Vietnamese Telex Windows 10

Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

Vietnamese Telex Windows 10 64-bit

Vietnamese Telex Windows 10

Once you install the Windows 10 1903 update, then follow the below steps to setup Telex Mode for Vietnamese keyboard on your computer. Go to Settings Time & Language Language from the navigation menu Select the + icon labeled Add a preferred language. Type Vietnamese in the search box and select Vietnamese. As of this writing, the latest version is Unikey 4.0 RC2. After it’s downloaded, everything else would be a series of clicking ‘Next’, typical of installing Windows software. Insert Vietnamese Accent Marks automatically. Congratulations for having gone through this lesson on how to type Vietnamese using the Telex or Vni convention. Figure 22: Adjusting WinVNKey to type Vietnamese in Audition game. Keyboard Setting: 1. Auto combine (Viet) Charset: 9. Vietnamese in Windows 1258 Typing Method: Select VNI if you like VNI typing method, or Telex 1 if you like Telex. (or you can select Telex 2, Telex 3, Telex 4. Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, Telex, along with the VNI input method, are now natively supported. Because the Vietnamese alphabet uses a complex system of diacritical marks, Telex requires the user to type in a base letter, followed by one or two characters that represent the diacritical marks. UniKey Vietnamese Keyboard UniKey is the most popular Vietnamese keyboard for Windows. The core UniKey Vietnamese Input Method is also the engine for many Vietnamese keyboards in Linux, macOS and iOS. UniKey is free of charge. Source code for the UniKey Vietnamese Input Method is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Vietnamese Telex Windows 10Vietnamese Telex Windows 10

Vietnamese Telex Windows 10 Software


Vietnamese IME - How to input Vietnamese

Using Unikey software

Unikey is the best Vietnamese input software by now developed by Pham Kim Long. It's the most popular Vietnamese input method and it's a free software. You can download install file or runnable file (in a zip file, which contains an .exe file and a .dll file).

There are two method of inputting Vietnamese: TELEX (use alphabet keys only) and VNI (use numeric keys for Vietnamese tones as well as Vietnamese special characters).
When you are using Unikey, you can click on its icon on taskbar to change between Vietnamese mode (V) and English mode (E) or you can use shortcut key 'ctrl + left shift' (You can change this shortcut to 'alt + z' if you want).
Note: A Vietnamese keyboard may be added automatically to your computer.

Windows's Vietnamese Keyboard

You can add Vietnamese keyboard in Windows to type Vietnamese but it's inconvenient because you will have to use numeric keys to type Vietnamese tones and special characters.
Vietnamese Keyboard Layout:

Vietnamese tones:
  • Down tone (‘): Key '5'
  • Rising tone (’): Key '8'
  • Question (?): Key '6'
  • Wave (~): Key '7'
  • Dot (.): Key '9'
  • đ, Đ: Key '0'
  • ư, Ư: Key '['
  • ơ, Ơ: Key ']'
  • ă, Ă: Key '1'
  • â, Â: Key '2'
  • ê, Ê: Key '3'
  • ô, Ô: Key '4'

Mac computer

You can add Vietnamese keyboard to type with TELEX method.


You can choose Vietnamese Inputting Method when starting Unikey:
Menu becomes English if 'Vietnamese interface' unchecked

sRising = Sắc
fDown = Huyền
rQuestion = Hỏi
xWave = Ngã
jDot = Nặng
zDelete wrong tone: toansz = toan
wa+w = ă
u + w = ư
o + w = ơ
w = ư

1Rising = sắc
2Down = huyền
3Question = hỏi
4Wave = ngã
5Dot = nặng
6a, e, o + 6 = â, ê, ô
7u, o + 7 = ư, ơ
8a + 8 = ă
0Delete tone


Be careful if you set a password or type a password when Vietnamese mode of Unikey is ON. You may get a wrong password or just simply cannot log in.