Town Hall Level 3 Trophy Base

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COC TH08 Trophy Base Layout 2020. The defensive structures are well distributed entirely across the base and non-defensive structures such as gold mines, elixir collector are used to protect to defensive structures from opponents in multiplayer battles and clan without dragging any further let us have a look at the best town hall th8 trophy bases with bomb tower. New BEST Town Hall 3 (TH3) Base with Town Hall inside the wall - Clash of ClansHey guys we are here to share a new TH3 base layout. This base layout can be u.

  1. Town Hall Level 3 Trophy Baseball Bats
  2. Town Hall Level 3 Trophy Baseball Card

Town Hall Level 3 Trophy Baseball Bats

  • You can update your Town Hall till the 3rd level rather quickly, comparing with the Town Hall of the 2nd level, there is an evident visual change as it obtains the attic. The cost of one construction is 4,000 gold coins and it will take just 3 hours. After updating you’ll have another 7 new buildings and 2 traps available for your construction.
  • Hey guys It’s Ash again! With the introduction of 25 new Walls at Town Hall 10 from the September update. I’m gonna use this page as a collection for all of my new Town Hall 10 bases from now. I will try my best to constantly update this page. Town Hall 10 Trophy/War Bases Daybreaker. Daybreaker is another kind of teaser base.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the best town hall 3 war and farming bases 2019. First will go through the best farming bases that save’s all of your gold and elixir storage’s. I’m just kidding it’s not that possible to protect all of your loot but you need to make sure that most of your loot gets protected and one more thing make sure you join in a high-level clan so that you can get high-level troops which can defend against opponent attacks while you are away from your village .

Best TH3 War Base Anti Giants

town hall 3 hybrid base

Town Hall Level 3 Trophy Base

Safety of Town Hall 3 is among the very first and most crucial thing the participant should concentrate on. Town hall includes 20 percent of all 3 sources and setting your village’s protection in this manner that protects it’s one the vital thing in Clash Of Clans.

The Town Hall 3 base design for Town Hall one provides you the chance to kick-start the match. It permits you to learn more about the sport and how things operate.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 3 Base Layouts 2019

town hall 3 war base

COC TH3 Base Designs

coc th3 war base anti giants

It appears simple at first but designing it may acquire hard sometimes.As you advance farther an update your City hall that unlocks new things such as Archer Tower, gold mine, elixir collector, etc.. With each update of town hall 3 you obtain fresh defenses, traps and a number of different things which can allow you to construct your village more powerful.

Best TH3 Defense Base Layouts

Town Hall Level 3 Trophy Baseball Card

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unique town hall 3 war base

The TH3 base designs needs to alter as you update your Town hall as fresh defenses will need to be strategically installed for the most effective defense.

And that is the reason why we are here using the Greatest TH3 war bases, TH 3 Hybrid foundations, TH3 Trophy foundations.

Clash of Clans Level 3 Layouts

Th3 Base Design

All these are greatest TH base designs which can help you install an outstanding defense. Use these designs to construct you village and begin using the incredible journey of Clash of all Clans.


Best TH3 Farming Base That Protects your Loot (Gold and Elixir )

Best Town Hall 3 Defense Base gold and elixir protection

In the above base, the gold and elixir storage’s are present inside the walls with mortar being in the center of the storage’s. The best thing about this base is its surrounded by archer tower, cannons outside.

The archer tower has good defending power so we kept archer tower in a separate compartment. All in all, this is the best th3 defense farming base.

Best loot protecting base town hall 3

Best Town Hall 3 Trophy Base Designs

They state, “A fantastic beginning is half done”. Thus, we expect you’re already setting out your foundations such as COC TH3 BASES since nothing is far better than having a superb beginning. Intelligent strategies and management abilities are the key to get a effective defense. Construct your village into a unbeatable fortress with our wonderful layouts!

TH3 Trophy Base Layout


Town Hall Level 3 Trophy BaseTown hall level 3 trophy baseball bats
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This page contains many examples to plan your base correctly and efficiently before upgrading Town Hall up to Level 4. Try to upgrade all troops and buildings as much as possible including the wall - at Town Hall Level 3, it doesn’t take much time and can be done very easy. Here above you can see the effective variants of planning for your base.
Unfortunately, the Links are not yet available at the Town Hall Level 3, so it's impossible to copy them. 🙁
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