By finishing a round, various bonus points will be awarded. Firstly, you will gain points

for the distance up the flagpole you touch - the higher, the more points you will recieve.

You are then awarded points for every second you have remaining on the clock. Finally,

on outdoor and water rounds, you may see several explosions occur in the sky/water. You

gain 500 points for each of these. See if you can discover what triggers this bonus.

10. The fourth round of every world takes place inside the castle. In these rounds, the

emphasis is mainly on obstacles as opposed to enemies, and inparticular, the rotating

columns of fire. It is important to wait for the right moment when trying to pass these

flames, as two or more may be situated close to each other, complicating matters. At the

end of the round, you must avoid or defeat Bowser, the enemy from Super Mario Brothers.

If you have a Fireflower, 10 hits will destroy Bowser, allowing you to take the axe and

win. If you don't have a Fireflower, you can still take the axe, which will destroy the

drawbridge, by jumping over Bowser, or running under him when he jumps. Watch out for

his flame breath, as this will attack you even before you reach him.

Hopefully these 10 tips will help you beat the 5 worlds of SPSMB2, and go on to achieve a

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great high score. If you still have difficulty, the only advice I can offer is to practice.

The more you play, the more familiar you will become with the areas, and the better you will

perform. Even if you cannot beat the game, you can still have fun playing!

-Joe Dixon aka. Christian Jones


For more general help, see the 'Help' function on the main game menu.

With thanks to POLYGON for all the little 2d Pictures and Animations

Super Smash Bros 3

If you need to contact me, send e-mail to: [email protected]

Thank you for playing SPSMB2!

South Park Super Mario Brothers


By Chris and Joe Dixon/Polygon 1999


NEW! Version 1B


What's new in version 1B


+ 1 whole new excellent world!

+ Vertical Scrolling (World 3)!

+ Star and Extra Life powerup (World 3)!

+ New musics!

+ Score bugs fixed!

+ New Panic Key!





The standard controls are:

ARROWKEY LEFT/RIGHT = Walk left/right


CTRL KEY = Throw Fireball (When in posession of Fire Flower)

These can be customised under the 'Controls...' option under the 'Function'

heading on the menu-bar.

Other important keys are:

Escape = Panic Key.

If you become stuck in a level, press Escape to restart the level. Using

this function will cost you 1 life.

F2 = Reset Key.

Pressing this will restart the program.

F8 = Hide/Show Menubar

You may want to do this if you maximize the window.

Alt+F4 = Quit Program

Press this to close the program entirely.




You play as Kyle. Your objective is to reach the flagpole at the end of each

stage in the game. Along the way you will face many enemies and obstacles,

but also many special powerups to help you. There are 3 worlds, each with

4 stages. On the 4th stage of every world you will have to either defeat or


dodge 'Bowser' and grab the axe to finish.

Doing any of the following things will cause you to lose a life:

+ Touching most enemies from the side.

+ Touching Plant enemies from any direction.

+ Falling out the bottom of the play area.

However, if you have either a Power Mushroom or Fire Flower, you will be

shielded from enemies once at the cost of your power.

Collecting 100 coins within the game will give you an extra life. So will

reaching 50,000 points or 100,000 points.




Goombas - These short mushroom like enemies will just walk left or right,

even if they reach the edge of a platform. Don't touch from the side, but

jump on top to defeat.

Turtles - These move in a similar way to Goombas but are more useful. To

defeat, jump onto it's head (Try not to jump on it's back) and it will turn

into a Turtleshell. This can be pushed to defeat Goombas.

Bugs - Work in exactly the same way as Turtles except their shells move 1.5x

as fast when pushed.

Plants - These live in the pipes in most levels, and pop out every 3 seconds

South Park Super Mario Bros 2 Download

to try and bite you. Can only be defeated by fireballs.

Bowser - Found at the end of each world. He jumps around breathing fire. If

you have a Fire Flower you can defeat him with 10 fireballs, but if not you

will have to jump over or run under him to grab the yellow axe behind him.




'?' Blocks - These will either contain a coin or a Fire Flower. Hit from

below to find out.

Coins - These are either found floating in the air or inside '?' Blocks.

Collecting 100 will award you an extra life.

Fire Flowers - Don't be fooled. No matter whether you have a Power Mushroom


or not, these always appear as flowers. If you collect one, you will have

the Power Mushroom status, which will protect you from enemies once. When

you have two, you have Fire Flower status, which not only protects you from

enemies once but allows you to fire deadly fireballs at enemies. Touching

an enemy or anything else that causes you damage will remove all your


Stars - These are only found in World 3. They grant you a 16 second spell

of invincibility, which not only protects you from enemies, but destroys

them on contact!

1up Mushroom - These are blue mushrooms with green spots. They give you 1

extra life.




Download Nes Mario Bros 2 Rom

+ Some worlds, especially World 2, contain invisible '?' Blocks. You can

guess where they are by looking at the surrounding scenery or by bumping

into them. Once you hit them from below, they are revealed.

+ In underground levels, watch the roof at the top of the level for gaps.

Sometimes powerups are hidden out on top of the level, and it is sometimes

possible to run along the top of levels as a shortcut. But be careful, you

might become stuck, and need to use the Panic Key (Escape).

+ If you find any '?' Blocks against the ground, you will probabily find a

Turtle or Bug nearby. You can use their shell to bash the block open from

South Park Super Mario Bros 2 Download

the side. This is worth doing, because usually it will be a Fire Flower.

+ Collect all the coins you can! An extra life is always handy.


SP Super Mario Bros. Version 1B

by Chris Jones and Joe Dixon/Polygon 1999

This game may be distributed freely as long as it is not

Super Mario Bros 2 Rom Download

sold for a fee.

Thank you for playing!