Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

Microsoft have made Visual Studio 2013 CommunityEditionavailable. You can use it forfreeunder what I consider to be fairly liberal provisions:

Q: Who can use Visual Studio Community?

  • Visual Studio Community has the same features as the commercial professional edition, enabling you to create all types of projects, whether they're free or for-profit. The only catch is that its use is limited to non-business environments for teams of up to five people.
  • Visual Studio Community 2013; Visual Studio Professional 2013; Visual Studio Premium 2013; Visual Studio Ultimate 2013. Visual Studio Test Professional 2013. Visual Studio 2013 Language Pack. Visual Studio Test Professional 2013 Language Pack. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Express 2013.

This instructable will show how to use Visual Studio 2013 Community Technology Edition to compile a program using a GNU GCC compiler toolchain. In the resulting project template, Visual Studio retains the intellisense and code completion feature, however built in debugging is lost in this scheme. For those of you looking for an improved deployment experience in Visual Studio we are continuing our partnership with Flexera to provide InstallShield Limited Edition (ISLE) as our in-box solution. ISLE is a great solution for those customers looking for added capabilities not found in Visual Studio Installer Projects, such as TFS and MSBuild. Feb 01, 2016 Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013 is an integrated development environment that includes advanced tools that development teams can use to plan, develop, test and operate applications.

A: Here’s how individual developers can use Visual Studio Community:

  • Any individual developer can use Visual Studio Community to createtheir own free or paid apps.

  • Here’s how Visual Studio Community can be used in organizations:

    An unlimited number of users within an organization can use VisualStudio Community for the following scenarios: in a classroomlearning environment, for academic research, or for contributingto open source projects.

    For all other usage scenarios: In non-enterprise organizations, upto 5 users can use Visual Studio Community. In enterpriseorganizations (meaning those with >250 PCs or > $1MM inannual revenue), no use is permitted beyond the open source,academic research, and classroom learning environment scenariosdescribed above.

So, I went ahead, and downloaded it. The dialog told me I needed 10 GBfor the installation. So, I waited some. At first, I omitted the phoneSDK … I am assuming I can download that later if I do want to give it ashot.

My Windows 8laptop is nowclose to a decade old. It now has 4 GB memory installed, but can onlysee 3 GB by design. VS 2013 CE claims it needs 1 GB memory. We'll seehow we command line builds work with what I have.

Unfortunately, following the 40 minute install process was done,something happened to the network connection. After a quick restart, Ifound 19 important updates waiting for me in the Windows Update queue.While waiting for those to install, I configured a ConEmu tab forVS 2013 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt:

I then switched to perl-5.20.1win32, and edited the Makefile

to make sure the linker found the 64-bitlibraries.

I also set:

because, after all, I have an Intel CPU in this thing.

Then, I typed nmake and pressed Enter.

It is too bad that there are soo many conversion from size_t to I32warnings here. I should look into this at some point. For now, thesecustom built versions are only being used on my own laptop to see ifthings work, modules build etc, so it is not a priority.

nmake test ended with a few test failures I had not seen before:

I can come back to those later.

In the mean time, I downloaded and installedcpanm andcpan-outdated, andissued a:

Next, it's going to be the latest version ofOpenSSL, and a whole bunch of other Perlmodules that are currently installed alongside the other perl 5.20.1built with the WinSDK 7.1 compiler.

For now, the updated modules are compiling.

I want to know whether Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition Update 4 comes with RDLC or not?

I installed Report Viewer Runtime 12 and Report Viewer 10 Redistributable Package still I don't see any option to add RDLC report to the project.

According to this Blog entry it doesn't support

We are happy to announce that we have added support for using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Professional, Premium, and Ultimate editions) to create and modify RDLC reports. This lets you use the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio when designing reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2.

An exception of type 'System.FormatException' occurred in mscorlib.dll but was not handled in user code


You can't parse those string representations of double values in the drop-down directly to int like that, hence the error. Internally, it's basically calling this, and it expects an integer: Int32.Parse('29.99', NumberStyles.Integer, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture); Convert the strings to double instead, then either use them like that or cast them to an...

Using Try/Catch block to set file path?


Your inner Try/Catch block should be inside the FileNotFoundException catch. Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Dim sr As IO.StreamReader Dim age As Integer Dim path As String Try sr = IO.File.OpenText('Ages.txt') age = CInt(sr.ReadLine) txtOutput.Text = 'Age is ' & age Catch exc As IO.FileNotFoundException...

Redirect Visual Studio to new TFS Location


You have to connect to the new TFS from Team, Connect to Team Foundation Server menu.

VS2013 Is Not Compatible With VS2015 Project Type,visual-studio-2013,

This repo is a fork of next version of ASP.NET MVC. It's built to run on VS 2015, C#6 and the next runtime. Even if you could open it, you couldn't compile or run it. Visual Studio 2015 can create both vNext (5) and ASP.NET 4.5/4.6 projects. ASP.NET 5 projects...

C# SocketException was unhandled


Bingo.Look at this chunk of code: private void bStartServer_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Called once when the thread starts Thread tcpServerRunThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(TcpServerRun)); tcpServerRunThread.Start(); // Called again here TcpServerRun(); } The TCPServerRun() method is being called twice: once when your thread starts, and then again via the...

Include file in solution explorer without it being a build dependency


Move the code generation to BeforeCompile instead of CoreCompileDependsOn. this will keep the generation of the files from tirggering the subsequent builds. <Project xmlns=''> <Target Name='BeforeCompile' DependsOnTargets='GenerateCode'> </Target> <Target Name='GenerateCode' Inputs='@(Sources)' Outputs='@(Sources->'generated%(Filename).cs')'> <!-- run executable that generates files --> </Target> </Project> If you include all of the generated...

C++ Why does this work


Apparently you have leftover input including a newline, in the input buffer of cin. That happens when you use other input operations than getline. They generally don't consume everything in the input buffer. Instead of the extra getline you can use ignore, but better, do that at the place where...

How to uninstall a program using C#? [duplicate]


You've asked with a Windows Installer tag, so if we are talking about products installed from MSI files: Attempt 1 is incorrect because Windows Installer doesn't use the uninstallstring to uninstall products (change it and see if it makes a difference), and there are better ways. 2 uses WMI, and...

.gitignore File Not Working With Bonobo


Visual studio 2013 community edition download

If they are showing up as changed (and not added), they were already in the repository before you added the .gitignore file. So you need to remove them from the repo by either a) deleting them from your local box and committing, or b) using git rm --cached on them....

Why a breakpoint jumps in my C++ code?


VS behaves differently with C++ and C#. In the case of C++, the debugger will ignore lines that don't contain any actual code and will keep moving the breakpoint until it hits a line that does contain some code. A somewhat related behavior is that if you try to debug...

How to map Visual Studio shortcut keys in Github Atom


Open the Settings panel by pressing ctrl-, on windows cmd-, on mac and select the Keybindings tab. It will show you all the keybindings currently in use. You can also open the keybinding resolver using ctrl-. and press ctrl-k and see what keybinding it displays. To assign custom keybindings, go...

Visual Studio 2013 LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file


Remove all references to the library. Somewhere that project is pointing at the path you give above and you need to remove that. Then add the library into the executable project. Right click->add->existing item, change the type to all files, then browse to the file location. ...

finding file in root of wpf application


First, ensure that the file is definitely copied into your output ./bin/ directory on compile: This worked perfectly for me in my WPF application: const string imagePath = @'pack://application:,/Test.txt'; StreamResourceInfo imageInfo = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri(imagePath)); byte[] imageBytes = ReadFully(imageInfo.Stream); If you want to read it as binary (e.g. read an image...

How do I make program with c# to check to see if a word is a palindrome? [closed]


A palindrome is a sequence of characters that is the same whether read forward or in in reverse. So to determine if a string is a palindrome, we can compare the string with its reverse, it is one. So how can you create a reverse of a string? If you...

Searching user tasks by task.body text


Why not use the user properties (TaksItem.UserPropertiers.Add)? If the user fields is added to the folder fields, you can search for that property using Items.Find/FindNext/Restrict.

Use Sync Framework without Installation



You can just copy the files as Sync Fx still uses COM. If you dont want to manually install the Sync Fx separately, you can bootstrap it with your application installer.

how to display dates from two different tables?


You are assigning Checklist date and Service date to the same Date property. This should work: public DateTime Date { get; set; } public DateTime ChecklistDate { get; set; } protected override void FillObject(DataRow dr) { if (dr['Date'] != DBNull.Value) Date = Convert.ToDateTime(dr['Date']); if (dr['ChecklistDate'] != DBNull.Value) ChecklistDate = Convert.ToDateTime(dr['ChecklistDate']);...

HTTP Error 403.14,visual-studio-2013

Stilly! There is a refactor bug in VS that changes the routes as well! My default route was changed to the following and I had to rename name to id and everything is working fine! routes.MapRoute( name: 'Default', url: '{controller}/{action}/{name}', defaults: new { controller = 'Home', action = 'Index', id...

Where to store an mp4 file in my project?


Try going Project>'Project Name' Properties>Resources>Add Resource>Add Existing File This should add the file into your resources folder. You can then access any file by going My.Resources.Name_Of_Resource...

Node.d.ts issues errors using typescript compiler, how do I fix?


Typescript wants a semicolon after You are using an older version of TypeScript. Upgrade to TypeScript 1.4 or later....

Visual Studio Assembly force-installs Target Framework


The targeted .NET version is the only version that the app will depend upon by default. Visual Studio will not automatically add higher and backwards compatible releases. Do this manually by adding other .NET versions to a configuration file: On the Visual Studio menu bar: Choose Project; Add New Item;...

Change mapping option replaced with cloak option in TFS


I recommend installing 'TFS Source Control Explorer Extension' - From below link:

Can't reinstall package


NuGet will skip reinstallation of a NuGet package if it cannot find it in the currently selected package source since the reinstall would fail leaving the NuGet package uninstalled. So it is worth checking what the currently selected package source in the Package Manager Console is since it may be...

The name 'Thread' does not exist in the current context

Visual Studio 2012 Download For Windows 10


I assume this is a Portable Class Library or Windows Store/Phone project targeting Windows Runtime which does not have such a construct. An alternative and recommended way would be to use: await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2)); or for a blocking call in case you are not in an async context: Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2)).Wait(); Similar issue...

How do I install the Wix extension on after a Visual Studio 2013 Update?


I in the end wasn't able to find a way to resolve this without uninstalling and installing WIX. Repair didn't resolve this issue. I had to uninstall and install WIX again to resolve this....

How to create a folder that contains the current date and time instead of name


Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Don't hard-code the desktop directory name, it is not c:usersdesktop. .NET makes it easy: String^ path = System::IO::Path::Combine( Environment::GetFolderPath(System::Environment::SpecialFolder::Desktop), DateTime::Now.ToString('yyyyMMddhhmmss')); System::IO::Directory::CreateDirectory(path); // Write file(s) to <path> //... It is up to you to decide how fine-grained to make the directory name, if you do this at a very high rate...

How to stop visual studio generate typescript js and files while publishing


However while publishing my project, it still generates js and file foreach .ts files. You probably have different config for debug and release. Make them the same....

How can I add a .props file to a C# project?


From my understanding in this article it is enough that you add a new text och xml file and name it WebJobs.props. Look also at the screenshot explaining how you should edit it. Here is a different example of this file.

How do I make visual studio show exceptions that any method may throw?


You can do this by adding an <exception> tag to the methods comment: /// <summary> /// Fooes this instance. /// </summary> /// <exception cref='ArgumentNullException'>Yay for exception</exception> public void Foo() { } ...

Cannot add new shared dataset to report


The most likely reason for this error is that your stored procedure returns a table which has duplicated field names. Just double check that all the field names are unique, and it should work....

How to use ajax to post json string to controller method?


Your action method is expecting a string. Create a javascript object, give it the property 'data' and stringify your data object to send along. Updated code: $.ajax({ type: 'post', dataType: 'json', url: 'approotTest', data: { 'json': JSON.stringify(data) }, success: function (json) { if (json) { alert('ok'); } else { alert('failed');...

nuget security - malware installed by nuget packages?


NuGet packages can run arbitrary powershell scripts at install or deinstall time. In addition, they add executable code (through dll they install) to your solution, that you will execute the next time you run it (after all, that's the point of installing a package, right?). So yes, installing NuGet packages...

Visual Studio Ctrl + F search freezes when including a '(' character


Do you have regular expression searches on? ( is a meta-character for regexes and, on its own, is an invalid regex. Visual Studio is waiting for enough input for a valid regex to search with....

How to Customize Visual Studio Setup


You can use a Microsoft Setup project or WIX (easily integrate with Visual Studio). Both are free. •You can do almost all of your customization in setup project by adding custom actions. •WIX (window installer xml) is the better option. You can do a complete customization from wix but it...

How do I display an Icon on the Taskbar but not on the form itself?,winforms,visual-studio

I have found a workaround. If you do Me.ShowIcon = False after the form is loaded, then it will display in the taskbar, but not on the program. One way to do this is to have a timer enabled/begin as soon as form load ends, and then on tick, do...

Exception in async task gets intercepted in Visual Studio


Why does the debugger stop even though the exception is inside a try/catch? Technically, the code is throwing an exception that is not caught by any of your code on the current call stack. It's caught by the (compiler-generated) async state machine and placed on the returned task. Later,...

Visual Studios building and debugging .cpp file without main()


Your code does have a main function, which is required for it to work. As you said the debugger returned a 'missing executable' error, I'm assuming you didn't compile the code, or if so, got some errors which can be found in the output and error windows. If you're working...

OData Endpoint with .NET


Check your assembly bindings in the web.config. You might need something like this (or you might have to remove one). Ensure that any bindings are pointing to the assemblies existing in your bin folder. <dependentAssembly> <assemblyIdentity name='System.Web.Http' publicKeyToken='31bf3856ad364e35' culture='neutral' /> <bindingRedirect oldVersion='' newVersion='' /> </dependentAssembly> Also, Update NuGet packages to...

How to get previous version using git and VS Express for web 2013?


You can get a specific version via git checkout [commit_id]. You can undo that commit with git revert [commit_id].

Visual Studio 2013 C# compile with /main


You obviously want to write a ConsoleApplication. You picked WpfApplication. Copy your whole code, create a new project based on ConsoleApplication and paste your code there. And try to get rid of the gotos, it's not BASIC. You could easily make a single function for all your three uses....

Can I pass VisualStudio Edition name through a compiler option?


Open the csproj in a text editor and, after the last <PropertyGroup> add: <PropertyGroup Condition=' $(VisualStudioEdition.Contains('Ultimate')) '> <DefineConstants>$(DefineConstants);ULTIMATE</DefineConstants> </PropertyGroup> note that I've written the constant in all upper-case, so you'll have to change your code to: #if ULTIMATE If you want to future-proof yourself, as suggested by @Damian: <PropertyGroup Condition='...

IIS Express 8 - Max allowed length


Let's look at the code that throws: private void ValidateRequestEntityLength() { if (!this._disableMaxRequestLength && (this.Length > this._maxRequestLength)) { if (!(this._context.WorkerRequest is IIS7WorkerRequest)) { this._context.Response.CloseConnectionAfterError(); } throw new HttpException(SR.GetString('Max_request_length_exceeded'), null, 0xbbc); } } The ctor sets those options: internal HttpBufferlessInputStream(HttpContext context, bool persistEntityBody, bool disableMaxRequestLength) { this._context = context;...

C# Referenced Namespace Hidden By Class Namespace


Since Token2 is also a sub-namespace of Token1 you need to specify that you're looking for the 'root' namespace: var frameworkClass1 = new global::Token2.Token4.Token5.Class1(); You could also alias it with a using statement: using Token5 = global::Token2.Token4.Token5; And then just reference the alias: var frameworkClass1 = new Token5.Class1(); ...

devenv.exe hogs CPU when debugging,visual-studio-2013

I didn't manage to find the source of the problem, but closing all editor windows in VS seems to make it go away. If there are further lag spikes, restarting debugging might be also a good idea. Since I didn't see this problem in a new project, it might be...

VS2013 Error: LNK2019 When trying to build ZeroMQ server


According to the library names on, you are trying to link the same library twice: first with the release version, and then with the debug versions. Remove libzmq-v120-mt-gd-4_0_4.lib from your Release configuration, and remove libzmq-v120-mt-4_0_4.lib from your Debug configuration....

How to set a custom color for html angle brackets in VS 2013?

Visual studio community edition

Visual Studio Code

In Visual Studio 2013, angle brackets (< and >) are in the XML Delimiter category. This will apply to XML Syntax delimiters, including <, <?, <!, <!--, -->, ?>, <![, ]]>, > and [, ] Note that this will not change the C# files angle brackets. More info: Fonts and...

Visual Studio 2013 Report RDLC with related datasets


To group data in a report: Click the Design tab. If you do not see the Row Groups pane , right-click the design surface and click view and then click Grouping. From the Report Data pane, drag the Date field to the Row Groups pane. Place it above the row...