Windows Genuine Validation Tool Download

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Re: Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool redwolfe: Yes, I got the Dell disc back. I checked the Windows seal on the CPU yesterday and varified that it is the same as what I had written on the documentation I sent to the shop when they did the clean reinstall (of course they had the CPU with the seal on the side too). Windows might also prompt you to run genuine validation if activation isn't properly completed. If your copy of Windows fails validation, you'll see a results page that tells you why it isn't genuine. You'll also see info about how to resolve the issue. In the Validate Now section, select the Validate Windows option. On the next page select the Validate option: this will download the legitcheck.hta utility. Simply run it to start the Validation process. If the first option doesn't work, then use the second one: Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostics. The validation tool works only with. If you get the 'This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is no longer supported. If you get the 'This version of the Windows Genuine Advantage validation tool is no longer.

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Have you ever checked whether you are using the genuine or pirated version of Windows 10 operating system? If not, you can read this post to learn how to check if Windows 10 is genuine or not. Besides, some differences between genuine and cracked version will be told to you.

Now, Windows 10 operating system is on more than 700 million devices since this OS comes with a number of amazing features and upgrades. However, not all of these users use the genuine Windows 10 and most of them use the pirated version that is not secure and doesn't offer amazing features like the genuine version.

Do you know which version that you are using? Let's go to check if Windows 10 is genuine.

How to Check Windows Is Genuine or Cracked

Way 1: Use slmgr.vbs /dli Command

Windows Genuine Validation Tool Download

Generally, you will check for products ID and license status of the operating system by right-clicking on This PC and choosing Properties.

In the pop-up window, you will see information about Windows 10 such as Windows edition, RAM, computer name, processor type, etc. Scroll down and then you can see if Windows 10 is activated in the Windows activation section. If so, the product ID is given.

But there is one thing you should note. Whether Windows 10 is genuine or activated, the status looks like the same in the system properties window. So, how to check if Windows 10 is original or not? How to check genuine Windows 10? You can use Command Prompt to validate Windows 10.

Step 1: Click Windows logo and R key on the keyboard in Windows 10 to open the Run dialog.

Step 2: Type slmgr.vbs /dli and press Enter key to display license information. Here slmgr stands for Software License Manager and the .vbs means Visual Basic Script.

In the pop-up window, if you see volume activation expiration, renewal interval and these types of information, you should know your Windows 10 is activated using activator software and it is cracked.

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Note: Once the activation expires, you will receive the message 'Activate Windows' of the bottom right corner of the desktop. Then, you cannot make personal settings, for example, changing your background wallpaper, which is troublesome. You need to look for ways to fix this issue.

Windows 7 build 7600 or 7601 this copy of Windows is not genuine appears? Now try 4 helpful methods to permanently fix Windows 7 not genuine.

However, if only partial product key and license status are displayed, but there is no expiration time or anything else, you should understand that the Windows operating system is genuine.

Way 2: Check If Windows 10 Is Genuine via Settings


Windows Genuine Validation Tool Download Software

In addition, you can perform Windows genuine validation via Settings. Just go to the Start menu, click Settings, then click Update & security. Then, navigate to the Activation section to see if the OS is activated. If yes, and it shows 'Windows is activated with a digital license ', your Windows 10 is genuine.

Differences between Genuine and Cracked Version of Windows 10

There are some differences between the genuine and pirated version, but normally you don't notice them.

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As to the pirated or cracked version, it usually comes with malware, spyware, ransomware and much more. When installing, you will never find anything wrong. But once you start to use it, you can see some changes and initially your files. More seriously, your important data and files will be secretly transferred to hackers without any permission from you.

Besides, the cracked Windows 10 will be slow after the usage of some months. Even you aren't able to do any work but must reinstall Windows 10 again.

However, for genuine Windows 10, it can run very well and it is quite safe to prevent from virus or ransomware. Thus, you had better get a genuine Windows 10 for a better experience.

Genuine Windows Validation

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