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Posted : admin On 1/17/2022
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Special Collector's Edition includes new playable character, the New Goblin. Also inclides Spider-Man 3 film webisodes, interview with producer Avi Arad and a collectible Lenticular card with an image from the movie!

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100% Mode

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  • Playstation 3: Spider-Man 3: Collectors Edition Cheats whatever-darkdragon or yer sure how to play as VENOM in spiderman 3 the game go to paus menue and hold L1 & R1 then press xxoo spiderman 2 RRR How to play with MJ? Bak at ya This isent a cheat or a hint but when the Apocalypse Leader is atacking you if you throw him into the water he jumps.

After beating story mode, do all races and find all tokens. But also use the upgrades to fight off any thugs. (Tip-use spider-sense. ).

Beaten Venom, Sandman, And New Goblin

Venom- use rage mode and use the damage mode, Ultra Puppet Master (killer damage)Sandman-dodge and counter, also rage mode will beat him.New Goblin- roofs anywhere, also use the slingshot idea, but use Ultra Tornado Fist.

The Kingpin

When fighting Kingpin, use the dodge and counter method. The second time, use the the puppet master move to do some damage.

Secret Room 1

To find the Secret Room 1# press select on yourcontroller. Then go to activities and keep pressingR1 until you see the sky dive 2 mission mark itthen go to it. Once your there swing two buildingsin the direction of the water. Then go on theright side of the building and you will see ahole jump in the hole and there is the secretroom.

Web Zip Speed

To upgrade the web zip keep web zipping aroundthe city and it will tell you that you haveunlocked the next level of web zipping.

Swing Speed Upgrade

Spider Man 3 Ps3 Collector

To get faster swinging speed just keep swingingaround the city using the swing boost and itshould tell you that you unlocked the next levelof the swinging boost.

Be Venom

During game play, press X, Circle, X, Circle, Down, Up, Up.


Pause the game and press X, X, X, Circle, Circle, Circle, R1, L1, Up, Up, Down. If entered correctly you will hear a beep noise.

Be Sandman

During game play, press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Up, Up, X.

Unlock Everything

Pause the game and press R1, X, R1, X, Circle, Circle, Up. If you typed it in correctly you should hear a beep noise.

Be New Goblin

During game play, press X, Circle, Circle, Square, R1, L1, L2

Unlock Black Suit

Enter 'deadly' at the cheat menu to play as theNew Goblin In Story Mode.

Infinite Health

During game play, press X, Circle, L1, R1, R2, Square, Triangle.

Be Green Goblin

During game play, press X, Square, Up, Up, Down, Up.

Be Scorpion

During gameplay, press X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Up, Down.

Unlock Everything

Enter 'venomsky' in the cheat menu to unlock everything for the game. Just don't hurt yourself with your new toys!

Play As Carnage

To play as carnage, all you have to do is firstdefeat venom at the final level. Then, go to thecheat menu and type in 'kasady'.

Black Suit Spiderman

To unlock the black suit Spiderman you must beatthe mission grand finale. Then you can go play thestory over with the black suit.

Ps3 Collectors Edition

Unlock And Control The New Goblin

This can only be done on the collector's edition.All you have to do is beat the New Goblin thefirst time. To control him you have to tilt thecontrol. Press L2 to go fast. R2 to go normaly.L1 to power slide. triangle and square to attack.Cirle to throw a bomb. R1 and square, triangle,or circle to do special moves.

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