Town Hall 8 Base Layout

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

The above base dark elixir protection layout design was constructed by using town hall 10 structures but only defensive buildings that are available for town hall 8 are used. The top mentioned best th8 dark elixir farming base has dark elixir storage in the core of the village. This is the new version of this pretty popular war/trophy base layout for own Hall 10 with much more refining look and improvements for funnels: Anti-Archer Queen core is the main feature of this base. The enemy Archer Queen will not be able to touch your Town Hall unless she either jumps other those walls or break them.

  1. Town Hall 8 Base Layout Defense
  2. Town Hall 8 Base Layout With Link
  3. Th8 Base Layout 2020

Town Hall 8 Base Layout Defense

Town Hall 8 Home Base Layout with Base Layout

11 different compartments are created on this base(Town Hall 8 Home). Town hall is placed on the middle compartment with two hidden Tesla, air defense, and traps. On the upper side, three different compartments are created. cannon, mortar, dark elixir drill and air traps on the first compartment. On second compartment archer tower, hidden Tesla, wizard tower, bomb tower, air sweeper, giant bombs, elixir storage, gold storage, and some traps. On third compartment cannon, mortar, elixir collector, and air traps are placed.

On the bottom side, three different compartments are made. On the first compartment, dark elixir drill, wizard tower, cannon, and traps are placed. On the second compartment two giant bombs, gold storage, elixir storage, geared archer tower, two mortars, and traps are placed. On third compartment wizard tower, elixir collector, cannon, and traps are placed.

On the right side, two-compartment are created. On the first compartment dark elixir storage, barbarian king, air defense and traps are placed. on outer compartment gold storage, gold mind, and archer tower are placed.


On the left side, two-compartment are made. On inner compartment clan castle, double cannon, and air defense are placed. On outer compartment gold mine, elixir storage, and archer tower are placed. all other buildings are placed outside of the compartment around the base.

If you want to see speeds build of the Town Hall 8 Home Base, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

Town hall 8 base layout with bomb tower

Th8 Base Layout 2020

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