Tunda Clap Riddim

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New Dancehall Riddims List by Year


1) Select a file to send by clicking the 'Browse' button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send. The maximum file size is 500 MB. Tunda Clap Riddim aka Tunda Klap Riddim (2003/2004): 00:00 - Capleton - I Love The Way 01:22 - Vybz Kartel - Tek Buddy Gal 02:09 - Wayne Marshall - I Don't.

What are the Newest & Best Dancehall Riddims?

Have you discovered the newest or best riddim of the year? We are sure that we are not the only ones looking out for the newest and hottest tunes and riddims! Share them with your fellow riddim connoisseurs! Please tell stories about them too like de gal weh did a bus a wicked wine an slip an drop in a de middle a de dancehall floor:)

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Black Dagga Riddim
When this riddim play a yaad, di gal dem jump pon a man fast, cause a daggaring and it never pospone. although authorities are bannin daggaring from the …

Gangsta Grime Riddim 2007 Not rated yet
Next up Monsta (Life4land/Subtrakt) UK soldier signed to La Dubstep Nostra bringin that heat on the 'Gangsta Grime Riddim' to get them flame torches and …

Gangsta Prayer Not rated yet
This riddim featured Artists that were serious and they surrendered all the energy to it, the Assissin, G-Mafia etc.

Shoot Out Riddim Not rated yet
Life of a G - Movado. Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten - Demarco

Tunda clap riddim

2007 New Dancehall Riddims

All NightPeckingsGeneralNecessary Mayhem
All StarsFirst NameHeartbeatCellblock
Atomic BombHeart Of LoveHeavenlessJoe Frasier
Back AcheDon CorleonHeavy DutyHiternal
BaltimoreDon CorleonIt Is You I Love
BaltimoreTaxiLast WarForward
Big YardBig YardMadnessBirchill
Black BoardMaximum SoundMaria
Blue ToothH2ONinja GorgonNecessary Mayhem
Bullet EraMarco BeatsNo FoeBlack Dutch
Bye Bye LoveDennis StarRiver Nile Queen
Crazy NightSWS SoundRocking Time
Dark AgainBig ShipSagaLove Injection
Declaration Of RightsSeniorAl.Ta.Fa.An
Don't Stay AwayPeckingsSour DieselStainless
Double KickBlaque WarriahzStarsHouse Of Congress
Drum SongMixing FingaStock TrackBig Yard
FamineKings Of KingsSwiss BankEnrapture
Far AwayDon CorleonSyliconeMixing Lab
Fire BurnKing JamesSyliconeMaffe
Full A VibesBun A Fire SoundTaxiSilent River
Full UpMaster InternationalThe CreeperEnrapture
GangstalawIM MusicTrue ConfessionPeckings
GeneralForwardWhen I Fall In Love
Wine Pon Di Edge

2007 New Dancehall Riddims
'Rhythm Visions', 'Swazzi', 'Step Off', 'Gangsta Prayer', 'Secret', 'Vindaloo', 'Fundamental', 'Back Ache', 'Sutton St 2k7', 'Purge', 'Pepper Spray', 'Star time', 'Z-March', 'Gangsta Sittn', 'Mad Thing', 'Drumline', 'Heathen', '3 Star', 'Battlefield (Scatta Version)', 'Bright Beam', 'Bullet Era', 'Gardener', 'Canary Diamonds', 'Raging Bull', 'Guardian Angel', 'Serengeti', 'Untouchable', 'Spanish Town', 'Takeover', 'Pimp Juice', 'Mouth Badman', 'Elevator', 'Bad Dog', 'Drop Draws',
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'Gang War', 'Tremor', 'Di Vibes', '90s Style', 'After Dark', 'Air Waves', 'Atariq', 'Babylon', 'Back Ache', 'Bad Boy', 'Baddis', 'Bass', 'Beautiful', 'Blessed', 'Bodo', 'Boxing', 'Bullet Era', 'Bushweed Corntrash', 'Bye Bye Love', 'Candy Magic', 'Caribbean','Cheerful', 'Church Heathen', 'Crazy Night', 'Created By The Father', 'Current', 'Daddy Gone', 'Dark Again', 'Darker Shade Of Black', 'Declaration Of Rights', 'Dem A Kill', 'Doctor Bird', 'Double Kick', 'Drum Song', 'Drumline', 'Dying', 'Endless', 'Ends Out', 'Every Tongue Shall Tell', 'Family Ram', 'Famine', 'Fire River', 'Freedom For The Earth', 'Full A Vibes', 'Full Clip', 'Full Up', 'Funky Bond Street', 'Gangstalaw', 'Ganja Farmer', 'General', 'Get Flat', 'Girls Like Dirt / Desperate Lover', 'Guardian Angel', 'Heavenless', 'Heavy Duty', 'Hit The Road Jack', 'I Believe', 'If I Were A Carpenter', 'Jamdown', 'King Orle', 'Kopa', 'Laminated', 'Last War / Come Around', 'Let Them Talk', 'Livity Nuh Nice', 'Loving You', 'M 16', 'Mad Mad', 'Majestic', 'Mama', 'Mamacita', 'Maria', 'Mean Girl', 'Migraine'Military', 'Newstah', 'Ninja Gorgon', 'No Bed a Rose', 'No Borders', 'No Fear', 'No Foe', 'No Slavery', 'Oneness',
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'Overstand', 'Peace Train', 'Praises', 'Purge', 'Raging Bull','Reverse', 'Rewind', 'Rise Up', 'River Nile Queen', 'Rocking Time', 'Run Down The World', 'Senior', 'Serengeti', 'Shank I Sheck', 'Smoke', 'Solomon', 'Soundforce', 'Sour Diesel', 'Specialist', 'Stars', 'Stock Track', 'Street Signz', 'Sylicone', 'Taxi', 'Taxi / Unmetered Mix', 'The Banner', 'The Call', 'The Herb', 'This Morning', 'Timeline', 'Togetherness', 'True Confession', 'Trumpet', 'Untouchable', 'Venus', 'Vision', 'Waiting In Vain', 'When I Fall In Love', 'Wipe Out', 'Wishing On A Star', 'Z-March'

2006 New Dancehall Riddims
'Bullet Proof Vest', 'Poison Gas', 'Show Off', 'Loud Disturbance', 'Mad Indian', 'Breaking News', 'Cross Breed', 'Bill Back', 'Redbull & Guinness', 'After Dark', 'Blue Lagoon', 'Ridin' Dirty', 'Power Cut'

'Stick It Up', 'Hot Wuk', 'Quick Draw', 'Wipe Out', 'High Altitude', 'Sweat', 'Smash', 'Gangsta Rock', 'Hard Slam', 'Gully Slime', 'Stage Show', 'Baddis Ting', 'World Cup', 'Bulletproof Vest', 'Cashley', 'Limbo', 'Full Draw', 'Higher Octane', 'Eighty Five', 'Supernatural', 'XXL', 'Yardstep', 'Womba', 'Top Class Bullet', 'Ghetto Whiskey', 'Sidewalk University', 'Inspector', 'Dem time Deh', 'War Time', 'Warzone', 'Wildfire', 'Tyrant', 'Solution', 'Galore', 'Ready & Willing' 'Foundation /Tropical Storm', 'Gully Slime', 'High 'Altitude', 'Anger Management / Angrier', 'Mystic', “Stage Show”, “Inspector”, “Confessions”, “Relick”, ”Limbo”, “Lion Paw”, “Majesty”, “Million”, “Octane”, “Operation Blacks”, “Heavenly”, “12 Guage”, “Gangsta Rock”, “Global”, “Taxi Return”, “Chinkuzi”, “Bill Back”, “March Out”, “Cashley”, “Mudd Up (return of)”, “Mui Caliente”, “Sweat”, “Bad Belly”, “Bullet”, “Full Draw”, “Mad Indian”, “Roots”, “Villian”, “100 Watt”, “Baddis Ting”, “Breaking News”, “Buckle Up”, “Eye Charm”, “Fingerprint”, “Galore”, “Istanbul”, “Jah Love”, “Johnny Too Bad Relick”, “Jonkanoo”, “Lava Ground”, “Medallion”, “Nookie 2K6”, “Smoke”, “Synthetic”, “World Jam”, “Answer”, “Bam Bam”, “Battlefield (John John Label)”, “Bedrock”, “Drop Leaf”, “Filthy”, “Flamenco”, “Fort Knoxx”, “Ghetto Blues Riddim”, “Half Way Tree”, “January Morn”, “Koloko”,”, “Passion”, “Petty Thief”, “Playlist”, “Quick Draw”, “R.A.W”, “Rebellion”, “SeasonsShowtime”, “Step Out”, “Stookie”, “Top Class Bullet”, “Twice Again”, “Wash Belly”, “Watchie Pums”, “Wild 2 Nite”, “Womba”, “Yard Step”

2005 New Dancehall Riddims
'Sling-shot',12 Gauge', 'Seasons', 'Junkanoo', 'Sweet Sop', 'Applause', 'Cry Baby', 'Bubble Up', 'State Of Emergency', 'Global', 'Strivers', 'Bionic Ras', 'Lion Paw', 'Istanbul', 'Ganja Farmer', 'Rose Apple', 'Bounce', 'Ice Breaka', 'Yellow Tape', 'World Jam', 'Throwback Giggy', 'Jump Off', 'Siren', 'X-Factor', 'Sleepy Dog', 'Tsunami' 'Drop Leaf'

2004 New Dancehall Riddims
'Mad Instruments', 'Hot Gyal', 'Hard Times', 'Rah Rah', 'Clear', 'Chakka Chakka', 'Kopa', 'Father Jungle Rock', 'Stepz', 'Dancehall Rock', 'Scoobay', 'Military', 'Check It Back', 'Tunda Clap', 'Strip Tease', 'Drop Leaf', 'Seasons', 'Bad Gal', 'Gallop', 'Double Barrel', 'French Vanilla', 'Summer Bounce', 'Sunshine'

Tunda clap riddim

2003 New Dancehall Riddims
'Lime Key', 'Ching Chong', 'Hindu Storm', 'Panty Raid', 'Dreamweaver', 'Masterpiece', 'Clappas', 'Krazy', 'C-4', 'Egyptian', 'Good To Go', 'Coolie Dance', 'Salsa', 'Scream', 'Forensic', 'All Out', 'Sexy Lady Explosion'

2002 New Dancehall Riddims
'Diwali', 'Mad Ants', 'Bad Kalic', 'Mexican', 'Bollywood', 'Engine', 'Hard Drive', 'Rematch', 'Tabla', 'Thai Chi', 'The Violin', 'Time Bomb', 'Wash Out', 'White Liva', 'Zero Tolerance', 'Famine', 'Battery'

2001 New Dancehall Riddims
'Unstoppable', 'Top-A-Top', 'The Rock', 'The Buzz', 'Run', 'Rice And Peas', 'Mento', 'Martial Arts', 'Itch', 'Hennessey', 'Heavyweight', 'Glue', 'Fire Glare', 'Fiesta', 'Energy', 'Dun Dem', 'Candle Wax', 'Liquid'

2000 New Dancehall Riddims
'Lightning', 'Yard Bounce', 'Virus', 'Quban', 'Blazing', 'Advice', 'F-150', 'Heat Wave', 'G-Spot', 'Joker', 'Volume', 'Orgasm', 'Chiney Gal', 'Full Moon', 'Hurricane', 'You Should Have Known', 'Tixx', 'Bad Weather', 'Filthy'


1999 New Dancehall Riddims
'All Purpose', 'Bada Bada', 'Street Sweeper', 'Grass Cyaat', 'Sail Away', 'Unda Wata', 'Belly'Bug/Clone', 'Bitter Blood', 'Haunted'

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Tunda Clap Riddim

Ishabingi Records presents the Athletic Riddim

Listen to the Athletic Riddim from Ishabingi Records, with Jah Thunda, Cutty Ranks, and more. Jah Thunda clap pon this tune – letting you know the fyah is burning red.

Listen and learn. Do not hesitate to comment. You can also share it on social networks if you like it.

Athletic Riddim

Tunda Clap Riddim
  • Release date: September 19, 2014

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Track list

  1. Thrillout – Get Bun
  2. Carl Morrison – You’re the One
  3. Cutty Ranks – Don’t Change
  4. Ra Deal – Give You Love
  5. Raskali – Nuh Mek Sence
  6. Jah Tunda – Burning Red
  7. Dalla Sine – Poor People Feel It

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