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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

Xpedition Layout. Dts - Cannot import a PCB Design from remote development. Xpedition I/O Optimizer. Dts - FPGA's in MyParts disappeared after Back Annotate All to schematic. Problems Fixed in X-ENTP VX.2.2 Update 3. Xpedition Layout. Dts - Custom RF Cells dropping vias when transferring from Central to Local Library. On-demand Web Seminar Xpedition® Layout combines ease-of-use with highly automated functionality to offer PCB layout designers industry leading advanced technology to create today’s most complex designs. Xpedition gives you these capabilities and more: Concurrent team layout with multiple designers and sites. It's possible in Xpedition-Pcb, to get the info if the layout is in the 'VariantMode' by using: 'Application.Document.IsVariantMode' but how to: get the info from which variant is that view? And/or is it possible to get/set the VariantMode manually by Automation Scripting?

Create competitive advantage across your enterprise

Xpedition® Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution. Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.

Design Tasks

Multi-Board Systems Design

Replace inefficient paper and manual processes with an automated, fully integrated, collaborative workflow

PCB Simulation

Maximize the benefits of PCB virtual prototyping resulting in higher quality products, faster

PCB Layout

Collaborative placement and routing of highly complex printed circuit boards

Xpedition Layout Viewer Free

PCB Design Creation

Capture, verify and communicate design intent throughout the PCB design flow

ECAD Data Management

Single, integrated solution for WIP design and library management

PCB New Product Introduction (NPI)

Optimize your PCB new product introduction process with integrated design for manufacturing and manufacturing product modeling

The Xpedition Enterprise advantage

Xpedition Layout Viewer

With Xpedition Enterprise, global engineering teams develop the world’s most complex electronics systems in a multi-discipline enterprise environment that delivers competitive advantage to their organizations and advanced products to the marketplace.

Complexity Management

Manage increasing systems complexity while optimizing individual and organizational productivity

  • Manage complex multi-board system design
  • Optimize PCB design based on mechanical and manufacturability constraints
  • 3D design and interference checking accelerates ECAD/MCAD co-design
  • Simplify rigid-flex design with a full 3D environment for design and validation
  • Combine the power of auto-routing with user control to yield high-quality results in a fraction of typical interactive routing time
  • Route complex boards including advanced DDRx circuits in minutes


Xpedition Layout Viewer

Enable collaboration across teams, disciplines, and the supply chain

  • Secure library & design management streamlines multi-user/site collaboration
  • Web-based collaboration environment communicates design state & enable review
  • Optimize geographically distributed resources and accelerate design cycles with concurrent team design at every stage of the design process
  • Fast and error free bidirectional data exchange with enterprise systems
  • Easy to use multi-FPGA on board I/O optimization reduces layer count, cost and design time
  • Streamline collaboration between PCB layout & MCAD within their native context

Reliability and Quality

Virtually prototype systems during the design stage to mitigate costs and liability

  • Correct by construction methodology optimizes design quality
  • Design for performance with complete suite of integrated 2D/3D analysis and rule checking tools
  • Improve electrical, thermal and electromechanical quality and reliability
  • Ensure intent, performance, and reliability of analog / mixed-signal (AMS) circuits
  • Seamless and accurate representation of both electronic and electromechanical circuit elements
  • Concurrent DFM validation during design catches issues early and is critical to a lean NPI process

Intellectual Property Management

Institutionalize best practices and design reuse

  • Foundation for multi-discipline collaboration including mechanical, harness, and 3rd party enterprise systems
  • Ensure data integrity across large multi-site teams
  • Enable collaboration across the team and reduce defects with centralized WIP design data management
  • Facilitate informed decision support
  • Manage reuse of critical IP in the form of component libraries, reuse blocks, boards and cables
  • Significantly reduce costs and time associated with part research and library creation